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Retroactive game reviews

How many times have you played a new game you thought was awesome only to see that websites gave it a low score or users gave it a low score? I've personally seen this a lot but it doesn't usually bother me unless its a huge spread (exp: I give something a 9.0 and others give it a 4.0); this difference could be different expectations for the game, not liking the genre, believing the graphics to be subpar, etc. Then theres games that most of the general gaming public will view as near perfect such as FF7, The Legend of Zelda, GoldenEye, Super Mario Brothers, Mario 64, etc. This last group of games is the group I found that the issue of retroactive game reviews really appeared, where a few are using todays standards to review a game of the past.  I have seen people who just played these games and they complain about how horribly they are:  "The graphics are horrible, how could people like it", "the storyline is predictable", "the game is repetitive".  Thats true about all those facts but if you played a game like Super Mario Brothers 1,2 or 3 when it was new you didn't know storylines could be much more involved, or that graphics could be better.

I don't think its fair to use todays standards on a game of yesteryear because almost none would qualify as a good game; it'd be like judging some of the greatest muscle cars of the 60/70's as being poor cars because the mpg was low, there was no AC in many, no stereo or some only had am/fm, no power steering. View from nowadays standpoints, they would seem dated but viewed from then, they were amazing.  This brings up my annoyance when I see a rating of 6.0 for games that you knew were awesome years ago but someone just tried it and hated it because that 'insert any console' game has horrible blocky graphics by todays standards.  I don't think there's any way to fix this issue but it does both me and I almost wish there was a rating section for "I just tried this game 10+yrs after release date" and their ratings don't affect the games overall user rating. Would you rate Citizen Kane a 1 star because you knew the ending, the resolution sucks, its in black and white the technical effects are old and its not innovative (from todays standpoints, it was then)?  No.  Hopefully you would put those into perspective when watching and rating and it should be done with videogames too.

The way of the future?

I just had the opportunity to play a couple of 3d games. I wasn't expecting the awesomeness of seeing Captain EO in the early 90's but I was hoping for something more than ?oh that was neat, next?. After a friend, a family member, and I all donned the old Ray Bans, I mean 3d glasses, I turned a game on and was ready to see it meant to be a 3d game.

ray bans

*thats what the 3d glasses look like an our expressions when it worked.

I did noticed that things didn't come out of the screen as much as they went into the screen. I was hoping things would jump out at me like empty shell casings, rain or debris but maybe that will happen in time but I did notice everything felt more real: chains hanging from ceiling felt real and swung when I bumped them; objects in my hand felt like they had actual length/width; it felt like you were aiming at enemies far away and not just the game giving you the false idea of distance like every FPS before; lastly, as I rounded a corner or got behind something I actually felt hidden by an object with depth/mass and not just polygons which has given me the same safety feeling as hiding behind a refrigerator box when someone's shooting at me.

When another friend walked in the room and saw the engagement between the 3 of us and the game, it was different than other games which was usually just 3 people who barely moved while playing. He laughed as my friend's character stood and looked (while being shot at) at waves and an ocean in shear amazement (area was pretty in 2d but felt hollow); he laughed as me, who has acrophobia started breathing as if I was going into labor (think Bill Cosby skit on breathing) as I had to walk near a cliff; and laughed again as the other person was trying to dodge flying shell casings while firing a gun.

The 3d element may seem like just a gimmick to some and though I may not agree, I can understand that. To me it has the same impact of going from just a single tv speaker or at best 2 front speakers to 5.1 (maybe more) surround sound; yes 2 speakers work and sound good but 5.1 makes you feel in the game. Not adding 3d to games now since I've played it is the same as not adding online play, motion control, 1080i HD or surround sound. I still play FF7, Red Alert, SMB1 and many other older games every now and then so a lack of 3d won't keep me from playing them nor will the lack of the other elements listed above but if I see 2 games I want and they are equal in everything but 3d capability, then even if it cost a ?little? more, thats the one I want.

I have this saying about technology improvements that ?once you had __, you can't go back to __?; once I got cable internet I couldn't go back to dial up; once I got a dvd player I couldn't go back to VHS; once I ate a burger at In N Out its difficult to eat other burgers. I just hope that adding the capability doesn't prevent companies from making games or make it too pricy for companies to make a game.

