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Xbox Minus 359

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For what it is worth, which is not very much, I've decided to give my input after the announcement of next-gen consoles.  As a long-term Xbox player, the Xbox One has dissapointed me.  Microsoft clearly misjudged the audience.  They looked shocked that people did jump onto the stage when they announced the price.  Not only that, now they've reversed their used game policy. More importantly the Xbox One failed to provide anything worth calling next-gen.  Calling it the center of entertainment is useless, because many TV companies are innovating features that can do the same, and more.  So why then do we need Xbox One?  Microsoft has failed to innovate beyond finding a way to rip off people of their money even more so by not letting you share your games.

What happened to the big bold Xbox?  Or the sleek and poweful Xbox 360 which truly felt like a 360 degree improvement by bringing Xbox Live to the center stage of gaming.  The Xbox One, feels 359 degrees less innovative than prior next-gen consoles.  One particular announcement I craved was a game that provided a persistent world, but did it successfully.  Previous titles such as Defiance and DCOU attempted, but were behind the technology.  An announcement paired with a big title that MMO style gameplay would be made available to next-gen gamers.  Right now, you are saying to yourself: Elder Scrolls Online.  Here's my qualm.  1.  It did not take center stage.  2.  It looks like it is going to flop (which as a huge Elder Scrolls fan is a heartbreak).  What I want is for Microsoft to assure me, as a gamer that buying the Xbox One will give me access to a more reliable persistent world gaming experience that has traction.

Xbox backed down.  Who doesn't have internet these days?  If Xbox can pick up your wireless internet, then why not shift to the future of gaming: no discs at all?  I get the criticism, and I might be a skeptic myself.  But what happened to the Xbox that said this is our platform, play it or leave it.  PSN was free while XBL ran you $60/year, and people still preferred Xbox 360 over PS3.  Be bold! Do things that are going to cause criticism, and let the haters jump ship.  Microsoft's bargaining ability has always delivered phenomenal titles to the Xbox.  Let the titles lead your system preference, and your platform be your bargaining power.  When someone who worked for Microsoft said "Deal with it", he got sacked.  Microsoft has lost their mojo.

Now, we are not getting anything new with the Xbox One, and frankly I don't care for it.  The only thing it has done is frustrate me, and a likely result is that I will discontinue playing console games flat out.  While I can go on to list 359 reasons why the Xbox One is truly one dimensional, I will end by saying that the only savior for next-gen gaming are the game developers themselves.  Take a look at the gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy, a game series that I was never interested in.

I want the old Microsoft back, the one that brought me 360 degree innovation, not a platform that looks in ONE direction: the status quo.

Downloadable Content

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Possibly a ressurection for me..

Here's my thought on Downloadable Content. Bethesda has taken some bashing for their DLC, and infamously for the 'horse armor' pack. But here is what I think about DLC.

When Assassin's Creed came out, I was excited to say the least. The aspect of incorporating stealth/combat/open world gaming in a time period that was pretty unique, was all a recipe for a purchase in my collection. I enjoyed the game very much, and purchased the second as well. Before I knew it, Brotherhood came out, and then Revelations. This is all in between the Elder Scrolls released Oblivion and Skyrim. 4 games in comparison to 1 release from Elder Scrolls. Yes, Bethesda has other projects such as Fallout 3, which didn't prove much better by releasing New Vegas as well.

The mission has become, how much money can we squeeze out of our gamers before they stop buying our games. Assassin's Creed has gotten away with 3 titles or slightly improving/modifying their game. My friends, that is a downloadable content. There is no reason why developers should be making a brand new game because they put together a 'new story' and a new gameplay feature.

As a result, I have not purchased the last two Assassin's Creed games, which is really too bad because I did have general interest in the storyline. However, when a developer releases a new game in less than a year, how different can it be? Why aren't these developers releasing DLC for their games, all while revamping their next title which, like Skyrim (or any of the Elder Scrolls titles), is a vast improvement of its predecessor.

Developers should utilize our generation of gaming, and release DLCs. Don't make us pay $60 for the same experience. I feel like I've been conned, and I've lost trust in these developers. Epic got by fine with the Gears of War series, and they did not release game after game to get you to buy into the most current experience (Call of Duty).

My ears are open to critisism.


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Be sure to support. They're touring right now, check out their site for tour dates and locations.


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Hi all blog readers,

I will be taking a vaca for the next week (sunday to sunday cruising :)). I know how much you guys will miss me so I've put together some things you guys can do while I'm gone to pass the time..

10. Watch some of the Olympics and cheer on your country!

9. Watch the Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy - I will be on a boat after all.

8. Keep me updated on all of the Fable 2 and Fallout 3 information

7. Join the Gaming Review Union (you honestly didn't think I would leave that out right?)

6. Rent Too Human (I know you might not want to, but it's worth a rent)

5. Think hard and believe...

4. Listen to a Spongebob Soundtrack

3. Get all of your back to school stuff

2. Collect all 200 hidden rats in GTA IV

1. Go through all of your pokemon cards

Red Ring of Death Evaded!

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For those whom may be interested, after attempting the towel trick correctly (use 3 towels, unplug everything from xbox except for power cord, leave on for 25-30 minutes, let cool for 20+ minutes)... The blasted thing worked! I honestly couldn't believe it myself, I was in shock that overheating an xbox 360 could actually fix it. I would not recommend it unless you feel the utmost importance to play your xbox 360. A week after my miracle I was watching my Xbox suffer with the Red Ring of Death again, once again the towel trick worked, but I'm assuming it's just going to keep coming back. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, maybe wait 'til I get the Red Ring of Death again and then send it in.

Red Rings of Death

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Just got the 3 Red Rings of Death on my xbox 360. Currently trying the 'towel trick' by placing 3 towels around my xbox for 20 minutes to overheat it, which should make the weldings 'softer' allowing the xbox to work. If you know any other way(s) to fix my xbox please let me know, I really don't want to send it in again for a second time.

Linkin Park Projekt Revolution

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It would be a great help if you guys could help me support the Linkin Park tour Projekt Revolution. Just click the image below, hey you might want to buy some tickets! Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, Ashes Divide, The Bravery, Busta Rhymes, and that's just the main stage!

Arrival, Adaptable, Survival, Revival

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Arrival: The Gaming Review Union started awhile ago... At first it was the Informational Gaming Union... Info Union for short. The Info Union served as a union devoted to getting information on games to the members, it had a lot of good features, but it seemed that its purpose was lost since we were a info union on a informational site.

Adaptable: The Info Union could not even compare to gamespot, sure we might have gotten something from Game Informer a few hours before Gamespot covered it, but nothing huge. Since the Info Union could not find a good solid purpose that would keep members active, the Info Union adapted to the Gaming Review Union. The GRU's purpose was to review games, and critique them. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Survival: Unfortunately, the GRU could not get many active members, sure someone might come along here and there, but nothing solid enough to stay with the union. The union was starving, the union created several features to try to attract more members, but it they never seemed to come through.

Revival: Today, the GRU has made a comeback from the grave as a thriving active union. The union has created a new layout, new homepage buttons, new officers, new features, new members. But don't think that means that everything is paradise, there is still much work to be done, and more active members to be made.

The Gaming Review Union has come a long way, but still has a long way to go.

Join up here, to support the revival of the GRU