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My recent bout of inactivity...and other happenings.

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Been a rather interesting month since my last blog post here. I'm no longer unemployed. I have turned another year older. I've never been so "clear of mind". It's pretty nice.

I realize I haven't been very active here lately. Actually, I really haven't checked much out when I have been coming online. It's likely to continue, as my interest in GS (and indeed, all things internet) has waned considerably. What with my suddenly well-occupied time and recent capability to purchase alcoholic beverages, GS just doesn't seem to intrigue me much anymore. Expect only a little activity in unions.

Yeah, I did turn 21 a couple weeks back. Spent it working, but got to party the weekend after. I fell on some ice pretty hard, and stayed up 'til 4am with some guy I didn't really know while everyone else passed out by midnight. Good birthday? I'm not sure.

As for work, I currently make fire extinguisher parts. Same company I last worked for, but with a completely different group of people and job duties. I'm currently a "temp worker" at the moment, but I have a good feeling that I will be hired on officially. I work as hard and fast as I can so it's just gotta happen :P
The only thing I'm debating is whether to splurge on a new game or just keep saving for various things (apartment, better car, trip to Hawai'i, etc.). Any recommendations for games to get? I'm thinking just X-box 360 games at the moment.

Speaking of video games, I've been in a very heavy Black Ops spree. During my work days (where I work all afternoon and night) I typically spend my morning playing Black Ops online. I recently re-discovered sniping so I can see myself getting hooked right back into it. If you want to play in a party just let me know ;)

Later, Wu-Tang, and konichi-wa.