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June 09

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I wasn't really planning on making this blog, but I'm bored and I figured "Ah, what the hell?". And here we are. I guess this is a basic update on the last month of my life. Not a whole hell of a lot happened this past month, save the weather pissing me off to no end :x

Video Games:

Left 4 Dead




Tropic Thunder
Pineapple Express
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
Team America: World Police


As you can no doubt tell, this past month was mostly a film month. I'm big on comedies, and I first got Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express. Tropic Thunder is fantastic, namely for the role of Les Grossman, played by Tom Cruise. If you don't know, it was the most hilarious role in the entire film, where Tom played the foul-mouthed, power-hungry exec Les Grossman. Many a lulz, let me assure you. And of course, Pineapple Express being the best "stoner movie" since Half Baked. As of today, I got the South Park movie and Team America, and I must profess my fondness of the genius that is Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They truly are comedic masterminds in their own right, and such praise for them shant be limited to South Park. Team America is just plain awesome, and the song "America, **** Yeah" is one of the best comedy songs out there.

I haven't found myself too interested in video games lately. It's been a lot of World at War online (Nazi Zombies has gotten old), and more recently, Halo 3 online. I'm not quite as good in Halo 3 as I used to be. But I've improved dramatically in WaW. A shame I don't have many XBL friends who play it, or it'd be more fun (hint, hint, wink, wink).

I guess I should also say a few things regarding the week of celebrity death. First, Ed McMahon. I don't really care about that one (no offense). Then, Farrah Fawcett. That sucks purely because Farrah was damn hot back in the day. Beautiful women like that shouldn't die such a painful death. Then, Michael Jackson's death. This one affects me the most, not because I'm upset over his death (what a shock, an opioid addict dying? :o) but because of the general public's reactions. The very same people who were all gung-ho in calling him a child molester, and a freak, are now the ones who say "RIP MJ" or "He was the best we'll miss him". People are so fickle, and it's little things like that that irritate me. Oh, and lastly, Billy Mays' death. That was a shocker to me, considering it happened a few days after his appearance on Conan O'Brien's talkshow (which as it happens is the only episode I've watched of said show). I liked Billy Mays, he made me laugh with his showmanship and salesman antics. RIP, Billy, RIP.

And...that would be all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an entire website to ignore. It's GS btw...

May 09

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I didn't really do much gaming this month, except for some of that oh-so-epic Nazi Zombie stuff in Call of Duty: World at War (and more recently, Final Fantasy IX). Lots of online with strangers (many of which aren't team players, something critical to lasting into the higher levels) and with my good friend on the PS3. We managed to reach Level 16 twice, being our highest level achieved yet. I've since passed that with a group of online people, reaching Level 22 (my current best). Turns out it's a lot smarter to go for the random box and try for a Ray Gun than to hunker down upstairs with a Trench Gun. Who knew? >_>

Video Games:



"The Essential Electric Light Orchestra" – Electric Light Orchestra

"Greatest Hits: 1974-1978" – Steve Miller Band

"Greatest Hits" – ZZ Top


"Role Models" – DVD


Like I said in my opening paragraph, I've been doing nearly all of my gaming on World at War's game mode, Nazi Zombies (affectionately called "Nacht der untoten", which is probably German for "Nazi Zombies"). It is probably one of the best things to have come out in the last year, just this little game mode in and of itself. There's nothing more exciting than a swarm of Zombies charging you full speed with arms flailing while you fire madly with whatever weapon you're so lucky to have ammunition for. Ray Gun is basically required if you want to get up into the teen levels (even with 2 of them it's ridiculously difficult).

I've really been more into music than anything this month. I got the ELO greatest hits CD in the beginning of this month, and I was obsessed with them for a good couple of weeks, not including the week or two before I got the CD which is where my interest in them first arose. Recently I got a couple of other greatest hits discs (ZZ Top and Steve Miller Band), both because of their epicness (naturally). Steve Miller Band had some great hits back in the day, and no doubt you all know at least one of them. "Fly Like an Eagle", "The Joker", and "Rock'n Me" should ring a bell.

I've also taken a great(er) interest in South Park's older seasons, namely its 2nd season. I think my favorite episodes are "Clubhouses" (purely for Fat Abbot) and "Not Without My Anus". Thank God for free online streaming :P

I've been doing some introspective thinking about video games in my life. I've been in something of a gaming crisis for about the last 2 years now. It's been a lot of ups and downs, most notably is my inability to get into RPGs. Normally, no big deal. But for me, being the RPG junkie that I am, it's a catastrophe! It seems as though this new generation of video games isn't able to live up to my RPG expectations. I'm really, really, really hoping that Final Fantasy XIII will change that. Until then, I plan on going bat**** crazy on Nazi Zombies and maybe play FFIX with different characters. Eiko, Freya, and Vivi sounds good. That reminds me that FFIX is a game that has also occupied my thoughts on video games. It's one of my favorite games ever, and I often wonder whether or not I like it more than FFVII, which, as many of you know, I consider my favorite game of all time. When I think about it, I always can rely on FFIX for a good gaming fix. I must have finished it enough times to know each and every part of it, sometimes down to the lines the characters say. After my next play-through, I will determine it's placement (officially) on my Top 10 Video Games list. We'll see…

