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23 days, 9 hours

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Is the total amount of time ive spent playing Gears of War 2 multiplayer, when i first saw this while checking my stats on Epic's website my initial thought was, is that all, i thought i'd playedthe multiplayer atleast double that amount of time LOL. Without question ive spent more time playingGears of War 2's multiplayer more than any other game, not bad considering the multiplayer on this game is supposedly broken eh.

Anyway i compared my stats with some of my other friends on xbox live who play this game reguarly and couldnt believe my eyes when i discovered that Bithbheo had played this game for a whopping 137 days. Hats off to you Bith if your reading this blog, some people may think playing one game for so long is a waste of time but i think thats quite impressive.

So whats everyone elses most played multiplayer game ? Im gonna make a prediction that alot of you will mention a game from the Call of Duty series. COD4 coincidentally is probably my second most played game followed by Modern Warfare 2.

Bioware you've done it again

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So i bought Dradon Age 2 last week after resisting the urge to buy it for a couple of months now. You may ask yourself why ive waited until now to buy this game well i was playing DA Origions quite abit earlier on in the year finishing off multiple play throughs and after hearing that Dragon Age 2 wasn't as good as Origions i didnt want to play it so soon after playing Origins and feel disappointed with it and not enjoy it so i decided to wait and well i need not of worried because DA2 is awesome, definately the best game ive played this year, if Origins was a 10, DA2 would be a 9 its that good and i honestly cant understand why so many people had a problem with it.

Some of the main complaints people had with the game were that most of the missions took place in Kirkwall and that you couldn't visit and explore other city's like you could in the first game, this may be true but it really isnt as bad as it sounds, im 25 hours into the game and ive havent once thought im bored of visiting the same places and wished there were more locations andits because the story and missions all tie in to the games location so it makes perfect sense why your spending 80% of your timewithin the city walls ofKirkwall. Although something that i wasn't impressed with is that its so obvious that some of the caves that you visit outside the city have just been copied and pasted with the odd alteration to change the layout slightly, now i could understand if there were loads of caves in the game but there isnt so i think thats just lazy on the developers part.

Another issue people had with the game is that they've streamlined some of the RPG elements of the game, is it a big issue ? for me no you can still spend points on your abilities and decide which attributes you wanna upgrade for your characters etc. The only reason i can think Bioware did this is to make it more accessible for a wider audience but personally i think they shouldn't of changed it, i mean was the first game really that difficult for people new too RPG's, if anything its one of the easier RPG's to pick up and play.

Bioware have also changed the combat system, its no longer point and click but rather a hack and slash game now. I wasn't sure if i'd like this because im not a huge fan of hack and slash games but the combat just feels so natural now, when i first played it i didn't even read the on screen instructions introducing you to the combat, it was as if the combat had been this way all along.

Ive read that Dragon Age's story and its characters arent as good as the first game now this may be true but Origins was an exceptional game and it would of always been difficult for its sequel to follow that like weve seen so many times in games and films but that said the games story and its characters are still very good and you'll connect with them just like you did withAllistair and Morrigan etc

So to tie up this blog Dragon Age 2 is one of the best RPG's on consoles so if you havent bought it already go and get it, seriously what you waiting for :)

Torchlight - the best 1200 ms points ive spent in a long time

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I dont usually write blogs on arcade games but i thought i'd make an exception this time as Torchlight isn't a high profile game, but its definately one of the better games on XBLA so i just wanted to make people aware of it as its very easy too miss this game on XBLA marketplace because of the sheer amount of new weekly releases.

So Torchlight is a hack and slash RPG quite similiar to games such as Diablo, Baldurs Gate,that alone should hopefully grab your attention and make you download the demo.

I wont bother wirting a review about this game as i'd basically just be repeating what was said in the Gamespot review, talking of which, heres the link so you've got no excuses for not checking it out :)

Im back and with a new friend

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First off its good 2 be back, only been offline 2 weeks but man it seemed like an eternity, i shouldnt say it but i will anyway i missed you guys for than i probably should and cant wait to catch up with everyone in the forums and over xbox live :)

So last month my 360 got the 3 Red lights and although i havent had anymore problems with it since, i bought the 250 GB slim yesterday with an extended 3 year warranty so this will definately be my last console until the next gen machines come out.

