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2000 Trophies

Hit the 2000 mark yesterday, almost a year to the date of hitting 1000. I would post my official PSN Avatar with stats but that part of the Playstation site has been down for a few days..Boooo. So I'll just post the stats for now: Stars/Level: 15 Platinum: 12 Gold: 66 Silver: 349 Bronze: 1577

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta

I wasn't feeling this one at first but after getting used to its unique style of play (Metal Gear Online and SOCOM) its the title bringing me back to multiplayer. The last Uncharted multiplayer was lots of fun and refreshing when it came out. Like most players I lost interest a week after the release. Looks like the same may be said for this one.

1000 Trophies

I know this has been done many times before me but for me its note worthy. Not really a goal I was going for considering half the games I've played on PS3 did not have trophy support. Actually I was the type who thought the whole achievement/trophy thing was a stupid, massive waste of time. Its still a time waster but not so much a stupid one as it definitely adds replay value to games I'd normally put down after completion. Whats grown most on me is the ability to look back at the record of past games I've played. Overall its been a good experience and the extra challenges were welcomed.

Trophy Fun Facts:

First Trophy obtained - BioShock (Toaster in the Tub:The player has shocked an enemy in the water)

1000th Trophy - Sega All-stars Racing (Altered Beast:Win a race while using an all-star move)

First platinum - Uncharted 2

Hardest platinum - Final Fantasy 13

Easiest platinum - God of War 3

Most trophies gained in a day - 12

Easiest trophies - Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing

Most notable trophy - Street Fighter IV (Playing to Win:Win 10 ranked matches in a row)

Headphones for PS3 and PC?

Any advice on which quality gaming headset I should get that works for the PS3 and PC? I've listed a few specs I'm looking for in a headset.

- Price range $30 - $150

- Comfortable cushioned earpieces that cover the ears

- Durable

- Surround Sound or Noise Cancelling

- Good Bass

- Mic

Thanks for your suggestions.

GS painfully slow?!

WTF this site has been ridiculously slow for at least 3 months straight. The posting text still remains delayed and slow 2 years later.

According to this site - - Gamespot is valued at around $270,448,333 so what is the excuse why they wont fix this? Anyone heard anything? I've been coming here faithfully since 1999 and now its like nobody gives a S**T. This is unacceptable, and someone needs to speak up.

How About A President Simulator Game?

With all the recent presidential debates going on, I began thinking if a President Simulator game has ever been created. Then I thought further andI don't think there's any game that puts you in the true role as a U.S president. I've played thousands of games from many different genres and none have ever put me in a virtual oval office to be "Leader of the Free World".

You have games like SimCity, Civilization, B&W, etc that make you a president/god that oversees with a birds eye view (or satellite) the development of your land or country but none really put you in the authentic daily role of president.

I understand the concept may sound boring but its no different from those Sims games where you play normal people doing normal stuff. Surely the life of a president is more exciting and intense than your average why not? Or am I wrong and there has been a president simulator game created already?

The Patient Gamer.

Do any of you take longer than normal to beat most games than others?  Since I started gaming long ago I've realized it takes me longer to beat my video games than friends or the average gamer.  I've noticed games that often take people 12hrs to beat will easily take me 20-25 or a 40hr RPG = 200hrs for me, practically everytime. 

The difficulty is never a problem but rather I tend to take my time exploring every feature the game has to offer.  I have to admit, I sometimes despise the gamers who pay $50+ for a game only to quickly rush and beat it in 2 days and then complain of the shortness.  Because of that I always disregard complaints of a game being too short, and honestly believe I enjoy most games more than "the average gamer".