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August 29th

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GOD i cant wait till august 29th all u SR fans no y lol i hope that there is a demo b4 it comes out tho so then we can all play it cant wait any longer

Saints Row

by on
i hate that everybody is calling this game a clone maybe volition is just trying to make a crime adventure game becuz they liked wut R* did with SA so mabye they are admiring R* but anyway this game is gonna be soo cool and its not a clone


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God i hate Geometry and all other school classes but mostly geometry the only thing good about school is you get to see your friends. well most of them any way

Level 8

by on

Finnaly i am close to level 10 kinda lol i cant wait till i am level ten

My top five

by on

1. GTA San Andreas

2.Need For Speed Underground 2


4.ESPN NFL 2k5 and Madden 2005

5.Def Jam Fight For New York

Favorite type of game

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My favorite type of game is probably Action and adventure because i like walking around and killing people like in GTA games and James Bond games

top 5 games i want

by on

1.Fear and Respect

2. 25 to life

3. The Godfather

4. Midnight club 3 Dub edition

5. James Bond from Russia with Love

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