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Follow Up Blog - Explanation of a Previous Blog (super late)

Super Late Blog, and wow something from SGR? I thought he disappeared. Welp, I got this blog and another lined up to be coming to owe an explanation for my previous blogs, though I'm not expecting many comments since it's been so long, but for anyone who actually wanted to know what was up with my last blog, here's the (long) explanation of it all, hope you like it:

Well everyone, can I just once again say thank you for the wonderful comments I received on that blog. I received more comments on that blog then I have any other, and it really made me happy, as did everything you guys said, thank you again! I definitely think that is the best blog I ever done, with the best comments as well, and I couldn't be happier with it.

And now it is time for an explanation. Why SGR did you do this? You're not leaving; these blogs are meant for when people leave, why do it now? Well my friends, it's a simple story of some things I went through, I'll try not to make this too long but it will be due to my ranting tendencies, sorry about that, but anyhow:

Our story begins oh I'd say about a few months ago. There was a movie I saw in my film class, this was a film in my last monthly blog if you remember, it was a film called……Ikiru. Ikiru was a film about a middle aged man who realized he was going to die in 6 mere months, and that for the past 30 years of his life, he was living a dead life, a life of nothing but the same, schedules, without meaning, he wasn't even living, the film often says he was a "mummy," which I thought was really clever and just flat out true.

Throughout the film the protagonist goes on to realize how he should be living his life, and in the end he's able to do something that leaves a mark and makes many people happy, and in a very touching manner dies at the very place where he makes his final mark on the world.

This film really hit me hard when I first saw it, and I remember thinking about it for a while after I saw it. The big revelation though came soon after, I think a week or so after seeing the movie, I remember it was Wednesday, and I was sitting in a class, a boring class, just sitting, off into my own mind thinking, not paying attention to the teacher.

I started thinking about Ikiru, about the film, about how amazingly kind, peaceful, and strong the protagonist became towards the end, and how he did it. How knowing he was going to die gave him this powerful ability to fear nothing, and do whatever he wants, knowing that in merely a few months he'll be gone. I also thought about my new brony friends, those amazingly kind friends of mine I talk to on forums and read about whilst lurking. I thought about how they're able to say all these kind wonderful words, and seem to always be working, always loving, stopping at nothing to help every brony in need, seeming to be afraid of nothing.

And then I thought about myself, my life. The things I've done, the people I've met, the places I've been……the people I've hated, the people I've wronged, the people I find it hard to be kind to, to be myself around, etc. And then I thought about my favorite quote from Ikiru, a quote that has since stuck with me and practically become my new motto in my life, a quote the protagonist says to a character when he finds out how hard he's having it, and how despite all that he's never given up in being kind, and has almost never been angry. He asks the protagonist to stop and take a break, and that these people have been very rude to him and that they should be stopped and punished. The protagonist then turns to the character, and ever so quietly and peacefully says:

"Life is too short and precious to waste any time hating."

And as I thought about all these, something clicked, something connected the dots, and I just realized what I had to do. There are so many things I've done in my life that I regret, people I've hurt, people that I didn't tell them how I really felt until it was too late, letting down myself, and that well, I gotta fix them. What I realized in that very moment was that I could die any moment, and so could all my friends and family, all of you, at any moment in our lives we could die by some accident. Tomorrow morning you may never see me again. But in realizing this, in accepting this, when I came to realize that we'll all be dead in time and that hundreds of years from now we'll all be forgotten, I could do anything.

The fear I've always had of doing things began to disappear. I started thanking people who helped me more for what they do, because you know, there's so much hatred in the world, I can't help but love and appreciate all the kindness I'm shown. I began confessing to a few, telling them how much I care and am thankful for them, and telling those I wronged of the bad things I did and how I'm so sorry. When I fully was able to grasp the concept of death and how we could die at any moment, I gained the ability to truly live.

Like the wonderful bronies I met, I feel much stronger and kinder to well everyone, and I can't help but just love all the good things I see in the world, and the world as a whole, it's such a beautiful place. Like the protagonist of Ikiru I felt like a new person, and I've been trying as hard as I can to fix things, to make my life great before I go, because well let's be honest, I could go at any time.

My friends, if there's one thing I'd like to say to you all, it's to never forget how wonderful life is, to never take it for granted. Life is such a beautiful wonderful thing, that I just can't waste any of it hating, or being angry, I just can't do it anymore, and I've never been happier, so I encourage you all to try and do the same. The main character of Ikiru knew when he was going to die, we won't know when we're going to die, we won't be as lucky as him. All the good byes you want to say to people before going, the good bye blogs, you may never get to do it. I'm sure we've all heard this saying at least once, and it can be oh so hard to do, but as much as you can:

"Live every day of your life as if it were your last."

