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Incoming Wii U impressions

I decided to cave in and pick up a deluxe model before the holiday rush sets in.

So far I'm actually impressed, although there are a few nitpicks


.Miiverse is awesome and seamless, and the community is very nice. I think this is the main thing that helps set the wii u's online apart from PSN or XBL.

.The gamepad is really neat. It may just be the whole new gadget lust talking but damn, streaming games onto it is so friggin cool. It's a bit heavy but the handles on the back make it nice and comfortable to hold

. The internet browser is hella fast. Like really really fast.


.looooooooooooong ass update out of the box. Hopefully this is something that nintendo will package with the system soon.

.Certain apps take a little long to load up

.a couple of weird interface things like having to go into your friends menu in order for invites to get activated.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised. From all the horror stories I heard I was worried that this thing was going to brick on me.

Looks like I got a good one :P

Oh one more thing, my nintendo netwrok ID: Artorias_Abyss

if anyone out there wants to add me, feel free to drop an invite.

Dragon's dogma impressions

So far it's pretty good, if a bit rough around the edges.

The combat is great and the pawn system is also interesting. Even though there's no co-op, the way player created pawns roam the game world makes it feel like you're not really alone.

Its also pretty damn difficult. Like not quite as hard as Dark Souls but it makes Skyrim look like babby's first action rpg

got my 3ds back from nintendo, again

screens: dust free

condition: No scratches

hinge: still has a little give on it but it feels slightly tighter than it did originally.

I'm gonna assume that they leave them with a few centimeters of give to prevent the hinge from snapping.