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Name Change

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Recently I had my name changed by gamefaqs/gamespot. They let me change it because I had 2 different user names after the merger in 2004, one being my real name. My new username is SiLENT K1LL x. Formerly I was known as the journeyman/aaronball. My gamertag is GHOSTx81.

Hello Gamespotters

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I'm looking for xbox friends, so if interested send me a request, I updated to my current gamertag. I'm usually always online and got no no college or anything and I love call of duty, so if you're like me hit me up! I work full time but work doctor's hours so I'm availiable to play. Have a safe and better new year than last year!

Still Here

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Recently got Halo Reach, will be getting MOH, FO-NV.

Spent 12 Hours with GTAIV

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Maybe I got no life but I have GTAIV! I decided to spend 12 hours playing it last saturday and it was the best time I had in a long time. This might sound a bit crazy to you but I used to do this as a teen, and actually I haven't played a game as long as I played this since 1998's Xenogears.

I spent the time doing missions and actually enjoing the cab rides with almost no glitching. So far, I only aquired the second safe house and I'm still waiting to unlock the Alqonquin bridge to the western island.

GTAIV in one month!

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GTA IV will finally arrive in one month!, unless they delay it again. Finally another game that will keep me occupied for weeks! Hopefully my union will pick up the pace by then, though it seems that most unions are dying out these days.

XBL is back on

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I got XBL back up and running, now I can pwn in Cod4 and Halo 3. Thanks for being patient!

XBL should be back up for me soon

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I've been disconnected from xbox live for a week because we moved the xbox to a room where I can use it anytime I want, whereas in the previous room I had to wait hours on end to use it. I plan to buy a second xbox in 2 weeks for my brother so we can play mulitiplayer together and have our own systems.

WIC delayed again!

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I want world in conflict so bad! It keeps being delayed, but maybe it will be better and they can fix all the bugs. Depending on content news I'll make my final decision about which console to buy it on. My PC can't handle it. Which version do you think will be the best? 360 holds 16 players while ps3 holds 32. The 360 still has a better network despite downtime.

Gamespot says...

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Dry Season is here

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It's been a dry season for video games lately, if you look at my gamertag below you can see I've been playing mostly live arcade games. All of the really good games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and World in Conflict got delayed for 6 months or longer. If I could just have one good game to keep me occupied I'd be happy. Instead I'm stuck with crap like Kane & Lynch and Mass Effect.

On another note, I thought Mass Effect would be a really good game and it was about half way through but now I don't even want to finish it. Admiral Hackett and the Geth annoy the hell out of me now and I recently found out you must fight Saren Twice. Don't get me wrong I really like Lance Hendriksen but I don't like the Admiral Hackett character he plays as. One thing I found interesting about mass effect is the ability to change your gender and race, I played 3 quaters of the way through with a black male Shepard. That's all I got to say.

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