I hate this time of year

It really sucks. School usually is kicking in high gear so theres a lot of us that can't come to the site much to check what games will be coming out or what opinions friends have. Other people I know also are taking advantage of the warmth that has finally made it way over here on the west coast so I don't see them online either. Lucky, everything will calm down and the buisiness will subside right before E3 for most of us.

Unions can be a hassle

I know the people for unions mean well but it nearly impossible to talk on the forums or be active members to every one of the unions I'm in. I have been invited to 10+ unions and some seem cool enough to join; so, should I only join ones that I am going to be an active member in because I would have to opt out of 20 of them (at minimum). I added myself to others ones which brings the number up to 25ish. Thats not a bragging number because its arbitrary, its just that, thats a lot of unions to be active in.

I do discuss stuff on their forums when a game comes out and I have stuff to say but in between games when the company hasn't stated anythig about an upcoming game or released a game in years (like a few of the unions) should I really be required to talk in them? Does any problems arrise for the unions if there is no active union members? Do the unions die or disappear?

If anyone is reading this, what do you think? Should you just join unions you will be active members in or should you be able to join as many unions your interested in without having to talk on the forums? Do all unions want people to be active or are some way more layed back? Should unions be more interested in actually having people in the unions who may read stuff on the union page but not post in forums or should they be interested in far less people in the union but a bigger percent that discusses stuff?

This came to mind because in the last year + I have got a lot of request to discuss in the unions which I never had before.

Learn from the past or it will repeat itself.

With the Game Developers Conference well underway and you, me and every other diehard gamer is soaking up all the gaming news and new technologies coming out like a sponge its giving me a lot to think. The majority of this thought is where games have come from and what has or hasn't worked. A quick example of some of the changes are from cartridges to cd to dvds. Not to get ahead of myself but a lot of times when I watch these events its almost like watching a rerun or having a deja Vu. Having been into games for nearly 3 decades I have seen most of these products already on the shelves once/twice/multi times in some form or another and so here is my take on some things that are being toted as new but are infact anything but. Its also an assessment of items that didn't work then but over time have been excepted.

The Sony Move has just been shown at the GDC (the Natal by Microsoft is right around the corner and the Move could be a forshadowing of the Natal's fate) and whether it will be a hit or not is something that we will see in not to long. Its not the newest technology because there were many things like it years ago that were not the greatest thing to happen to video game systems. My last blog was about the amount of money that certain video game products/games were worth and a lot of that is based on the rarity of certain items such as the power pad, the power glove, etc. Most things are rare because they were unwanted or didn't sell well.

Some technology is a really good ideas for video games but the timing may be wrong or it just doesn't work out correctly on first introduction. I have got on the band wagon a few times for a technology or gadget that wouldn't really be in games for years after I initially thought it would be a hit. Heres a few items that worked well, didn't work well or tech that just took years to actually take off like it should have. I will stay away from video games themselves because that would be just too much of an endeavour to complete so I will stay with just gadgets.

Firstly, wireless controller. It would be painful now to have to be tied down to a game system by a cord. Atleast. thats what we say now but wireless controllers of the past were no good and having a wireless controller 15 yrs ago was equally as painful as a 1/2ft corded controller would be today. The first wireless controller I used was for the Sega Genesis and if I remember correctly it was infrared controlled which meant, if it wasn't pointed at the receiver it wasn't working correctly. That basically means you had a 3''x3'' area to aim at; who though is able to keep their hands steady enough to keep it aimed at that spot, I sure wasn't. Now I don't mean in the whereabouts of the base but directly at the base. Something that made that even more difficult is that it was hugely heavier were the batteries were than the rest of it. The worst was the batteries though because it took AAA's and went through them every few hours. Now though, if you look at any system, there is some type of wireless controller for it and having anything else is silly Not only that, but everythings is wireless: wireless internet connection, wireless headset, wireless extra components.

