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The New Review System

Because of this new review system coming out i am going to use the excuse to change my ratings and the reviews i have done - make them better and just make more sense altogether.

Unfortunately, you can now only rate thingsto .5 of a whole number instead of .1 before for those of you who didn't know. I really don't understand this (and this is partly why i'm changing my ratings) because it makes things less accurate (i know it's supposed to be more of an opinion now). However, I do like the idea of the awards that you can give to each game you review so I'm not sure whether it will work or not.

Anyway, to make the ratings and reviews i give to each game match up I am going to change them all to the new format so when you look at say, Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butchers Bay which i will give a 10 (it is an awesome game!) it's because i would normally put it less because it is so short but 9.5 would be (in my opinion) too low.

Not posted a blog in ages!

I've not posted a blog in ages! Now i've got some internet again (well i have had for a couple of months now) i thought i would do some stuff on gamespot again so i've posted a few videos, added a few games that i've got recently, and ages ago, and deleted any that aren't owned solely by me. I doubt i will contribute much to any of my unions again (sorry) because i've kind of got out of habit and now i'll never remember.

I'm going to get a wii to share with my brothers at christmas but it'll cost nearly as much as the wii itself to buy an extra 3 controllers and remotes and other stuff for it! I've got so many games i want to buy and want to complete in the meantime though and i'm so tired at the moment...


EDIT: Posted on Eragon and RPG union already so maybe i will post every once in a while...:D

EDIT.2: Tagger King and posted some videos and images on. :)

SIg, avatar, blog pic

As you may have noticed already i have changed my sig (I made it myself), avatar and put a blog picture in so i still had Sarevok somewhere (he's too cool to leave out of everything. Tell me what you think of the sig - I personally like it though. :)

Sorry I've not been on!

My laptop died and it wouldn't charge up again. Unfortunately i was stuck without any form of internet communication until now it has just been fixed. :D

Sorry to all my unions and everyone who was wondering where i was.

I'm getting a cat!!!

I'm getting a cat! He's so cool i've called him Humbug and he's my early Christmas and Birthday present. :D :D

I haven't got him yet because he is too young but i am getting him on the 9th of september.

This is me with him today. We went to the lady who has him at the moment so i could see him because i hadn't before except in photos. Not the best picture of me ever but Humbug looks good in it. :)

Apparently, once he's living with me and doesn't have all his brothers and sisters around him he will be less nervous of me but i have always liked cats lots so i'd be fine anyway. :)

On a much less exciting scale yet still great, Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts came today. In Final Fantasy X i got to Kilika port because i wasn't at home much but i didn't really manage to do much on Kingdom Hearts.

Woo! 1000 posts aswell!

Back from the Isle of Arran!

Hey, i'm back from Scotland and have until Monday or Tuesday until i go away again. I am going to my mum's for the second half of the holiday on friday so i might not be on after that.

I know i have said all this already but once i have posted a new post no-one ever looks at the older ones so i thought i'd repeat it whilst i said i'm back.

Anyway i had a good time and we walked a few short walks but my youngest brother still moaned loads AND we had rests. (longest being 9 miles and that isn't long is it?). Anyway so it took us 6 and a half hours to walk that because we were so slow and my dad couldn't carry his rucksack with the food in (knee injury) so i carried the rucksack AND had to carry Greg some of the way i mean talk about it being tiring i think i had the hardest time of it!

Going away (again)

Ok i will post this and it will be my last blog post about holidays this summer. I am going to my gran's on holiday tomorrow i think and after that i will be going to scotland. After that i think there is a couple of days back at my mum's and then we are going down to my grandad's for 2 weeks. I might not be on then for 3 weeks but then again i might be. But certainly when i am at my grandads i won't be.

Hey!! Where'd all my tags go???

All my tags have been taken away from me! :cry:

I spent ages this morning making a load of those to see whether i got a new emblem. I have tagged every game i have with what console they are on and what kind of game they are and so on and glitchspot took them away. :( :(

Hopefully they'll be back tomorrow...

Yay i'm a tagger maker!!!!

I spent a lot of this afternoon making tags lol. I also made my profile image and my avatar dark samus but it hasn't worked yet. :(

Maybe i'll just have to wait a while...

Tagger Maker
Awarded to those who've used the tagging system a good deal, enabling themselves and others to make it easier to find certain content.

Edit: Picture didn't work so I have reverted back to my old and trustworthy Sarevok avatar and profile image.

Woo! Level 8!

I'm a quad damage now yay! I am also convivial! :) :D

Smashing good company.
Convivial members of the community are friends to many others--no doubt, many others who are every bit as convivial as themselves! Indeed, such fine company these chaps and gentle-women truly are! Their company is often desirable and often available, and, being such convivial sorts, they are always looking to broaden their horizons by meeting more and more friends, colleagues, and associates. Why, you'd certainly invite them over for tea if you liked tea and knew where they lived.