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There are some issues with OT and salary rates and so forth (I've never been in a professional position where I had to deal with it) that make companies uncomfortable with people working more than 8 hours a day or 40 a week. Another big thing is that it is illegal in America to work more than 12 hours. You could become exhausted and driving exhausted is like driving drunk or high. If you work 16 hours and get in a wreck, the company you work for can be held accountable for creating your diminished state and be sued by the other drive. If it was your choice to work that long, it's a pretty safe bet they'll can your arse for causing the company that kind of trouble (and breaking the law).

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Thanks, guys. You've given me a lot to think about and it does look like it'd cost just as much to get a TE stick with Sanwa parts in it already. I've been looking around and the average TE stick, brand new, runs around $130 so I'll make due for now and then just get a TE stick with quality parts already in it in a couple of months after my next two neurologist visits. The $50 a visit I get for my participation in the clinical trial is my money to spend exactly how I please. Plus, I'm going to spend another $150 on the TE Mortal Kombat when it comes out. I initially thought that joystick modding was buying a less expensive stick and tossing in better parts but it's more of a cosmetic thing, replacing the existing parts with other parts in different colors, like trying to recreate the old arcade cab's red white blue buttons or replacing the artwork. I've seen some decent TE sticks and I might even buy a used one if I feel comfortable enough with a seller.
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Yeah, I looked at the basic SFIV stick last night and amazon had it for more like $70 but I noticed it went up today.Hell! They want over $90!!I guess I'll just wait 3 month or 4 until I have the money to get my hands on a TE stick that uses Sanwa parts already. Our big income tax refund is going into computer parts since I haven't had a working desktop since '09. I've been using my wife's laptop.

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Would I be able to put Sanwa parts in the basic MadCatz SFIV stick? I just don't want to have to shell out $150 for a stick. My original plan was to score an Arcade Fighter stick from DreamGear (49.95) and then play it till it failed and drop some Sanwa parts in it when it inevitably wore out. As for soldering, I've had more than my fair share of time with a soldering iron, plus I have a good friend who is an electrical engineer and has experience with stuff like this. If not, I was thinking of asking my dad for help. He's beena carpenter longer than I've been his son. Maybe he can help me out, we take the board and select bits of the electronics out of it and mount it in a custom built wooden cab.

As for financing, I'm actually paying for this because Ihave MS and am taking part in a clinical trial testing a new controller med. My compensation is a reloadable debit card and $50 ever time I go for a visit. I go once a month.

Thanks for the heads up about how hard it could get and defintely thanks for the new forum to check out. I wonder why Google never got that as a result.

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So...someone freaked out at you for using a sniper rifle in the game the way it was designed to be used? Yeah, IRL sniper doesn't spend their entire time looking through the scope...but they also lay in the same spot for days at a time. Also, most real snipers are also function as scouts, feeding vital intelligence about a target back to a squad who is planning an attack. Yes, campers can be a BEAST to overcome sometimes but it isn't impossible. It's not cheating, it may seem like a cheap strategy sometimes, but campers can be flushed out. Quitting a game merely because your team is losing is incredibly immature. It's not made any better when you make excuses about why. And I'm sure that if a clan had quit in the middle of a game against them they'd start complaining about the immature kids who bailed simply because they were losing. They wouldn't say things like "Well {playername} was hardscoping the whole time" and "{playername} did camp in that one spot again}." They'd say stuff about "Eff those effing losers! Those kids had no excuse for quitting the game! This sucks! We got cheated out of a fair win!"
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I've been digging around the internt for good sticks for my systems because I LOVE 2D fightersand I've realized that to get a good stick that's going to last I'd have to pony up some massive amounts of cash. I've seen them go for $500.I've learned that themain reason they do this is because the higher price ones (aside from often having a tie-in with one fighting game or another) have premium parts. I've noticed that Sanwa seems to be the brand of choice for those who know quality. I've also seen a bit about joystick modding, outfitting lower cost joysticks with premium Sanwa parts. Thisisfast becoming mypreferred route. I'm more "hands-on", and this is another one of those times when the DIY route can save a ton of cash. I was going to buy a less expensive joystick and play with it until it wears out then just replace the buttons and stick with Sanwa stuff.

After a few futile Google searches which normally yielded parts stores or forum threads about people offering mod services I've decided to make a nuisance of myself and just go to various forums I am a member ofwhere I think people would be able to help.

