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Any idea what is going on with my screen?

I got a new 22 inch insignia HDTV during mid December. While playing games on it, I notice that some dark areas have a bit of green in them when they're not supposed to be there. Areas such as the skies are also affected with lines that aren't supposed to be there. If the background is very dark, I can see even darker lines over the dark background. This doesn't bother me much, but I'm curious if anyone knows what it is? I've contacted Insignia and haven't received any help and I've also tried two different HDMI cords but I get the same result. I've only tried my PS3 on this TV. I can live with these things as I have been, but any help would be appreciated.

It's my birthday today.

Today is my birthday. Not sure why I'm saying this exactly, but yeah. No big plans for today, but I have a laptop on the way, which is something to look forward to.

Thoughts on overscan.

For those who don't know what overscan is, it cuts out a small amount of the edges of the picture on a TV, but nothing significant. Many TV's have this, and it's unnoticeable to most. I want opinions. Does overscan bother you? Would you be fine playing games or watching movies on a TV that has overscan? Would that small part of the picture that is cut out bother you if you did notice it?

Having a lot of trouble with the banner image.

I seem to be unable to upload a new banner. I've stayed within the size limit and none of the images show up. I've tried making the images much smaller than the limit as well, and still no image. Maybe it's just because the site is very glitchy, but either way I'd like to be able to at least remove the current banner image which has been stuck on my profile forever, if I am not able to replace it. At the moment I just have it so none of it can be seen, but it hasn't been removed. Can anybody help me with getting a banner up, or if not, if you could help me to remove the current one?

Banner image suggestions?

I've been wanting to decorate my Gamespot profile a bit more. However, I realize that a lot of images are either too big or don't occupy the entire banner space. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could have a nice banner that occupies the entire banner space? Thanks.

I would like become aquainted with you all.

As the title says, I would like to become better aquainted with people here. I haven't posted here very much because over the last year or so, a lot of changes have been happening for me, but now, I am in a much more positive mood then I was then. If anyone would like to talk, I would be happy to. I'm fine talking about anything, and I know we all like video games, so I'm sure we have some things we can talk about. I will also post on your blogs much more often then I have been, I assure you.

Tell me, what kinds of games, bands, movies, and tv shows, do you like? (Of course you don't have to answer these questions if you don't want to, but just thought I'd ask and see what kind of answers I get.)