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I just pre-ordered Portal 2 on steam :D its awesome cant wait to play it. Steam is making so much hype about it with potatoes and getting indie game developers involved, its got to be awesome. It is by valve after all.

Ill be playing it non stop on the 19th when its out :D


Erff after playing Borderlands on the xbox 360 the past few days, I had a play on the PC today and it took me agers to get back used to the fast pace and quick movements the PC has. I was missing easy shots and my screen was flailing all over, and was getting easly dissorientated.

But once I got used to it again. PC experience wins over so much precise and accurate with keyboard and mouse, and dosn't hurt your thumbs.


So Iv been looking on Amazon, Game and Play for Borderlands: Game of the Year for Xbox 360 and thye have all been around £25. But, for ps3 thay have been around £13 to £15 and for the PC around £15, why can't they be that cheap for Xbox 360 DX

Much fun :D

So after watching my friend play Call of duty: MW2 on the PS3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox360, It really got me in the mood to play Call of Duty 4.

Iv never really played CoD 4 much, had one or two games with friends and played the single player, but never online. I have to say its the most fun iv had on a game for a while, Since last time i was on Command and Conquer Renegade.

I'll have to get my self CoD: MW2 now but I dont know if to get for the PC or Xbox360. I want to get Black Ops too, but i know to get that for the 360, as my friend has it for 360.


Xbox 360 Games

So as you know I'm getitng an Xbox 360 :D wooh!...

I've diided the first number of games I'm going to get and here they are. (probly in order of getitng them)

Scott Pligrim Vs the World


Gears of War

Gears of War 2

Borderlands DLC

Call of Duty: MW2

There will be more but those are the ones i wanna get first

New Xbox 360

So I ordered myself a brand new Xbox 360 4gb today. I should get it on Wednesday, so I need to get myself some games for it tho. I'm probably going to buy borderlands for it first so I can play with Friburg.

It should be interesting to see how bad it is playing with a controller. I'll be investing in an XFPS so that I can use a mouse and keyboard with it, But for now i will have to put up with a controller for now.

well that's all i have to say for now :D

Razer Hydra

So finaly the pc has its own motion controller. With the Razer Hydra, it was announced at CES 2011, due to be released with Portal 2 in chick there is custom content for Portal 2, to make full use of the Razer Hyda.

it looks fun so i might have to partake in getttng one when released.

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