I did that with my last blog, that blog was a blog I made with the thought that it would be my very last blog, and I'm glad I did it, now in case anything happens to me, I'll know I did this, and if it happens, I won't be very sad, I can happily say that I have nothing more I want to say before leaving, and I encourage you to do the same. People don't know how great or loved they are, and often forget or lose sight of this and begin viewing people and the world in a dark light, don't let these people you love forget how much they mean to you, and how great they are. Because in all honesty, you may never get another chance to, as we don't know when that time comes, and not to be blunt or rude but, in the end we'll all be dead in 100 years, and no one will remember what embarrassing or weird things you did, so don't be scared! Use death to your advantage, use death to live, like I have, as that's the brilliance of life and death:

"If we never had death, we could never truly live."

Thank you to everyone who read this, I love you all very much, and wish you nothing but the best. Good luck!

Weeks Later…

Well, it's been a while since I wrote this up, since that revelation of mine, and I dunno. I'm starting to find it hard again to be honest with people, to tell them everything I want, to do everything I want, to truly live, I'm starting to take life for granted again.

Ikiru actually touches on this subject. At the end of the film, we see 8 or so guys learn of the protagonist's tale at his funeral, and they make a toast and vow to live every day of their life as if it was their last. A month later, we see that in fact, just about all of them have sunken back into the life of a mummy. We see the final one, the one who was touched by the protagonist the most, go to the others ashamed of what they've done, going to remind them of their vow, but then they all turn to look at him, and the man sinks under his work desk, dead inside.

It's a depressing scene, but it's true! I was shocked at how after a few weeks of my free amazing life, the old ways started coming back, and I didn't know why! I began valuing material things again and getting angry with people, and I couldn't believe myself! Though I should add, it really hasn't gone that far at all into fights or anything haha, just not as much as I used to be.

I have to admit though, it's much harder for me to do offline. Online I can easily tell people I'm sorry, and how much they mean to me. Offline though it's just….so much harder! They stare into your eyes, it's so hard to get 1 on 1 time with people like you can online, so hard to get a time when you're both quiet too, and if I don't have any of those conditions, it's just so hard for me!

I don't know, it seems I still have a ways to go, ways to improve and make the world a better place. But you know what, I can do this, and I know I can, I've done it online after all! And I plan to over Christmas break, I plan to with the two people in the world whom I dislike the most, whom I may actually hate and wish bad things to, which I am ashamed of, and whom I would love to make amends with the most; my younger brother and my father.

I'd like to watch Ikiru again, I think after writing this too I feel like I can do more and be stronger and honest. We all fall, it happens, but, like the way Ikiru ends, you can get back up. After being destroyed emotionally by the other men who made vows, the sole remainder goes to the place where the protagonist died, and looks up to the sky thinking what to do. And he seems to realize what he must do, is able to reclaim that spark of strength, and then he heads off and the movie ends.

So again, thank you to all who read this! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy this time of giving, live happily, and live proudly! Bye all, take care, and have a very Merry Christmas, my next blog will touch upon my lack of activity and what this means for the future, but until then, I'll see you all later,


My Abscence

I must apologize to all for not posting in so long. I did not intend for this to happen and it goes directly against my plans of making a follow up blog to my last one.

Sad to say school has just been killing me. With only 2 weeks left now I've had a lot to do and a lot of sleep to lose and not much time to come here, so I haven't been here much, and I apologize for that. Don't worry, I will make that follow up blog, and I will return, but right now school is just being real bad for me that I can't, even over the weekend. ):

Oh well, after this I'm all done, don't mean to make this too long, thanks to all who read, and I wish you all the very best.

Excuse me everyone, my friends.........

There's something I'd like to tell everybody here, all my friends who take the time to read my blogs and post with me and read my long posts, or something to that effect, I'd like to say something.

I love you all.

Gamespot has given me so many great memories, great friends, great experiences, I've learned so much, and come so far, and I love this place and all of you so so much, to everyone who has responded to a post of mine, commented on my blog, talked to me on MSN, or even if you just read my posts and blogs but didn't comment, know that I care about you very much, and that you are, and always will be my friend. I will always be here to help anyone in need, if ever you need help, please please send me a PM and do not hesitate to ask.

Gamespot has influenced and changed me so much, and it was thanks to all of you, all of you, just by being yourself, being you, have helped me out and gave me a better understanding of the world, so I would just like to thank everyone again so so much for being my great friends, know that I love you all, and I always will, thank you my friends, my time on Gamespot is a time I will never be forgetting, and I will see you all another time.

October 2011 Blog - A Look Back

This one's only 5 days late, huzzah.

Hello one and all, it's been a long month for me but it's finally come to an end. School has been hectic, and as a result gaming hasn't been hugely prominent this month, so this blog will be semi short, which hey, maybe that's a good thing! So let's take a look at the games I played in October:



Yeah, I never finished Zelda, lost motivation to play on the final dungeon, and I have not beaten any game at all this month. Wonder when this will happen again if ever, quite the shock eh? Ah well, let's hope next month's better!

