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wow, it's been like 2 years since i've been on Gamespot..missed you guys so much! =) if you wanna catch me on Facebook, ust look up Stacy LeBoeuf that's me! =)

Updeates Updates!

Well Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I blogged on GS. We finally got internet, omg it's lovely. Well my baby just turned a year, on May 20th..I threw her a Tinkerbell themed party and it was a blast.

I got another 360 since my old one gave out...i sent it in to have them fix it, but they said it seemed to be tampered with, so they sent it back unrepaired... which was bs. i wouldn't tamper with it. Anyways, I bought

Halo 3
fable II
Gears of War
Bullet Witch
and one other, but i can't remember what it's called at the moment.

I wanted to buy Lost Odyssey but Ear wanted to buy The Godfather instead. ^_^ so I've got $15 left over...i'm either going to buy another game...or i'll end up putting it in my tank, for gas. IDk..

Had My Baby!

Lillian McKayla LeBoeuf-Jenkins Born on May 20th at 11:36 PM at Willow Creek Women's Hospital. They had to do a C-section because I/she "failed to progress". My Epidural got unplugged when I was dialated to 6!! Was in lots of But anyways, if you wanna see pictures of her, just look at my Myspace website.

Gamestop Loves Me

I'm well-known at the Berryville gamestop. I went in there today and bought a bunch of cheap XBOX games. Well after I left, I was looking through the games and I noticed there was a brand new Xbox 360 game in the pile...BUrnout paradise....and I was like Woah I didn't get this game!! So I guess they had a pretty busy day at gamestop land that they accidently gave me a free $60 game. lol I'd bring it back, butttttt....they might think I stole it...So i'm just gonna keep it as a freebe. ^_^ w00t.

What's New In Shroomville:

Hey guys n gals! Wow it's been forever since i posted a blog on this site! In fact it's been a LONG time since i even came ON this site. Well i know everyone's been wondering what's new with me... well lets see.

  • Finally got Halo 3. It was a good game. Not quite what I expected, but it's fun to play on Multiplayer.
  • 6 Months pregnant... I have ultrasound pictures posted on my myspace if you wanna check 'em out. By the way, it's a Girl.
  • I soon hope to purchase another XBOX 360 for the apartment...and possibly a Nintendo Wii. I will now be accepting donations. You can send me money orders if you like ;)
  • I also will be purchasing a computer for the budget will $1,000 ish. It will be an Xp more than likely.
  • I have given 2 people tattoos with a home-made tattoo gun. They were both pretty pleased with the results.
  • I have really been getting more and morei nto That 70's Show...i have 5 seasons thus far. Thanks to NetFlix. ;) I will have seasons 6 & 7 soon. :)
  • My Chihuahua had a I will be taking her to the apartment once she is weened and what not. She's black with white on the head ^_^
  • I had a pretty good a lot of baby items though...but I guess It comes with the territory.

And that about sums it up. I still have the sexy Thunder Chicken...still running ok. it gets me places ^_^

I Miss The Good Ol' Days

`Yeah that's right.....I miss being a senior in high School.....that was probably my best year times ever were had back then.  I just miss the Friday night ball games......playin in the band with my real friends.  Now's just b.s. after b.s.  KFC is my new job now, if anyone was wondering.  It's going pretty ok....there are a few cool people that work there...Earl, my sister...Eleazar...sometimes Vicky.....


I didn't get to go to the Fair, thomas...did you?  You need to call me up and we'll try to hang some the good ol' days.....I miss hanging out with you and Lance.....I miss you guys sneaking up behind the doors and yelling "John"!  .....I don't miss the "john" part.....but I miss the whole you guys scaring me...part.  Remember that one time you tied my shoe laces together...and I was almost late for the bus, because no one could get them untied!!!  Oooo and what about the time Lance scared the hell out of me when he was hiding in teh band room and made me scream like a little girl.  lol  Gosh those were good days.  


Anyways....i'm going take my driving test Tuesday...everyone wish me luck please.... ^_^  I'm going to the movies with my sister and some friends next weekend....gonna finally see emo spidey man. lol  maybe watch TMNT...or Delta Farce....who knows...maybe all of 'em.  I really can't wait to see  POTC 3 At World's End...OMGOSH Johnny Depp looks sooo Hawtt!!!!  Mmmm's 7 AM..I better get to bed...Been up all night...Everyone enjoy the day!!  enjoy life. 


 Peace Love and Chicken Grease....



w00t...(my word, Bryan).  .  .I quit my job last Thursday.  Just couldn't take any more of the crap I had to take.  But fear not, for I may have a new job in line...Yes sir....... Gamestop!   Had my first interview on Tuesday.....did pretty good and now Tomorrow (Thursday) i have my second interview and drug screening test.  It'll be great.

The best part I think will be getting to see Bryan for the firs time in 2 and a half weeks...

And then Saturday is the LAN party.....the second one.  w00t!  Hopefully that'll go good. 

There isn't much else to tell tonight...just feeling lonely as always.  

Life isn't going quite as how I planned, but that's okay.  I guess it will sooner or later...or probably never.  who knows.  bleh. 


New Gamerscore - 2595   woohoo!!


New Games:

Bullet Witch
rebought Oblivion

300 was a great movie!!

The End.


New Games And Stuff

Gears of War  ***
Lost PLanet  *****
King Kong  *
Call of Duty 3  ****
Chromehounds  ****
Rainbow Six Vegas  ****

As soon as i'm done with King's going back to Gamestop! I only got it because I joined the Old Spice XBOX Rewards challenge..and I needed the easy acheivment points.   People do sillly things for a free t-shirt! :P 

Lost Planet is a pretty good game.  It's got a little bit of repitition, but It's not that big of a deal.  It's got lots of looks great on my 32'' LCD HDTV. 

Ummm...I'm going get new tires for my car tomorrow...I have a new wind shield ordered, because the cold weather is causing mine to crack...$130 for that...about $300 for the tires...yeahhhhh having your own vehicle is great, lemme tell ya. 
By the way, my Gamerscore is 1600.   :)

Well, I'm going to watch a movie..not really sure is, in fact, 3 AM