I was wondering about things like compatibility of various sticks with Sanwa parts. Are they universal? Are there various sizes of buttons and joysticks? Is there a chance I'm going to have to take a Dremmel Tool to the case in order to make some parts fit correctly? Is there a chance some parts might not fit at all? What kind of issues can I expect to face? If anyone has any links to FAQS or anything, these would also be appreciated.

Thanks for the help, in advance.

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I've got Lunar SSSC for the PS1 as well as Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. These are great games and the collectible complete packages are excellent bonuses. I acquired Lunar SSSC used but it had all the extras. I got L2EBC new, even got the Galleon punching puppet extra because I reserved it.

If you want to play a Lunar game and have to choose between GBA and PS1, go with the PS1. The game has some great visuals with some gorgous animated cut-scenes and compitent VO work which you wouldn't get to hear or see on the GBA. If you can, try to get all the collectible stuff.

Wether or not the PSP game is the best is irrelevant. He wants to know which he should take in a choice between the PS1 and GBA games.

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$25 is an excellent price. I paid that much for mine at a shop here called Disc Replay. I had one back when they were new and was stupid enough to ditch it by trading it in at a nearby gamestop. The only high point was that they wouldn't take back my VMUs, Keyboard,the Sega Smash Pack, or my copy of Phatnasy Star Online. Look out for titles like Powerstone and Powerstone 2. Some are priced at over $100 on Amazon and eBay.

Since I acquired a new one I've been trying to get my hands on more games. I found a few places that work. Disc Replay had some. Between it, another place called 3D Games, and (just ordered the stufftoday, just have to wait for all of themto arrive) I've gotCapcom vs SNK, Crazy Taxi, Crazy Taxi 2, Last Blade 2, Street Fighter 3 Double Impact, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Super Runabout, Jet Grind Radio, and my aforementioned 6 VMUs, keybaod andcopies of Phantasy Star Online and the Sega Smash Pack. I also ordered an arcard stick for my Dreamcastas well asan ascii stick for mySaturn (which I also got at Disc Replay for $30). I plan on heading back to 3D Games to see if they still have that copy of Bangai-O. They have it cheaper than anywhere else and even a copy of Powerstone 2 for $40. I also plan on haunting disc replay to see if they've got more DC games.

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My grandfather and his brother (My great uncle) both served in WWII. Grandpa was injured in the course of his service in the European theater and recieved a Purple Heart. His brother wasn't as fortunate and lost his life in the Pacific Theater. Interesting side note: they never took out the bullet in my grandpa. It was wedged in his pelvis and wasn't moving nor was his body leeching anything out of the slug. They decided it would be much more painful and riskier to remove the bullet so there it stayed.

My dad is one of4 sons (same side of the family as the aforementioned WWII vets). They cancelled the draft less than a week before my dad's 18th birthday. All 3 of his older brothers were drafted, one of which didn't go because he had a criminal record. He got bustedwhen he was 17for driving with alcohol on his breath so they held him until his dad came to get him. On the way out, he kicked one of those "Uncle Sam Wants You" boards and it broke. He was charged with Destruction of Government property. The other two went. One was on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific and the other was in the jungles. Neither of them talk about their experience (the unclewho went to the jungle passed away two years ago)so I'm not sure what happened to either of them. I just know they were there. Another intersting note: A freind of my dad, whose birthday was 2 days after dad's, was so paranoid about getting drafted so he was trying to get dad to pre-register and join the Army instead of waiting to be drafted. Dad decided he was going to wait but the friend went for it and signed up...then they cancelled the draft and neither of them would have been drafted. Of course, the motivation for joining instead of being drafted was that being drafted was a 4 year hitch but enlisting was only 2. Drafted you weren't given a choice of which branch of the armed forces you joined but enlisting let you choose. And enlisting with a friend meant that both of you would stay together from basic straight through to deployment.

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In job interviews, one of the questions they could ask is 'what is your weakness?'. I have an answer for this, but I'm not sure if it sounds right:

When I'm assigned a task that's initially intended for me to do on my own, I feel a little embarassed when someone is later told to help me, but I understand the work needs to be done by a deadline.

How does that sound? I can't think of another weakness. Should I add more to it?


That's not a good answer. It makes it sound like you consistantly cannot complete your own work on time, and have to be bailed out by co-workers.

This is another of those interview questions where they want answers like "I'm a massive work-aholic" or"I constantly strive toover-achieve".