Currently Playing:


Yes, I have moved on to another DS game in my backlog, Dragon Quest IX, which is also my very first Dragon Quest game, and now that I think about it, turn based Square RPG, so it's quite the event in a way. I'm liking the game so far, but not a whole lot, it just seems really basic to me. There's no new unique battle system or new twist or anything, it's just a standard good ol turn based RPG, with customizable characters (though I haven't made my own since myself and don't think I will), and a lot of content. The story so fair has been plain, but I'm hoping it will pick up, and I do like the stylus controls. I've already put a good 10 hours into it, and plan to play it more, it's very addicting, and very fun for a turn based RPG, and I do like it, but it just has nothing special to me, and I'm not sure I'll be playing other Dragon Quest games after this.

Current Score: 7


And for the Wii, I have started out the beast by playing the wonderful game known as Sonic Colors, or what some call as Sonic's great return. And so far I am really really liking it. I came in expecting and hoping for a game with great Unleashed day and Generations Modern styIe stages, with some 2D in there, but what I instead got was a bit of that, but mostly a really great exploration based 2D platformer with awesome power ups.

The level design has been surprisingly really good, and the game has so much replay value with the red medals, I've already replayed tons of levels and it's such a blast replaying levels and exploring them to find the rings and utilize the power ups, I find the game becomes much better once you start exploring. And yeah, the power ups are surprisingly really really awesome, and I'm loving them and how they're used, in particular drill and spikes have been freaking awesome.

Not to mention an amazing soundtrack, great bosses, and so far I'm really liking this game. For what it does, Sonic Colors succeeds very well at being an exploration based 2D platformer, it reminds me a lot of what the Banjo games would be like if in 2D, and I like it, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great platformer or Sonic game.

Current Score: 8.5



And………………..nothing again. Yep, school's been really hitting me this month. Not even an MLP fic. Ah well, maybe next month eh?


Thankfully I saw a lot of films thanks to my cIass so that was good.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

The first film I saw this month thanks to my film cIass was Fantastic Mr. Fox. And I can say it lived up to its title of fantastic. The story had a nice plot with great themes and messages, and also had some great humor to go with it. And the unique look the film had was also pretty cool, and made it fun to watch. It was just a real great film overall, and one I'd recommend.

The Seventh Seal

And then we went to the 7th Seal in my cIass a very old Swedish film. This one had a pretty cool theme, despite how old it was. There was a huge theme of life and death and you could see it throughout the entire film even in the color contrast, and it was just a cool deep film that had lots of questions and looked into the interesting questions of death and religion, and I quite like it, awesome film, don't let the fact that it's in black and white bring you down.

The Breakfast Club

And The Breakfast Club was the film I chose to watch for my paper in the cIass The summary sounded really interesting, and I liked it, so I gave it a watch, and man I'm glad I chose this movie. This movie is incredibly relatable, has an amazing theme and I love how it's done, awesome music, and I just love how the entire movie has one setting and all the characters seem so one dimensional at face value, but by the end become characters that just seem so real, the ending scene in particular when we learn so much about the characters had me in tears, twas beautiful. Not to mention all the chemistry and interactions were quite the sight to see, and overall this film just blew me away, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.


Then after that we came to an old old film. A 1952 film that was in black and white and only available in English with subtitles, yes, and it was long, coming into this movie I really wasn't sure I was going to like it. But leaving the film when it ended, I can safely say this was one of my favorite films I've seen in the cIass thus far. The story is about a simple man who realizes he's going to die in 6 months and that for the past 30 years he's lived a pointless life, and goes on an adventure to find meaning, and I really liked the way the story evolves and is told, and the ending is beautiful, albeit bittersweet in its tone. The ending scene in particular really hit me hard and brought me to tears. Wonderful film overall, while it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, I highly recommend it.

All That Jazz

And next we watched a film called All That Jazz, a musical about death. Yeah……not the best idea, and the film itself was really weird and also pretty predictable, but it was still a nice film that I enjoyed watching, though honestly I don't think I'd recommend this to many people, just didn't have any real cool things, and had lots of moments that made me go "erm….what?" So yeah. xD Still a good film though I'd say.


As for my life, nothing much has changed, the only large shift is that school has surprisingly gotten quite bad for me, like, worse then perhaps it's ever been. It's bizarre, but all my ****s are suddenly demanding more work and all at the same time, so it's made things a little hectic for me. Lots of 3-4am nights of doing work, but I'm still doing all right, and I haven't pulled any all nighters yet, or failed anything, so it's not so bad.

I have to admit though as a result I haven't been to GS as often, nor ponychan for that matter, but I'm still able to get on MSN and the pony forum I post on every now and then, and I'm hoping in November I won't get as much work and will be able to come on more, so we'll see.