FAIL......................................... Win

Sense I mentioned internet, lets focus on that for a minute. Internet for gaming is nothing new, it has been around for a long long time. Even when I bought an internet adapter item for my PS2 it had been around forever. The problem was that the internet was the weakest link and not the game systems. Almost no PS2 games I had actually worked with the internet because Sony just didn't get behind the technology like they should have because more and more people were getting signed onto the internet and games like Half-life were paving the way for whats to come. Sony got behind internet access eventually, it only took another 5+ yrs with the PS3. The only PS2 game I can remember was Tiger woods golf that supported internet. Most people I knew around the early 00's had dialup internet and not even moderate speed dialup so having internet set up would have been pointless; I would say they were lucky to have 14.4K whereas most DSl is a minimum of 10x that speed. The first system to have internet I believe was sometime in the 80's (if you remember the system just let me know and I will add it to the blog; it was well before the Saturn). Now, the companies actually cater to the internet instead of treating it like a hindrance and almost every game has some type of internet functionality to them. Speeds also got out of the stone age; in only 5-10yrs people went from 14.4k to a min of 1.5mb. Higher is preferred if you don't want lag.

xbox live

FAIL...........................................WIN.................... WIN

Some stuff (light guns) for systems is mostly a bonus for games but could be done without that product. Case in point is something like a "gun" for shooting games, a running pad for exercise games or steering wheels for driving games. Most of these are met with little success but the people that use them most of the time are thankful for owning it. Now, Nintendo did a great thing of adding the NES Zapper with the nintendo not long after the original release of the system because once you owned the Zapper why not buy other games for use with it but people who had system that didn't include the zapper were way less likely to use games that would require the buying of it. Then Nintendo took what made the Zapper great and went the other way with the Scope. They made it bigger (bazooka length at 2.5 ft); it took 6 batteries and went through them fast; and the biggest killer, it wasn't easy to find to buy and it cost a lot. If they made it small like the Zapper and bundled it, it would have sold more gun games. Other system sold weapons for their systems but they met with even less success than the Scope.

Think about this. Is it worth owning a game you need to buy extra components for that may total $200 total (game and stuff) if theres no other game that you find fun with that product? Or, would you rather use that money to buy 4+ other games?

great when bundled; worthless apart




The new Wii Zapper is a blast to the past in that Nintendo realized its old mistakes with the Scope and did everything right on the new Zapper which is why its sales are quite high. The same can no be said for the other system guns. As far as I know, Sony, Sega, xbox, etc have never made a gun that they have got behind which may be why all the light guns have failed.

There's the exercise items like the Powerpad that sold poorly because the cost was very high back then for a game accessory and there was almost no support except for the game it came with. That wasn't the only thing wrong with it; half the time the pad didn't realize you jumped or ran so its demise was welcomed. A $100+ pad and a midiocre Olympic game felt like the biggest ripoff of the Nintendo era. Once again Nintendo saw the faults with it and now theres the Wii balance beam that also sells well and realizes that your doing movements.


Steering wheels. Another item that never really sold well but people want if their into that type of game is steering wheels. No system ever really had a sanctioned wheel for driving games but if you played games like Gran Turismo you would love to have one. There were tons of 3rd party wheels that were available but the problem is that they worked well on a game here or there but as a whole were very faulty. A few wheels I remember are for the PS1 and either the steering was horrible or the gas peddle/brake were unresponsive. That's another item Nintendo learned from the mistakes of old. I tried their steering wheel and I loved the fact that when I turned, so did the vehicle. Its supported by all games, it's responsive and I have heard it comes bundled.

FAIL*.................................. FAIL*.......................... WIN

*Not this particular brand but any PS, PS2, Sega, etc steering wheel. These are just to show you examples of what the system steering wheels look like.

There was the powerglove from the old original nintendo. As a kid it was an awesome item to just look at. Here was this glove that you would put on and play games with that was suppose to help you win games. It had the look of the newest upcoming technology as to a kid it was just one step away from something that could read your mind and do what you want in the game off brain waves. We'll, the product did not work like that. I played a few games with that item (like Mad Dog, and Mario and well, I have to say, it made the difficulty infinitely higher; worst of all, you actually look dumber with the glove on.

So, here's a link to the angry video game nerds view of it but I have to warn you; theres a lot of cussing and crude statements but overall he gives you an idea of how the item really is.

So, Nintendo over the years found out what did and didn't work with the power glove and improved it hugely. I have played the Wii a bit and for some of the games, the Wii remote is quite good. I couldn't imagine the Wii without that item. So, for Nintendo, it saw what didn't work in the past and decided to fix it which is just what history teachers tell you. Sony though, didn't do so well with it with one aspect of its controllers and you can see that clearly in the game Lair where the whole game is run by motion control.

