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Hey all, how's it going? Been a little while since I last blogged. Last time I made a real downer of a blog (at a really low point in my life) but things greatly improved for me in the months since.

After I quit my job working in that one factory (the 12 on, 2 off place) I went about 2 months without a job. It was actually kinda nice, I had a lot of free time and got to spend more time with family and friends than I ever got to before. Unemployment had a downside for me, in that I was bored quite often. Strange that I prefer having a job just to keep myself occupied :P

So at the ass end of August, I got a new job in a factory that makes fire suppression systems. Big corporation called Tyco. I have a great schedule, make decent pay, and have the graviest job of all. I only work 4 days (10 hours each) and get a 3 day weekend. As a probationary worker (temp) I still make close to $10USD/hour, which is nice. So I'm really glad I've got this job. Such a vast improvement over my last 2 jobs :P

So now I'm focusing on saving up some money and getting a nicer, newer car, and (hopefully) an electric guitar....and maybe a few video games and CDs that I want ;)

On the video game front, I've kicked my MW2 addiction in favor of a less-severe Lost Odyssey addiction. I've pumped only 35 hours or so into my current file, but I'm really kicking ass. My party is leveled up pretty high, and I've progressed further into the game than I did with my original file I had back when I had my original 360. I'm on Disc 4, and have only a couple of dungeons to search/side-quests to finish and then I'm off to the final dungeon, to challenge the final boss, in the final showdown...finally.

Anyway, that's just my little update. I'll leave you with this, my current musical obsession: "Already Gone" by The Eagles.

Peace out, girl scout!