But I've been great, I bought a Wii, a new pair of headphones, a DS game I am very excited to play (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective), preordered Skyward Sword, and 3 pony shirts, which I just love. ^^

I don't think I'll be getting anything else until December and Christmas really, maybe Black Friday, but I think I've already bought enough, but still, they were great purchases, and I look forward to playing them all. :D

Thanks for reading this whole blog if you do, I hope I'll be able to post more in the future, and have a wonderful day all.

Late September 2011 Blog - The Non Gaming Side

Hello all, sorry it's a bit late but here is part 2 of my september blog. geez October will be over in no time and I'll have to start on that, let's hope I can make that one faster. :P

Books / Fics:

This hasn't been a big reading month to me, I've only read one MLP fic, but oh well, have at ye:


This is a fic I read by sheer whim and heat of the moment, as I saw it on Equestria Daily and it had lots of positive comments, and I knew the author, as he posts at the MLP forum I post at. And it wasn't that long, a good short story, so I thought why not and gave it a read.

And boy am I glad I did, this fic was amazing! A very unique psychological tale, this story had only one location and only one character that talked throughout the entire fic, but man, the way the author used these to create deep psychological outlook into Spike's character was amazing, not to mention the plot itself took some really cool turns, especially around the end. It really got me thinking about Discord's character, Spikes, and other parts of life, so if you're looking for a great thought provoking read that delves into a character deeply, and is just real great overall, I highly recommend this fic, it's definitely going to be one of my favorites I'd say.


And thanks to my film cIass I've watched a lot of movies in September, let's look through:

O Brother Where Art Thou

My month started out with O Brother Where Art Thou. It was a very interesting movie, filled with lots of songs, which was nice. It was also based on Homer's Odyssey, so had I known the story of that I probably would have enjoyed it more. Regardless, it was a real cool tale, and I liked all the characters it had that the main 3 constantly encountered, and the plot was interesting too. I found it a bit weird though and not really liking it by the end, but after discussing the film in cIass and digging deeper into it, I came to appreciate it more, and recommend it for those that like deep tales with hidden messages. Also the soggy bottom boys is such an awesome song. :3

Pierrot Le Fou

After that we moved on to a French movie that was all in French and was all in subtitles. Not the best way to watch a movie, but it gets the job done. This was a really really weird movie, like, after the movie was over I was just like "wut…." So many things happen and in such weird unpredictable ways, and it can be so random at times, and with a very loose story that goes in all sorts of directions, I don't think a movie has ever confused me so much. Of course as a result it has a lot of unique things going for it, and perhaps if you really like complex open stories you'll like this, but it was just way too out there for my liking, and overall I didn't really enjoy this a lot.

127 Hours

Next we saw 127 Hours, a recent film that's based on a true story, and very very cool. I loved this movie, it does so many things I haven't seen in other movies, its fast beginning and action scenes, the long reflections and waiting, the ending, this movie was just so awesome and I loved it! It would definitely be my favorite movie I saw this month, and I highly recommend it to all!

400 Blows

After that we saw another French movie with subtitles only, a very old one too, the oldest we've seen so far. 400 Blows was a remarkably sad tale about a young boy who lives in a rough society with terrible adults. There really isn't much I can say on it actually, the characters and plot was good, nothing too special, but nothing too bad. The pacing was good, it was just a good movie that sends the message of how to treat the younger generation well. I wasn't really a huge fan of it, but it was good.

The Graduate

After that we moved on to the highly influential film known as The Graduate. A famous influential film that came out in the Late 60s, The Graduate was a good tale on the confused life of teenagers in their search for meaning, and I liked it. I did find a few characters and plot points a bit strange though, but I liked the music it had, and its themes and messages, and was overall a good movie.

The Virgin Suicides

And the final movie I saw in my film cIass (at least before this blog went up) was a movie called The Virgin Suicides. As you may guess from the title, it is about suicide, and as a result is a very very sad movie. I felt absolutely terrible when I exited the cIass. It really leaves an impression on how harsh the world can be and how and why these things happen. Was a great movie in that regard though, really will hit the viewer, and I enjoyed it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

And what's this? Yes, there was a film I saw this month that I did not see in my film cIass the 4th pirates movie. I loved the first 2 pirates of the Caribbean films a ton, and thought the 3rd was good, but not as good as those, so I went into this one hoping for an improvement. Sad to say though I came out disappointed, and I'd say this is definitely my least favorite of the 4 pirate movies. There were so many weird plot points, with the big one being the Spanish, and I didn't like the way the villain was handled, he was much less scarier and threatening then those in previous films, taking away a lot from the sense of adventure, and Barbosa being reduced to comic relief for the first 2 thirds of the movie was also something I didn't enjoy. I did like the ending of the movie a lot though, and it has me looking forward to 5, but overall, I felt this tale just wasn't as epic as the previous films, and also it was just way too predictable, who didn't see that ending coming with the fountain?