So anyone bought any new game releases over the last 2 weeks ? i was gonna buy Dragons Age 2 but after reading the reviews and hearing how its not as good as DA Origions i decided to wait until it dropped in price. Anyone bought Homefront yet and is it any good ? I will only be buying one new game this month and i cant decide whether to buy Homefront or Crysis 2, so if you have or are planning on buying either game let me know as that will be a big factorin deciding which one too buy as afterall its the multiplayer im intersted in.

Back soon

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Just letting you guys that im gonna be offline from 2morrow for about a week as im moving house on Friday, i'm also changing ISP from Virgin to Sky, there supposed to be doing that on the Wednesday but i understand the internet wont be available right away as it takes a couple of days until its okay to use, im not sure if thats true or not but if thats the case i may be offline for a few extra days and hopefully i'll be able to connect my laptop and xbox up to the internet without too much trouble because last time i had to get my friend to come round and do it for me lol, so i'll speak to you all soon :)

Dragon Age Novels

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So i thought i'd just mention the Dragon Age books just incase anyone like myself wasnt aware of them. To my knowledge theres only the two books The Calling and Stolen Throne both written by David Guidarand can both be bought for as little as £4 each new on the internet. Im gonna order them both as soon as i finish reading Gears of War:Anvil Gate by Karen Traviss the third of 3 gears of war books which are must read books for any of you Gears fans and then i also need to find some time to read the Mass Effect books that have been sat on my book case for months now but with me cutting back on the amount of time gaming over the past week or so try to increase the life span of my current 360 (which for you guys that missed my last blog my 360 RRODa week ago but its working ok for the time being) i may find some time to catch up on my reading

Critical but stable

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Dont worry folks im not talking about a family member or friend but my dear old xbox, last night i got the 3 dreaded red rings on my console, its been along time coming as my 360 has been on its last legs for some time now having problems reading discs and now this, although i did turn it on and off afterwards and it seemed to be okay and i actually managed to game for another hour before turning it off, im however not under any illusions i know it'll die on me any time now most likely hours rather than days and i wont be replacing it right away as i cant afford a new console at the minute and to make things worse my copy of Bulletstorm arrived this morning *cry* so i only hope my 360 can give me a few more hours of joy tonight before it breaks completely (:

most anticipated gamesfor 2011

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So last month i wrote a blog on my top 3 games of 2010 and figured that i'dwrite another one aboutmy top 3 most anticipated games this year. My top 2 games were fairly easy to pick and wont come as any suprise to anyone that knows me pretty well but the third choice was pretty difficult not because theres not many good games coming out this year but the opposite as 2011 looks like another great year for video games.

1) Gears of war 3

I cant begin toput in words just how much im looking forward to this game. I love the GOWseriesandGears of War 2 is my all time favourite game and despite people claiming that the multiplayer is "broken" ive put more hours into this game than any other, it was the only multiplayer game that i played fora whole year after it was released and i imagine that will be the case with GOW3.

2) Mass Effect 3

Another series that i love which is hardly a suprise as im a big sci fi fan, some people thought the second game wasnt as good as the first but i have to disagree and have every confidence in Bioware to go on and improve on what they did with ME2, i only hope that in ME3 you dont have to scan the planets for raw materials like you did in ME2 that was the only thing in didnt lke about the game.

3) LA Noire

Ive come to expect so much from Rockstar studios nowadays and i think im right to say that they released the biggest suprise game of last year with Red Dead Redemption and im not to sure how many people have heard of or are interested in LA Noire but i believe once again this will be the suprise game of 2011. I havent played too many games that are set in the 1940's, i played Godfather 2 which i really enjoyed despite it only getting mediocre reviews and of course i played Mafia 2 last year which i had in my top 3 games. Although this time you play as cops and not a member of the mafia im really looking forward to it, so if you havent heard of this game you should definately check out the previews and trailers

So as i mentioned this year will be another great year for gaming and heres some of the other games that didnt make it into my top 3 but still plan on buying


Crysis 2

Ace Combat Assualt Horrizon




Ghost Recon Future Soldier

and theres probably a few more games that ive missed off that list but just cant think of at the minute. So whats everyone looking forward to this year ?

