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Woo Hoo!

Sox have taken 2 out of 3 this weekend from the Chokers! My sign proves that I am once again right!

Well, I'm off to bed!


Got back around 10:15, and left again for a party lol

Now its 1:15 and I'm back and showered and ready for bed...

Twas a good trip.


My trip starts tomorrow! I'll be back on Sunday! Adios, everyone!

And since it's baseball-related... I gotta say this:


It's D-Day.

Bit of a departure from my normal blog. I'm a history buff, so here we go. I want to take today to honor our veterans that are still alive today who fought in World War II. Many of these people took part in the European theatre of the war. Today marks the 64th anniversary of the largest invasion in the history of World War II. Well over three million troops eventually took part in the Invasion of Normandy over several months. This was the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime in Germany.

After the Normandy Invasion, the Allies took Carentan, France, linking the beacheads and allowing more troops than ever to come aboard as casualty rates began to decline. They pushed through France, liberating Paris a couple months later. They then went on to Holland, and that part was a failure. But the Germans continued to be pushed back elsewhere.

In December of 1944, the Fuhrer of Germany launched a counteroffensive in the Ardennes Forest, breaking through the Allied line. This could have negated everything that the Allies had accomplished since D-Day. Easy Company of the 506th Airborne hunkered down in Bastogne for over two weeks, hurling everything the Germans could throw back at them. Eventually the Bulge was recaptured and the Germans were in full retreat for the rest of the war.

On April 30, 1945, the German leader committed suicide as the Allies closed in for the Battle of Berlin, possibly the most vicious fighting of the European front of the Second World War.

Thanks to the men who took part in the Normandy Invasion 64 years ago. and started the movement of recapturing Europe for freedom, which ended in the V-E Day culmination of May 8, 1945.

First Vacation coming up!

Well, a week from today, I'll be in the midst of my first vacation of this summer break. Here's how it goes

(Steph, you'll be jealous of me for this one haha)

Tuesday, 10 June: Detroit, Michigan: Chicago White Sox @ Detroit Tigers

Wednesday, 11 June: Toronto, Ontario: Seattle Mariners @ Toronto Blue Jays

Thursday, 12 June: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Washington Nationals @ Pittsburgh Pirates

Friday, 13 June: Cleveland, Ohio: San Diego Padres @ Cleveland Indians

Saturday, 14 June: Cincinnati, Ohio: Boston Red Sox @ Cincinnati Reds

Yes, my father and I are going to be on a baseball trip! But that's not even the entire streak of games... From Monday, 9 June
to Sunday, 15 June (Father's Day), he and I are going to see, at minimum, 63 innings of baseball in six different cities in seven days. On Monday, the 9th, we'll watch the White Sox take on the Twins in Chicago, and finish it off with the Rockies playing the White Sox in Chicago. It's gonna be great.

We'll be driving, so we'll stock up 1500-plus miles on the car, but it'll be fun. Don't worry, we'll do some touring too- just not as much as one might suggest that we do!

Second Semester Final Exams

Well, I've gotten my finals pretty much over with.. except for that one on Monday, which I'm still not happy about.

Thursday was hard. I had only one final that day, but it was a real b!tch.

Honors Advanced Algebra. Going into the final I thought I was confident, that I would get at least a C or better. All I needed to keep my C for the semester was a 62.9%. That would be easy.


I went in after second hour, and asked my teacher... guess what I wound up with on the final?


Man, I'm living on the edge, ain't I? My final semester grade was a 70.17%.

Second hour was AP US History, and we already had the final exam- I got a B. Not that it really mattered anyway, I had a B for the semester, which counts as an A.

Third hour was European History. All the seniors that were in the class are gone, and we'd already taken the final like in AP US History, so we didn't have to stay for that period. I got a B on that final as well.

As for Friday, it was much easier

Sixth period was AP Human Geography. All the seniors are gone like European History, so we just helped the teacher take down the posters and everything on his walls -- and he gave us extra credit for doing so.

Seventh period was English 6 (that is to say, the second semester of our junior year of English. They're changing the names next year so this class will be English III 2.) This was a joke compared to math, I breezed right through it. Wrote a 2 1/2 page essay and did 98 scantron questions, and finished that in 35 minutes, giving me an hour to sleep.

Monday is Accounting, so we'll see how that goes. I think it'll be fine though. And then after Accounting is PE, so I'll just get to play softball for an hour and a half before summer begins. :D

Finals are finally over... except one! WTF!

Why the hell do I have to have a final exam on a MONDAY and then start summer?! Something's not right.

Isn't it scientifically proven that high schoolers do the worst on tests when they're given on a Monday?

Ah, well. At 11:10 AM I'm officially a senior in high school. Time to let senioritis set in....

Wow... long delay...

Sorry for the hiatus again. It's due to the craziness of track. I could also add that I've been drawn to Facebook, so I got distracted there as well. *sheepish* Track's over with now, with the exception of Boys' State- which is this weekend, and I'll be going down to watch the boys state qualifiers on Saturday in the finals, assuming we have anybody go to finals. Which I'm pretty sure we will.

I'm headed to my grandmother's here in a moment, so sorry for the short blog- I promise I'll get a longer one up soon!