My life's been going well, though some changes seem to be going underway. School's kept me real busy, but I'm also going through some other interesting change that I hadn't seen coming, but probably should have. Yes, I am referring to my lack of GS activity. This is yes in part due to school and gaming taking up a lot of my free time, but something else is taking away my free time. Yes, I am referring to My Little Pony, my latest obsession.

I have become very very invested in this fandom, and I mean a lot, like not since I first got into Nintendo I'd say. I have joined a forum I post on a lot, I have read some fanfiction as you see, I look at fan art all the time, listen to fan music all the time. And as you may guess, I'm starting to spend the majority of my free time on this when I could be posting on Gamespot. I can't remember the last time I've had so many long gaps of me not posting, it is most interesting.

I do intend to continue posting on GS though, just less often, I suppose once a week since the weekends will be when I actually have enough free time to make it along with everything else. I will most definitely come back for game releases too and the like, but yeah, I definitely think I'll be less active throughout the rest of the school semester, sorry all, hopefully it won't be that long and bad. I do still enjoy posting here, and posting with you all in this great community, so I will never truly leave, I can promise you that. :D

But aside from that, everything's been going pretty well for me. I've made some gamer friends and met a few new nice guys, and nothing bad has really happened, so yeah, it's going good.

So I wish you all the best as well, and I thank those that read this, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of this nice quiet weekend, see yah. :)

Late September 2011 Blog - The Gaming Side

Hello all, sorry this blog was late, and I must apologize for not being very active on Gamespot recently. I've been busy with school and such sadly, and msn with all the chats funnily enough, so my other monthly blogs may be late too. Bearing that in mind, here is my September look back blog. Let's get started with the games:



So September started with me finishing up another 3DS VC game, Donkey Kong. The sequel to the arcade hit Donkey Kong, and prequel to the Mario vs Donkey Kong games, Donkey Kong 94 (as some people call it) is a wonderful puzzle platformer game. Giving Mario a bunch of jumping moves that you learn to master throughout the game is awesome, and the puzzles and levels are designed very well, so not to be too easy or too hard. Overall with tons of great levels and a satisfying core that's fun to play, Donkey Kong 94 turned out to be really really great. I'd say it's my favorite 3DS VC game at the moment, and it's definitely up there with Mario vs DK 1 and 2 as my favorite in the franchise, it's a wonderful game that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a great time waster.

Final Score: 8.5


And then I moved on to the final of my 3DS VC games, Zelda: Link's Awakening. Link's Awakening is a very interesting Zelda, in that things I liked and disliked about it are things I don't normally notice in other Zeldas. On the one hand the dungeons, puzzles, bosses, and items are fantastic, and I'd recommend it to any Zelda fan for those alone. The story and characters also surprised me at being really well done. The whole mystery about the island and its inhabitants, and your relationship with Marin is handled really well, and I was really impressed especially with Marin's character.

As for the problems, Link's Awakening had really weird bad pacing in its overworld, which I really disliked. There are lots of sections in the overworld where you're forced to constantly bring up the start menu to switch items, and it can get quite tedious to always have to switch for picking up rocks, jumping over gaps, using a certain item for an enemy, etc. I also wasn't really keen on the dungeon locations. The game has a telephone NPC for hints which works great at first, but often times his hints on where to go for dungeons are very vague, and you'll need to use a guide to find where to go. The owl also gives you hints, but again, they can be quite vague, and there's no way for you to resee his hints after he tells you then leaves. This had me being forced to use a guide a lot in this Zelda, which I'm not a fan of, but if you don't have a problem with using guides in game, then this would defintiely be a game for you.

Overall, the game is still very well done, and my complaints aren't major, so don't let that tempt you not to get it, Link's Awakening is a great game for any Zelda or adventure gamer out there.

Final Score: 8


So now we reach this game..............I've been spending a lot of time this month playing this game called Spiral Knights. Spiral Knights is a free MMO on steam, and it's very addicting, my very close non GS riend got me into it, and I played it every now and then only to play with him, but once I reached tier 2 I became hooked and now I can't stop playing. It's my first MMO so that may be one thing, but I really like the simplicity the game has. There's no giant world to explore and tons of secrets to find, there's no complex leveling up and battle system, it's just a simple yet deep MMO, with a good combat system involving your items of sword, shield, gun, and bomb. It's easy to play with friends and grow, it simply takes time. The look of the game is also very simplistic, no big ogres or what not here, just simple characters wearing masks with glowing eyes, small cute bodies and weapons, it's nice and simple, and I like it. If ever you're looking for a fun time waster, I highly recommend Spiral Knights, and if you want to play with me just send me a PM and I'd be more than happy to join you for a run.