Poor sales, but innovative. ......................Massive success................................ Good controller; bad sixaxis.

Yet to see but if they follow their old gameplan consider this a FAIL.

Project Natal, your in the same boat as the Move.

So, taking a note from history overtime with commercial flops and wins with games its all up to Sony on how this does. If they make it something that makes it so gamers can't live without it or play the game without it, the product with be a commercial money maker; or if it adds elements and or functionality to games it may also work out well. But, if they have it as a gimmicky item that is only good on games specifically for it and treat it like nintendo did with the Glove, Power pad or Sony's first try at online gaming it will be a huge flop. The most advantageous venture they could do is take a chapter from Nintendo and add it to the system's bundle that way people will be more inclined to buy games that work with it and it wouldn't be a waste of R&D money. Project Natal, your in the same predicament. If you think your exempt from failure happening your wrong. I don't want to see either of these expensive ventures fail But, if they do the same actions they or others have done in the past after spending tons of time/money creating a product, that makes them stupid, because the definition of stupidity is to try something over and over the same way while hoping for different results.

Notes: I own a PS3 not a Wii but I think Nintendo plans better and knows how to sell accessories well whereas xbox and Playstation.


Just watched the movie Gamer and it was quite good. It had moments were it reminded me of COD

Mom, why'd you sell that?

I was out playing golf one day when my friend mentioned that his wife was searching Ebay for obsure items and came across some original Nintendo stuff on sale. She was a bit excited and asked my friend if he had any of them because it would be nice to sell it now that they are worth so much now. It makes me laugh that it was her to bring it up and not a guy. So, my buddy and I were talking about all the old nintendo items that we had luckily been able to keep that our mom didn't get rid of. Some of the stuff that we mentioned the price of and the fact we still own them is just pure luck.

First, why the price of these game items is so expensive; I will try and stay with video game items because as we all know other things have become expensive over time (baseball cards, comics, toys). The main reason some of our favorite items from the past are so expensive is partly due to greed but mostly because someone else didn't realize the value that item to others. How many of you had a mom that had yard sales? I would guess theres quite a few of you out there. Now, how many of you got to choose what was going to be sold? Some of the time I did, but most of the time my mom just thought I was done with something and so it went on sale, was thrown away or given to someone else. The reason this happened is because it wasn't important to her so why keep it; I had less trouble with my dad throwing stuff away because being a guy he understood that I like the products and he lost things due to his mom that would be worth 10's of thousands now (GI Joes, baseball cards, etc.)

So, here is a run down on some of the cool things you may own that weren't trashed. Firstly, its not worth too much compared to other items but there was a few of us that had copies of Crono Trigger which sells for $100-$300 on ebay, used even.

crono trigger

Legend of Zelda is going for $50-$500 dollars depending on rarity and if it still has case and the popular Sonic the Hedgehog for about the same


Ok, so how about something a little more pricy than just game cartridges. I saw some odd products for games that are going for hefty prices. Like the Family fitness game and pad. Now, i have the much less rare Olympic game and powerpad thats worth $50 but if your one of the lucky people with the Family Fitness game then your standing on a goldmine. It just recently sold on ebay for $41000.

stadium events

How about a cheap ruler with Nintendo and Earthbound on it; well, it went for nearly $800 a while back.

Lastly, heres another item you wish you mom didn't sell at a garage sale. 1990 World Champions: Gold Edition which is selling for 10's of thousands of dollars (even opened). I don't have a picture though. There are many Atari games that are worth thousands that my friends and I use to own but there is no way to remember which ones anyone owned compared to which were worth money because most parents got ride of those in the late 80s.

Now, back to what I thought was funny earlier. So here my friend and I were, talking about games and system components we use to own or maybe still did and the person to start this whole conversation up is the wife. She just happened to be online and saw some game prices and thought it would be a good time to get rid of some stuff. Well, when my friend and her got married, she got rid of his gaming stuff for almost a steal for the buyers; he only got to keep the xbox, which she still gets on his case about it and "you don't play it so sell it". She should be the last person to mention this because she would have got rid of his stuff a decade ago. This is what is making our games and stuff so expensive and rare now just like baseball cards of the past.

