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What to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse

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A zombie apocalypse could happen at any moment. This simple guide will tell you you the do's and don't's if such an event does occur.

Once informed of a zombie apocalypse, take the following steps to insure your survival.

- In a calm and controled voice, scream in an in uncontroled manner the following statement: "OMG, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE"

This will cause everyone else in the area to panic and flee. This will distract any nearby zombies and give you a chance to escape to relative safety.

-Acquire a shotgun.

Once you have found relative safety, acquiring a shotgun should be your next step insure your survival. I would recomend this particular model of sawn-off shotgun.

-Kill every last zombie

NOTE: This may take some time and ammo depending on how far and wide the zombie virus has spread.

- Hope like hell you don't run out of ammo

Hope like hell you don't run out of ammo. But if you do run out of ammo, you can raise your hand and bullets will fly harmlessly towards you, as demonstrated in this picture (NOTE: you must be wearing black sunglasses in order for this to work).

- Try and find this man

Find this man and all will be well.

If you have followed and completed all these steps, congratulations! You have survived a zombie apocalypse!


Ask me a question!

by on

It's been done a million times, but who cares.

Ask me a question guys! Any question. No limits, no boundaries no consequences.

(At least none that I'm willing to tell you about :twisted: )

Kay, GO!

2000 posts!

by on

I reached 2 thousand! Nowhere near enough to deserve my own OT post party, but I'm quite proud.

R.I.P. KidCudi37

by on

So today KidCudi37 made an account suicide thread and got himself banned. I made a thread for him but it got locked. After a quick PM conversation with the moderator who locked it, I have been allowed to make a blog entry in his honor. 8)

Today, our good friend Kid Cudi37 was banned. He was a great GS user in his time here and he shall be sorely missed. He certainly went out with a bang!

"My dear GS friends. This will be the last you see of me around these boards. The time I've spent here has been amazing and I would like to thank everyone who made it amazing, GHlegend77, zoraluv, cheesyjon, mitu, cybrcatter, flash_drive, Baconbits2004, Bardock47, SideSwipes, supa_badman, T_REX305, warownslife and my dear CocoMarshmellow" - KidCudi37

"They See Me Trollin' They Hatin' Patrollin' They Tryna' Catch Me Ridin Dirty."


Let's take one last look at his awesome signature...

Post any tributes to him in the comments section below. Thanks guys!

And thanks to nocoolnamejim for letting me post this blog entry.

Guns N Roses Is A TV Programme

by on

I was wearing a Guns N Roses T-shirt the other day, and while having a conversation with this girl she said that she saw a T-shirt like mine in a movie starring Zac Efron, and that she really wanted one of those T-shirts. "So" I replied "Do you even know who Guns N Roses are?" "Is that like a TV programme or something?" she replied back.


by on

So, I'm gonna be playing some tennis today. I've never played tennis before, so we'll have to see how it goes.

Hopefully I'll be like this.

And not like this.


by on

So not long ago I bought Slash. No, I didn't buy a famous guitarist, I did however buy his self-named CD. Basically he gets a bunch of different people to sing for him while he plays guitar.

So what's it like? Meh, pretty average. It's not bad, but it's not good either. :|

Bother buying it, you should not in my opinion.


I got through this blog entry, clicked check spelling, and not one single owrd was spell'dr wrong. 8)


Thanks to Off Topic for reminding me I had a blog. OT: the place where dreams come true.

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

by on

Lately I've been addicted to muffins, I can't stop eating them, I can eat 3 in one day. I may be healthy now, but if this addiction continues I may become morbidly obese, and I'll probably have to buy a mobility scooter just to get to the kitchen so I can eat another muffin. :(

My New Banner!!

by on

I just found myself a new banner, it is several million times better then my old one, and has a quote from good ol' Leo Da Vinci. He was really smart. Although he did invent a lot of stuff that didn't work...Like a helicopter. :(

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