Final Score: 8


And a game recently released on the 3DS VC that I just had to have, and would be my next adventure; Super Mario Land 2. Unsure what to expect from this not talked about Mario game, I was really impressed with it. The thing that blew me away the most about it is the sheer variety. Each level is completely different from the last, and there's so many enemies and gimmicks in this game that are only on one or so levels, it's awesome, it makes me feel like every level in the game could be its own world in a 3D game! Not to mention the wonderful new Bunny suit, which I have to say is just awesome, and possibly one of my favorite Mario power ups. Even if the game's a little short, I really liked Mario Land 2 a lot. This is definitely an improvement over Mario Land 1, which I also liked, and overall a great game I'd recommend to all.

Current Score: 8.5

Currently Playing:

Yeah I'm actually currently playing Spiral Knights, but I've played it long enough (80ish hours now) where I think I know what to expect from the game and can rate it).


So after this I headed over to the ambassador games on the 3DS, and decided to dive into one of them; The Legend of Zelda. Being the very first Zelda, I had to brace for difficulty, and a different kind of Zelda. And if you know me you know I love different types of games, so I'm a bit surprised to find that I'm really enjoying The Legend of Zelda. Even though you are not told where to go, it's not that hard to find things if all you do is explore. Don't let what people say bring you down, I found and beat all of the first 6 dungeons without using a single guide once. Just explore and go everywhere and you can find things. The dungeons themselves are good and straightforward, and the unique items the game has for being the first Zelda are kinda cool, I have to say I like the ladder a lot.

As I enter the final dungeon though, I have to admit finding and completing the 7th and 8th and 9th dungeons has required a guide from me, which I don't like doing, and a lot of the secrets in the overworld are hard to find too without a guide. You have to just find them by accident, and I don't like this, but again, it's not like this for the 1st – 6th dungeons, and you don't even need to do all the sidequests to beat the game, I've been able to do the major ones without a guide even. So overall, I'm really liking the start of Zelda, and I think it's a good game people should give a shot, despite the fact that you may need a guide and that it's so old.

Current Score: 8.5

So this was an 8 and 8.5 month for me. :P

And that ends the month for me for gaming. I must admit I'm starting to lose motivation to finish Zelda, I'm not sure I will, but hoepfully I do. After that I'm not really sure what I'll play. Probably some steam games I need to finish, and some Ambassador 3DS games. Oh, and Layton 4 and Kirby Mass Attack are games I plan on purchasing soon.

But anyhow, look forward to next month for movies and life, until then, have a good time all, hopefully I'll be able to post more.

August 2011 - Non VG Related Adventures

Welcome one and all, to part 2 of my August 2011 blog, where I lay out what I did for reading, watching, and my life in general, so........onward!



Yes, I regret to inform you all that I did little to no reading in August. I read House of Leaves a bit more, read The Hobbit a bit, but ultimately returned both of them, as I just was spending too much time on other things like games or msn or who knows what. Well……actually…….I did read some stories, stories I never expected to read, but somehow, I did.


I read some MLP fanfiction, not a lot, but a few stories. I read some in July, but I figure I'll just cover them all now. So, why not, lemme go over those and what I thought of them, cause well, I did read them, and I did like them overall:


Cupcakes is one of the weirdest fics I've read, and due its dark creepy graphic styIe I really didn't like it. I can see it being popular for how weird it is though, and the fact that it released before Party of One. But after leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I decided to head over to some alternate endings that have been done to make this beast softer.

Rocket to Insanity

So the first alternate ending I headed to was Rocket to Insanity. Rocket to Insanity I actually found pretty cool, was like Cupcakes but not as bad, made more sense, had a better story, and wasn't as graphic. Still I didn't enjoy it a lot, but it was a good ending.

A Precious Rainbow

Then I headed over to this amazing ending. This is probably my favorite fanfic (though I haven't read a lot), and I highly recommend it to all. This amazing ending is very realistic and relatable, has great conflict and characters, and just left me feeling really happy with it, an amazing well done story that took one short part of Cupcakes and used it to create an amazing alternate ending.

Sleeping with the Ghosties

So I then headed over to Sleeping with the Ghosties, an original fic. And I liked this one. Had a good solid story, realistic characters, great themes, and was just real great overall, it honestly reminded me a lot of what a new episode would be like, so in the way of more stories like the episodes this is really good. I also found it quite funny, and just really enjoyed it and recommend it to all FiM fans.


And currently I am reading through and finishing up the popular Moonbeam fic. I have to give props to it for having mostly all original characters, and the plot's great so far. But I'm just not finding the characters all that interesting, and really am only reading it for the plot. I dunno, maybe it's just not my thing, but I'm not enjoying it a whole lot, but it does seem good.


Rain Man

The only movie I really watched this month, and at the end of the month too, was rain man. Watched it for a film cIass so rest assured there will be a lot more films in the future. Rain Man was a fantastic film with great developing characters that was just a good watch, and I really enjoyed all the character interactions and themes the movie had, was really great, and I highly recommend it. I actually found out today that it won Best Picture in 1988 when it released, which I can definitely see, just a great adventure character driven film overall.