It is nice to see though, that our little gaming hobby has become what it is today and some of our games from yesteryear are worth so much. I just hope that habit of either sex, getting rid of the other person stuff because it has no value to them stops.

So, to some up. I suggest just for fun, you see if you have any rare items and see what the going rate is on those items but don't sell them because someday there may be a Video Game Antique road show and your copy of Mortal Kombat 2 which is worth $10 today will be worth enough to buy a house in Encino, CA. I know I have enough money in my games and components right now to buy a Pinto or gremlin. HAHA

Stop the talking, I just want to play the game.

Just to let you know, I love RPGs. That being said though, there is one aspect to RPGs that really get to me: the conversations. Now, some games do this well and the games feel like your doing a lot more playing than talking but others have these dialogs that just go on and on until the point you don't care whats happening anymore; you just want to fight or do something else. There is many awesome games throughout time that were so good we were able to look past the talking but others, not so much.

In some of the games your going along, just enjoying the adventure and all of a sudden you get into a conversation with a new person. That person just happens to be the most long winded person in the game; not only that but everyone else in that area wants to just keep yapping on and on. Some games have this go on for an hour plus. An hour plus of trying to stay entertained in a conversation about things you really don't care about. Some games now are adding a fast forward button or skip button for long conversations but even then, do you want to have to put the skip button 50 times a minute? NO.

So, I'm playing Dragon Age:Origin and its a great game. Its much like Baldurs Gate + Neverwinter Nights and Oblivion all in one. One problem though is that everyone in the game wants to have a 2 day conversation with you about Religion, rumors, politics, who wronged who and I'm pretty sure that atleast 5 people along the way just like to hear themselves speak. The game could be way more awesome if they just removed a quarter of the talking because it just starts to wear on you. I don't know if this stuff bothers you but it does me and I just want to get back out there and play; not hear someone talk about things that don't matter like the entire history of the castle I'm in at the moment from the beginning of time till now and what everyone thinks of it. Some games even have it so you have to redo a conversation numerous times to get a trophy (which is an arbitrary award that I still go towards, regardless).

Here are some games that were close to being annoying but never went to far even though they straddle the line of too much; they all had a scene here or there that was a little over the top though: Assasins Creed, N64 Zeldas, The Darkness, Dragon Quest 8, FF7, Fallout series,

Games that are almost unplayable due to talking, dialogs, cutscenes or forced actions: Dune for Sega CD, Dragon Age, FF4, Dragon warrior/quest 2-4, FF8-10, Elder Scroll: Oblivion and Shivering Isle, Lufia 1 and 2

Life is just too short to spend that much time listening to "heres the complete run down of everything I know and you need to hear me or you can't continue your quest". So, my suggestion, just cut back on the conversations in games because I would appriciate it immensely and not become one of those people from the Gamefly commercial after 80mins of talk.

An you thought Modern Warfare 1 had issues.

Being out of school for the winter I have a lot of time to play COD:MW2, Dragon Age and Ratchet and Clank a lot. I spend most of the time playing COD because frankly, I think I am addicted. All that aside, I have found issues with the games that have nothing to do with the game that the company put out. These issues all pertain to the people that are also playing online.

Firstly, we have camping. It wasn't bad in the beginning when the game was new but I have moments were I keep getting respond and the same camper kills me and he won't move from that location until he gets a nuke. This isn't bad the first 2-3 times but at 5+ and the same guy kills you its really old.

Next, the game sometimes respawns you in the same space over and over as mentioned above.

Next, the nuke and the predator missile are annoying and I don't find them to be good for the game. Do you guys ever feel singled out in the game? Well, I do, especially during those games when the enemies shoot 10 predator missiles and 8 go directly toward me while theres 6+ other team members.

Knifing should be a last resort when playing and not the sole thing you do the entire game.

Also, camping annoyances have been taking to a whole new level with the addition of the heart beat monitor; campers have less reason to move with the addition of this. Don't say "camping is a legitament strategy because I find it no more sportsman like than unplugging someones controller when playing against a friend at home.

Could throwing a grenade, missile or reloading your gun take longer? Seriously, I am pretty sure it slows down when you need it done pronto.