Xmas and Kane and Lynch 2

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So to begin with i hope everyone had a good xmas, i havent read everyones xmas blogs over the last few days as theres been quite a few of them lol but i will get round to reading them all. The gifts that i recieved that are game related were some MS points and a £20 gift card for Gamewhich i spent yesterday along with a further £50 that i had no intention of spending but im a sucker for those xmas sales, so i ended up leaving Game with Fifa 11, Sims 3 and Kane and Lynch 2 which i bought for £7.

Kane and Lynch Dog Days may have recieved poor to average reviews however this is down to the fact that the campaign can be completed in a few hours on the easy to normal difficulty, the campaign itself is really good and playing co op with a friend is a blast. The best thing about Kane and Lynch is the multiplayer, alot of developers when trying to promote there games will often say that there multiplayer is original and that theres nothing like it on the market, in most cases this is just a lie however whatIO Interactive have done exactly that, to my knowledge there isnt any other multiplayer game like this. There may only be 3 different game modes but all of them are original and really fun to play.

Heres 3 videos explaining the 3 different online game mode each lasts less than 2 minutes so i'd recommend watching them.

The only downside about the multiplayer is that theres not too many people playing it although i could still get into games, i think alot of people were put off by the poor reviews i certainly was but now you can buy the game for as little as £5 i hope some of you will check it out.

Now as i mentioned i bought 3 games in total and still have RDR undead nightmare which ive yet to play, i also wanna begin a second play through on ME2 and ive recently started playing Dragons Age again so ive got plenty of games to keep me busy for a while so i dont think i'll be buying anymore games for a little while, atleast until Bullerstorm comes out as i wantearly access to theGears 3 beta and of course i wanna play Bulletstorm LOL.

I'll probably write another blog shortly as there were a few more things that i wanted to say but that can wait for another day :)

Top 3 games of 2010

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So before i start i just wanna say that im excluding all PS3,Wii and PC games from this list as im only a 360 gamer. Ive played all of the so called " Triple A titles" this year except for Fallout New Vegas as im gonna wait until some of its issues have been resolved before i pick it up.

So once again us gamers have been spoilt for choice this year with the likes of Halo Reach, Fable 3, Cod Black Ops, Alan Wakeetc so you would of thought coming up with the top 3 games this year would be pretty difficult howeverthese 3 games that im about to mention in my opinionare some of the best games on the 360.

(3) Mafia 2

So at number 3 we have a game that alot of people would maybe not have in there top 3 games of 2010 because they most probably over looked itbut its a game i really enjoyed and dont believe that 2k czech got the credit they deserved and i only hope there will be a third game sometime in the future. I wont go into detail as to why i enjoyed it so much as i wrote a review acouple of months ago which if you missed you should be able to find it on my profile somewhere.

(2) Red Dead Redemption

Im sure everyone would agree this game is one of the best games of this generation, its a game just like GTA IV where you can just lose yourself hours at a time in this virtual world doing absolute nothing, at times i just found myself admiring the scenery or listening to the NPC chatting amongst themselves, it truely is a gamingmasterpiece and ive come to expect nothing less from Rockstar studios.

(1) Mass Effect 2

This game is my favourite single player gameof all time. It is widely believed in the gaming community that its only a matter of time until gaming takesover frommovies as the number 1 source of entertainment because were starting to see these games such as ME2that have great stories, great voice actors and manage to get you emotionally attatched to the charcters within the game to the extent that you actually care about what happens them. Im sure everyone has played either the first or second game by now but for anyone that has'nt i'll just say if you dont buy Mass Effect 2 you wont only be missing out on the best game of this year but one of the best games of all time.

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