So life was pretty normal this month. Not much happened, the big things were me getting a 3DS and all its games, and moving out of my apartment and into my new one and getting ready for school. I guess if it means anything I've met some great new people online this month, one of whom I absolutely adore and already love to death. :3

In the offline world I have a new roommate, not many new friends though. I was able to meet a brony who goes to the same school as me using my pony T shirt I had a picture of a few blogs back, made my day. My roommate's nice, and things have gone great with him so far, and I feel more open and better since the small changes I've gone through over the summer, so things are going great.

Oh yeah, I just started work, and wow it's awesome. Because I've worked there for a whole year, they promoted me so that I call alumni more likely to donate, and who are just generally nicer, and it's made work so much better. I have more talks with people, better talks, get more money, it makes time go faster, and it's just awesome. And I'm getting paid more. :P

So yeah, this coupled with my awesome schedule I have is making this semester great! I am excited. :D

So here is how things went for me in August, hope you enjoyed it, and good luck with school all, I'm sure some of your will need it, rest assured though I should be fine in that regard, but I wish you all the best. :)

August 2011 - The Games I Played + TWEWY Review

Well it's that time again, with July ending I have to now go over August, which was a nice ending month to this wonderful summer, and to start I shall go through all the games I played this month:


So I finished TWEWY this month, amazing game, definitely one of the best games I've ever played, and I'd say this would be my 2008 GOTY if I had to go back and choose. To celebrate this great game, I decided to review it, and if you're interested in hearing about the game and why I liked it so much, please check out my review, thanks:

Final Score: 9


And I also finished Shatter this month. Was a great fun puzzle game, with a fantastic soundtrack, perfect difficulty, and just fun levels, probably my favorite ping pong block busting styIe game I've ever played, though that isn't saying much, but I do recommend it to anyone looking for a great time waster.

Final Score: 8

OoT 3D

And as you may know I bought a 3DS this month, and my first and only retail game on the system was The Ocarina of Time 3D. As a remake, it's great, Master Quest and Boss Rush are great new additions, and the 3D and gyroscope controls work well with the game, and overall I had a blast replaying this game.

On it's own though I'm still not really sure what to say of this game. Maybe I've been spoiled with other Zelda dungeon designs, I think that's it, but I wasn't impressed with any of OoT's dungeons, they just seemed so simple and linear to me, I don't know why. I loved the sidequests in this game though, and thought design wise they were possibly best in the series, and bosses were good. Overall I enjoyed it, but it does seem to be finally showing its age I would say.

Final Score: 8.5


And next up I hit the Virtual Console for 3DS, and started with the very first Kirby game. Dream land was a nice start for our hero, it was an actual hard game unlike most Kirby games, and had surprisingly great music that I really enjoyed listening to. The levels were cool and maze like too, and overall I had fun with it. That being said the game was waaay to short, can be beat in less than an hour, I did in a little over half. And I also didn't really like hard mode, as it's a giant leap in difficulty above normal, so you can either play normal and beat it easily, or play hard and get killed.

It was still a fun game though, and it was interesting to see how Kirby started, but with how short it is, I honestly don't know if I'd recommend it to anyone.

Final Score: 6

Mario's Picross

My next 3DS VC game was Mario's Picross. As a huge fan of the 2 Picross games on DS, I was once again completely addicted to all the puzzles in this game, and spent so many hours on it. Not only was it interesting to see where the Picross franchise originated, but I was surprised at how addicted I got to it despite how old it was. Will be the only Picross game in which I actually finished all the puzzles due to it not having as many as the 2 DS games, but the game was a wonderful time waster and a great puzzle game overall that I'd recommend to anyone looking for such.

Final Score: 8

Currently Playing:


And as I still wander the 3DS VC, the next game in line is Zelda: Link's Awakening. The very first handheld Zelda, Link's Awakening has been good and fun so far. I haven't been really impressed with it, but it does do things right, has good solid dungeons, great items, a good sidequest, though I think you kind of have to do it, and has good music. But with this one sidequest that you kind of have to do, the game is feeling somewhat linear to me. Not that that's a bad thing, as you don't go from dungeon to dungeon there are tons of side things to do, but the side stuff has been a little difficult and tricky to find and solve. Right now I'm 3 dungeons in, so I'll see how it goes, here's to hoping it improves!

Current Score: 8

And that is all

For part 1, part 2 with everything else may be a little late though, as I'm somewhat busy with school, but I will have A LOT to say, so I hope you enjoy it, and enjoyed this blog, thanks for reading.


New place, new pic, and more new!

Finally a short blog from me, bet some of you are relieved. :P

Anyhow, I must apologize for not being active lately, I've been a tad busy in real life and not had the time nor motivation to log on and post some. But don't worry, I am returning! The reason for my abscene was that I was moving into my brand new apartment, and will be there for at least a year and a half, so I am finally settling in.