Lastly, when a missile, grenade, bullet is vetoed because you died before it made contact.

Thats about it for the time being.

Games that shouldn't be gone

This is a work in progress of games I think were ended way before they should have been. As I remember games I will add them to this list and if anyone else remembers a game that they also believe was ended to soon I would like to hear because theres probably a bunch of them.

I just remember, back in the 90's there were quite a few game series that I really got into but that disappeared almost right out of the gate. Most of the games were funny in ways that we only get taste of the humor now and not the whole thing. Another games have no equal today that I know of so when the series died so did that genre. There also is the group of games that was awesome, then they made a 1 or 2 bad games they we couldn't get into and wish they keep the old game then they discared the game. Lastly, there is the games they just don't seem like the games we got hooked on in the past; like as if changing the whole game will make it so we will still buy it based on the name.

There is no order to the list and it only involves games on consoles or PC because some games have been re-released for protable play numerous times or a new game in the series is released for a portable game system so this list is just about bring back games to regular consoles or computers.



A funny game about a "knight" who is unable to talk and uses his arm as a weapon. Only 2 games were made and the last was in 2000.

Abes (Quests)

abes exoddus

This was a funny game about an unknown creature that trys and save his friends from slavery while others are being turned into a special drink that the antagonists drink. It is very remenistent of Flashback, were you have to solve problems/puzzles to move along in the game. Only 3 games were made and I was unaware of the 3rd because of bad plublicity.



Much like how Abe's exodus was played, this game is all about solving puzzles. Your a future guy who is being attacked by aliens and machines. Its all in 2d side scrolling with death awaiting you everwhere. There is 3 games that I am aware of: Flashback, Fade to Black, Out of this world and Heart of Darkness which I found out about well after I gave up on the game having a sequel. Fade to black is nothing like the others games in that its fps but its continues the store and has puzzles that are reminesent of the other games.

Strike games

Desert Strike

This series did have quite a few games before it died out but I just wish it had stayed 2 or 3 more years because the games graphics were just getting really good. In the game you take command of a Helicopter (through most of the game, sometimes a Harrier, Commanchi, Apachi, Nighthawk, etc) and try to blow up tanks, SAT sites, people, and buildings while doing missions against political figures who were in the news around the time of the games release. The series lasted from 92-98: Desert strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike, Jungle Strike and Nuclear Strike. No games today let you control a vehicle like that; maybe there is an I just have not heard of it.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

While having not truly disappeared, this falls in the catagory of being exclusive on just the PSP now; it use to be both on the PC and PS2 ( I prefered the PC version because of the multiplayer over lan). During this game you controlled cars or motorcycles and tried to distroy other cars until you were the only one left. This list of weapons was quite small but it didn't stop it from being very replayable. The back story of every character was also a good laugh. At the end of the game you would meet up with Calypso (the main boss) and he would grant you one wish; the wish would always backfire on the winner such as "I want to be the most famous person" and Calypso would have the persons body stretched in outer space where everyone could see him/her. After beating it with one person you would want to see every ending. The games went from 95-01 and I consider TW:Black the last in the series. There may be a new one on the way but until I see it this game stay here.

Secret of Mana: RPG, finding info

Road Rash: Motorcycle racing game, finding info

Warcraft: Real Time strategy, WOW is an RPG so it doesn't count

Rampage: destroy buildings with monsters

Where is Carmon Sandiego

More to come

Games that almost never came back



This is one of the best new games of the late 2000's. I never thought this game would be released. For the Fallout series this is right online with the greatness of the other games, while being completely different at the same time. It doesn't have the dark humor of the old games or the weirdness but it makes up for it in massiveness and beautiful graphics. The game takes place after a nuclear bomb war that sends humans underground for hundreds of years. Your an adventurer who can either be for good and try and save people or for bad and just be for yourself and never help out the people you meet along the way; this is one aspect that is much different than other games because most games force you to be good. Its a First person shooter that has a bit or RPG mixed in. The last game was released in 97 and the last was released in 05; but most of the people I know who love the series believe it was stopped in 98 after the releases of Fallout 2. The new game was released in 08.

Diablo: finding info


Next, I will list games I hope don't disappear and also games I believe should either be stopped or atleasted had a year or 2 in between releases (that means you Tigerwoods golf and Need for Speed)