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The Scorchers


Rage is getting new DLC...

Not every gamer liked this game but i enjoyed it and let me tell you why.
I'm a big fan of the whole Bethesda group especially of id Software because
they made the games we played when we were kids and they are the root of
FPS games, id is the grand-daddy-of-games. This guys made the DeathMatch
mode and our joy of today's Multiplayer.

They have a certain style for games and that is hmmm...
let's call it "simple but complex games". Every shooter they made was
straight forward but with few gimmicks along the road,
if you are a old school gamer you like this and enjoy the hell
out of that guns-blazing story.

Rage came along with criticism like...
"oh, it's too simple"
"we've expected more from id"
"it's just straight forward shooting"
and so the list continues.

The game is what id did for years but in a new generation of gaming,
why is this bad? It isn't because you'd knew what to expect from them.
They're games aren't for every single gamer that knows to play a FPS.

Rage was a good game with a lot of mini-games, exploration, racing,
crafting, RPG Elements and yes BFG rounds are included. I loved the
graphics and the whole engine and i expected a short ending that
won't move you like an earthquake. The game is fun, the AI really
reacts and makes you feel like you're in a wasteland, it's not a
game that limits your inventory and it's a great combination of
Fallout meets Quake. Oh and the game doesn't have a character
with a name, id wanted to create yourself along the road.

We are getting new content soon... The Scorchers.

I see a girl named Sarah that probably will help you out against
the new bandit clan but the rest is a mistery.


New weapons are available and we have the freedom of exploration
after finishing the game, also we have Ultra-Nightmare difficulty
to create a real challenge. The new add-on sounds good and let's
hope that it has at least 2 or 4 hours of new gameplay.


I'm excited about this and for those who didn't try the game please
do because it's a great wasteland experience.

after Absolution...


Square Enix decided to open a new studio in Montreal and show us some
of their plans about the Hitman franchise...

My thoughts about this one from the 3 artworks i've saw are that
47 will not be the only playable character, i think that some
agents that we're branded as traitors will fight against another
Agency and they will be led by Diana. We had our options to fight
like a silent assasin or a crazy bald man in Absolution, this time
i think we'll have stealth with 47 and guns-blazing with another or
other characters along the story. My wish for this next one is that
Victoria will want to fight aside 47 'cause those few seconds of
seeing her fighting like that in Absolution were amazing.

I trust the developers even if it's not IO Interactive this time
and i know that the game will turn into something we didn't expect
and we'll like it. I'm a big fan of the franchise and played since
the first one got out and i hope they will make it at least
as good as Absolution is. Can't wait too see more details soon...

iOS / Infinity Blade II


Epic Games & Chair Entertainment

I've played till Level 13 and i'm amazed by this game...

Great graphics, amazing story and a simple combat system
that makes this game a big obsession for every RPG lover.

This game has a great potential and i hope that we'll see
a Console or a PC version in the future. The game offers a
big variety of weapons, items, gems, armor parts and you also
have looting obviously. It's nice that we can play this game
on our way to work, traveling or just sitting in the couch
but i feel that it's meant for more than that...

It's my #1 game for iOS, soon you'll have my Top 10
through these posts so stay tuned.


Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade: The Deathless King
Infinity Blade: Arena
Infinity Blade: Awakening
Infinity Blade II
Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Black Mesa


What is Black Mesa?

It's a remake of Half-Life with Source Engine.

This is great news for the fans of Dr. Gordon Freeman
but more interesting is that it will be FREE as long
as you have a copy of any Source Engine game on Steam.

I won't give any details but here's the link for the

E3 2012 (June 4th - 7th)


The countdown has started and we're all excited about E3 this year.

I hope the rumors for the Next-Gen Consoles will stop with some
serious Press Conferences announcements to clarify everything,
personally i think it's to early for new consoles but we'll
see what they have to say about this controversy

What i want to see but unfortunately we didn't had confirmations...

- Half-Life 3
- Thief 4
- Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War III

But we have a new Gears of War and i have a feeling it will use
the new Unreal Engine 4 and lots of other games like...

- Dead Space 3
- Injustice: Gods Among Us
- Crysis 3
- Dishonored
- Aliens: Colonial Marines
- Borderlands 2
- Metro: Last Light
- Darksiders II
- Hitman: Absolution
- Resident Evil 6
- BioShock: Infinite
- Rainbow 6: Patriots
- Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
- Tomb Raider

... and more!

Besides the main tech & games i'm sure it will be a nice event.

Metro: Last Light (Live Action Short Film)


A few more days to go until we'll see the Last Light...

Live Action Films based on video games are awesome and if you
add a Metro story to it becomes epic art. I'm a big THQ fan
because they have unique things in gaming, they're not afraid
to try every weird thing on a game but sadly now they're not
in a good stand... and that's because too many gamers these
days are playing just the common big titles. Let's hope they'll
rise again...soon.

As for the short film i'm sure it will blow my mind and
be sure to check out the countdown on...

News #3 (Special Edition)

So we have a Nano Hunter on the loose?
Oh yeah!

We all knew that soon after the leak a massive info
about the game will hit us... and it did.

Now we have Magazine Covers, Screenshots, Art, Details...
kinda everything for a good start. From what i've saw on
the forums the game is well received because it combines
the enviroment from the first 2 games into one
with major changes like a Nano Bow, a new Nano Suit and
some enemy units.

Prophet is back, Psycho is back, a tropical New York
is our battleground and once again we have to stop
Cell Corporation's attempt to take over the planet.

We already have a Hunter Edition available for Pre-Order
and i won't talk about everything so i will let you check
some info from the officials...

I'm excited, the cover looks awesome and i'm looking
forward for this.


News #2

We have some big things happening and let's talk about them.

New rumors, new games...
Looks like Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2 and Dead Space 3
are ready for Pre-Order on BT Games, the South African
GameStore that also announced God Of War 4 in the same way

Rockstar Games is saying that L.A Noire 2 will is possible
but they are busy with other things and they're not focusing
on that right now. But a Max Payne 3 Digital Comic made in
partnership with Marvel Custom Solutions will be released
for free on the Official Site, there will be 3 parts.

Heller can summon and control Brawlers in Prototype 2.

Bethesda wants a Rune sequel, you know the game with
vikings that made us play it over and over again.
Rune only had a Expansion named Halls of Valhalla but
a modern Rune 2 is welcome into our hands.

Rocksteady is working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
game named Manhattan Crisis? Possibly, some rumors and
details are all over the internet.

Arcade Machine #2

Let's survive the catastrophe...

The apocalypse awaits us with some Arcade games on
Xbox Live. I Am Alive and Deadlight are two great
titles from what i've saw.

Am I Alive? I am!

The game it's a great challenge of survival with
unique gameplay and actions that merge into one
apocalyptic world we never seen before.

Some dead lights...

All we know about this game now is that it's
a apocalyptic game with some zombie, mutants
or something like that and it might be a
side-scrolling platformer.

These two are on my MUST BUY list!