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One thing most of you fail to point out. That we became "hardened" or "used" to a lot of this stuff. The good old games that use to scare the crap out of me no longer do so (same with movies). The only thing I get now is the shock (like Slender Man showing up in the bath house, or the zombie in the tub RE1). The only good game Iv played from a "big" studio was Condemned 1&2 bit on the creepy/disturbing side and its resident evil lack of ammo made it the only console game close to Survival Horror.

On another note in this department the last game that really gave me a good chill down my spine (only once and your not going to like the name of the game) was CoD:MW2 when you emerge out of a bunker, I think, to see the Russians dropping in full force. That however is scary for another reason.

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Arcanum PC

Fallout 1-3+new vegas PC


Elder Scroll Series (arena being my first) PC

Okage PS2

Ultima Online PC

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Ahh the sewers... rushing through it with 30,000 souls and 9 humanity...... and getting cursed and killed by the frog things. Just to be killed by ghosts in the New Lando Ruins.

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Troll Topic?

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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne total of 4+ months of game time. FFX10 and Fallout 3.

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Apart from a few games and Japanese 360 games, they do not lable them, all they have is "NTSC".

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Sounds like you 360 is broke. The bit that holds and spins the dick must be unstable.

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He only has his first name and the state he lives in on his bio.

Thanks for responding.


in this day and age thats more than enough to do a google search in which the person will def come up especially since everyone is on facebook these days.

I do not have facebook. (sorry thats me being an ass) But he is right just the first name is all one needs, for simple "I found you".

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It was not part of the plot, but it was in fallout 3 when I left the supway station there were Talon Company and Regulators fighting each other and super mutants joined in with a rocket launcher, it was quite funny up intel I died from the crossfire, then it was just shocking.

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Fallout 3 and Crysis on max settings on a super charged computer. Xbox 360 Gears/Fable/RE5. PS3 Killzone 2/MGS4.