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Assassin's Creed

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If anyone bought Assassin's Creed III on the PC and wishes to play with me(Multiplayer) is free to PM me his username on uplay ;)

Let's see...

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Let me see who is still on here!:P Again i visited GS to check upon some games and thought of throwing a blog in your faces:P If anyone is playing League of Legends in East/Nordic Europe servers post your name here and i will add you so we can play ;)


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Haven't been on here for some looooong time.I came to check something about a game.Then i started reading my old blogs and went like:Wow i really used to type some crap on here.So much crap that i feel embarassed:D

I am in university now studying Geology.Quite a hard time i have to say.Of course i couldn't stop playing games.At the moment i am on Star Wars:The Old Republic,League of Legends,Dota2(beta client) and Bloodline Champions.I am living alone since university is not in the town i used to live.:( Everything is moving smoothly and i am enjoying myself very much:D And i almost forgot to say that i am still watching Naruto,Bleach.Guilty Crown is a new anime and it seems quite interesting so check it out;)

So what about you guys?Has GS changed a lot?

I hope you didn't expect a big blog by me because you will never get it. ^_^

And by the way my taste in music hasn't changed.Muhahahahaha.

May the force be with you.

Out ^_^

Oh hai

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Long time no see.How is everyone doing?I am really pressed because my exams are coming up and they won't be easy to pass..I bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on pc and the single player was very nice.Multiplayer is quite good but you can't find people to play when you have free time and it's pissing me off.If anyone bought it add me(Name is Violation45).

Well that's all for now.Hf:)

^_^ Hoho

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Hoho.Hai everyone:D.I bet you are all like "Blog from Angel?No way..."Sorry for not being on here anymore but i am very close to my final exams.If i get good grades i go to university and i really need to go:DSo i don't have any free time.:(

But i will make up the lost time with some awesome songs:)

Full Moon by Sonata Arctica

Kingdom For A Heart by Sonata Arctica

Replica by Sonata Arctica

I think Replica is one of the most amazing songs ever made:)

Unchain The Rain by Altaria

On The Hill Of Dreams by Dark Moor


Blow Your Winds by Masterplan

And Collie i bet you'll like most of them:)

Angel out

Let's Rock^^

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Hey guys.How you doing?I am doing fine.At least for now:P.2 weeks till school comes up again...Pff so bored!:P

Anyway as you noticed i got a new profile(poor Collie made it again but it rocks:P).I hope everybody knows Dante the demon hunter from Devil May Cry series.

Hmm as for gaming.I got Mass Effect 2.Finished it like 2 days ago but lost about half of my crew at the last missiong which i didn't like that much.Probably i will have to complete all the missions so they won't die...Started it again with the exported Shepard i had from the first time and i will try to keep them alive.

Will get Battlefield:Bad Company 2 in the upcoming days since CoD6 has too many hacks and Medal oF Honor is not that good.Battlefield on the other hand looks very good.

That's it for today.Here take this awesome song!!Love that song more than anything else.:P

Shooter out


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Oh yeah i am now level 26.Cyber-Lip pwnage.:P

By the way guys i made my previous blog so you would give me some suggestions about what i should buy for my pc but you all failed.:DSo you better help me out this time.:P

And here are my favorite songs!!!

This is number one favorite.

Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu.JUST FREAKING AWESOME!!!:D

And the second one again by Atreyu.


I love the start at those songs.It's just amazing.:DThe guitar drives me crazy.:P

Anyway here is another one for those who don't like metal.:D

Hmm i think i am done here.:DAnother huge blog as always.:PCya around guys.

Edit:I love Collie and Sheenie!!!!xD(as friends of course.Don't get your hopes up for something moar:P)

Angel out


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Heya guys.Yeah this is a blog from me!:PA friend of mine said i needed to blog more so...:PI am having a good time now.My lessons are over on Friday so i will be free for a month.:DBut after that...graduation year...Gotta study hard.

Also i wanna say something to a friend of mine who is not in her best period of her life.We will be with ya lady.:DAlways.;)

Anyway i am bored as always and i need to get a new game.It will be on pc but i don't really know what to buy.Thinking of Medal of honor or CoD4.If you have any ideas please let me know.I really don't know what to do.:P

If i recall correctly i said i would make a third music part so here it goes:P

16) The Hell Song by Sum41.

17) Breathe Into Me by Red.

18 ) E For Extincion by Thousand Foot Krutch.

That's it for today.I will post 2 more next time.Those will be favorites out of all so be prepared for everything...

Angel out

Music part 2...

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Hey boys and girls.How is everyone?I was kinda pressed this week with studying..Upcoming exams starting next week...:/

Anyway this part will be more calm than the previous one.:P

So here we go:

11)Deadlines by There For Tomorrow.Really loved this song when i first heard it.Love the rylics too.

12)A Little Faster by There For Tomorrow.Found this one out by searching bleach amvs and i really liked it.:)

13)To Be Loved by Papa Roach.Just an awesome song!!!!

14)Dead To The World by Nightwish.Dont ask why i like it i just do!:P

15)Fight Like This by Decyfer Down.Found this from drakedog.That guy used to make movies for WoW PvP and he had a playlist on so i checked it.:)

So that's all for now.Hope you enjoy em.I probably won't be on a lot for about month coz of my exams.:(

If i get some time i will make a third part which will be the final one.

See later guys and take care.:)

Angel out


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Hey guys.Hope everyone is fine and happy.xD I am almost at the start of my exams so don't wait many blogs from meh.:/

So in this blog i will post my favorite bands and my favorite songs.Here i go.:D

1)Tear's Dont Fall(this one doesn't have the full solo so here is the completed one) by Bullet For My Valentine.

I really love this song coz of the lyrics and the awesome guitar solo.Bullet For My Valentine is my favorite band.They are speed metal by the way.:D

2)Blow by Atreyu.Love the lyrics and the solo again which rocks.:P

3)Over And Under by Egypt Central.Not a lot about this.I just love it!!!:P

4)Outside The Inside by Dark Age.One of the best songs i have ever heard.Love listening to it while playing.

5)Burn This City by Sonic Syndicate.When i first herd this song i got really addicted to it.:P

(Yeah the girl is hot!!!!:PHer name is Karin Axelsson)

6)Denied by Sonic Syndicate.LOVE the start.:DThe whole concept is awesome.

7)Rockstar by Nerd.Don't like Nerd that much i just like this song remixed.

8 )Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine.GUITARL SOLO OWNS!:PAnd the lyrics.xD

9)The Only by Static-X.The only song i like from this band.Can hear it over and over;P

10)Falling Apart by Zebrahead.I found out this one while checking amvs and i really liked it.

To be continued....:P

As you probably noticed i am a big fan of metal.:P

Enjoy and see ya.:D