Short story time, was quite the move: I got to stay in both apartments for a few days, and they were only a block away, so for 2 or 3 days I just moved everything from apartment to apartment, carrying them all little by little. It was a much easier move, probably the best I've had, and so twas great. Said bye to my roommates, who were somewhat sad I hadn't asked for help, but I thanked them, and while we never got along really well, we were good acquaintances, so I bed them farewell, and moved to my new place.

And so, I am now in my new place, and thought I'd take a picture and show you all my room:

New room

Ta da! My one and only new room. Aside from that there is a kitchen, small little living room, and my roommate's room, though he hasn't moved in yet. I could take pictures of those, but they're empty, so nothing really special. :P

But I'm sure some of you have noticed something! Zomg SGR, a TV!!!! That's right gang, one of my roommates in my old apartment, ironically, the one I was the closest with and the one I liked the most, bought herself a brand new TV for school, and she decided to give me her old one, was very kind of her, and I do wish her the best in the future with my other roommates.

But now that I have my very own TV, I can now buy a game console Hoorah! :D But, I already have DS and 3DS games I would like to finish first, and then there are also some TV shows and books I'd like to get to, so due to those and school, I still don't think I'll be buying a home console for a good while, but I would like to by the end of the year at the very least. Will be either a Wii or PS2, but right now I am leaning towards PS2.

So aside from that, don't worry, I won't leave you in the dark! I'm sure some of you want a picture of me, and I have one, with my brand new shirt!

Me in room

Hell yeah! :D

3DS get, and what games to play

So this is a blog on a recent purchase of mine, and a little list of all the games I have planned to play, and I would like to ask what games everyone recommends I play next, as I have a lot.

So to start, hoorah all, I got one:


Yes, in a fun little adventure, when I discovered that you can get the price cut early at Wal Mart and get the 20 free games, I just couldn't resist. Yes the battery life is low, but hoo boy, 20 free games, that would lower the price of the system from the already low price of $170 to something like $120, and $120 for a 3DS!? How could I say no to that.

My 3DS Adventure

So for this adventure, which was actually quite fun, mariostar0001 gave me the idea while talking on MSN the morning of the 9th, and so I ran to a store to grab a bus map, and used it and google maps to pin point the nearest Wal Mart, and what route I should take to get there.

So after preparations, I set off on foot to find Wal Mart by walking to a bus stop. Now, when I made it to the bus stop, I found that I could walk to the next one, and the bus wasn't coming. So I did that, and walked to oh, 6 or so stops, just following the signs. I started to think hey I could just follow these signs to Wal Mart. Alas, I came to a fork in the road, with routes going north and east. Wal Mart was north, so I headed that way. I turned around to see a bus arrive at the most recent stop, and then turn and go east. I found that strange, but thought that the bus was taking a detour and would return to going north, as I remember seeing the bus route look like that, so I continued on.

This was a bad choice. I ended up walking lord knows how long, got lost, and after I think 1 or 2 miles of walking I decided to ask random people on the street if they knew where the street I was looking for was. 2 of them had no idea where it was, and the other said it was waaaaaaay away from here. So………there comes a time when we all must admit defeat, and I had reached it. I turned around, and walked all the way back to the original bus stop I saw, and then found shade at the stop, rested, and waited.

It took a while, but finally, the next bus came, and I rode it to Wal Mart. To my surprise, there was a huge mall area there, and again, after walking 4 or so blocks, I quickly asked where Wal Mart was, and learned I was walking in the opposite direction of it. As I walked to Wal Mart I saw a Gamestop, and thought of buying games, but I saw some er, not so nice looking guys, 4 or 5 I believe, standing right outside the store, and thought it would be best to pass and just get the 3DS.

So finally, I reached Wal Mart, checked, they had the price cut, bought it, walked out of the store, went straight to the bus stop, and rode it back to the very first stop I found, before I walked 6 or so stops. I then had to walk like a mile or so to get back, but man, job well done. My feet were so sore it hurt to walk on them the rest of that day, and the next day, and I was so tired too, but boy was it worth it.

I got sick the next day too, I wonder if that had any connection to the walk. Oh well, regardless, I took a long journey, had a nice long walk, and came back with my prize, the 3DS!

And now, what I should play

But enough of that, that was much longer then I was anticipating, so sorry, I do have a tendency to make long blogs, I apologize for that, but I can't help it. :P

So anyhow, now I have DS and 3DS games to play. On DS I'm finishing up playing The World Ends With You, and on 3DS I'm playing Ocarina of Time 3D. But once I finish both, I'll have a good amount of games to choose from on DS and 3DS. So I ask my readers (you great people you :P ), what games do you think I should play next?

Hotel Dusk Room 215
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Kirby's Dream Land
Donkey Kong 94
Mario's Picross

Thanks for the picks to those who do, and thanks to reading for those who do, and have a nice end of summer all. :D