And lastly, I got the DVD for the film "Role Models". I can honestly say it is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's a great comedy and I fully recommend that you watch it. If you have seen it already, then…watch it again! :P

April 09

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Time to catch up on another month, though I'll tell you right now this past month was a real downer compared to March. I only bought one game, and made little to no other major purchases. My social life has been the main reason for this; this past month I've been more busy with friends than usual. Hell, I'm going to a wedding reception tomorrow, and I only found out the other day! Things like that have been keeping me at bay for the most part. Anyway, I'll just get to it:

Video Games:

- Call of Duty: World at War (360)


- N/A :(


As I said previously, my April was one of more time with friends instead of computer. I think it was because the weather has gotten so much better this past month. A few days the temps were reaching into the lower 80's (Farenheit), which is astounding given my location, up in the boonies of Michigan. Anyway, I've been more preoccupied with PS3 gaming than 360, again due to my social life (my good pal has a PS3 which we play often). Tons of CoD: WaW on both consoles, and me and my friend go nuts in the Nazi Zombie level in it. I'm not one to brag, but we do kick a lot of ass for only 2 players (our best is currently level 13, though we usually make it into the 9-12 range before dying). On my own, I can get to 6 at best :P I've discovered 2 weapons in WaW that I just love: Flamethrower and Trench Gun.

I guess most of my solo gaming has been WaW. I've done the story already, and now I'm working on Hardened. So far, so good, though I'm not exactly speeding through. I do maybe 1 or 2 levels a day, if that :? But I'm on some level on Okinawa (Shuri Castle?) now, I expect to complete the game in the next few days.

GS-wise, I'm less active than usual, but I'm making some headway towards 20k posts. Expect a grand post party next month on OT. I'm also still beating Zeromus1337 in our posting battle :twisted:

March 09

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Welcome, one and all, to...well, just my blog. It's just about the end of March, so I might as well sum up the month:


Video Game Related:
X-Box Live Gold Subscription (12 months + 1 month)
Bond 007: Quantum of Solace (360)

Music Related:
"Houses of the Holy" - Led Zeppelin
"Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd
"Nevermind" - Nirvana
"Boston" - Boston


This past month was pretty big for me. After I got XBL, I found myself mostly doing Matchmaking in Halo 3. It's had it's ups and downs, my best games being 22 kills to 9 deaths, and 21 kills to 8 deaths. These sprees don't come around often enough :P I've also spent a lot of time at my friend's house playing his new PS3 (80GB). That meant a lot of CoD4: Modern Warfare, CoD: World at War, and Killzone 2 (which, as of last night, I finally helped them beat the game. That's right, I beat the final boss Radec with a KNIFE. Took like a million tries, that guy was RIDICULOUS!!!) I gotta admit, the PS3 is pretty badass. My friend also has MGS4, which he didn't much like (mostly for the cutscenes). I might give that one a whirl, see what I think. Who knows? Maybe I'll buy a PS3 in the future :o

Also, Quantum of Solace has become my 70th video game! It also puts my 360 collection to 11, with quite a few more to go. I'm unsure what I want to get next, only time will tell I suppose...til then, it's more Halo 3 online and Quantum of Solace. Might even do some more in BioShock, if I feel up for it.

I should also note this month is the month where the ****in' snow finally melted! We had another inch the other day, but it melted by the time I left work (thank god). Soon Spring will be in full bloom, and life will be grand and full of fun!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get into the shower, and then get a haircut (hint hint wink wink Zeromus...)

I can haz Xbox Live?

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I can. And I haz. I'm breaking my monthly blog cycle to let you all know I have XBL. I'm ShigStain for those who wish to add me. Thanks :D

Monthly blogs

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I've decided to limit myself to monthly blogs (if that) just to keep up to date on things.

I've been mostly consumed with playing BioShock and Call of Duty 4, and I've finally put my Gamerscore over 3000. Yay...? Anyway, soon will be time to get another game, and it's still a toss-up between Call of Duty: World at War or Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I haven't been too into RPGs for the last few months, so I'm probably going to rent The Last Hope before I make a decision.

Also, I had my birthday this past month. Hooray for 19!

If anyone gets the chance, I'd recommend checking out the show Lie To Me. I'm a big fan of Tim Roth, so I may be a bit biased, but it's really a fascinating science that gets thrown into the show. I just hope Fox holds on to it.

My biggest purchase this month was probably the one I made a couple of days ago. I'm expecting 3 CDs to come in the mail soon, Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy", Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", and Nirvana's "Nevermind" (since some bastard stole that one from me :x). I'm really looking forward to Houses of the Holy, I haven't listened to any of that album in a long time. And I really do miss Nevermind, too :P

Also, Zeromus shall be defeated in the great posting battle!

BioShock and ABBA

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BioShock came in today. I got the chance to start up a file after work, and I've played a good hour or two. It was a slow start (I was pretty much clueless) but I've begun to get the hang of how it all works.

Sorry to disappoint but there isn't anything about ABBA in this blog. Except this.

Also, I found out a few days ago that I had built up vacation time at my job. I have 29 hours with which I can relax, do what I want, and still get paid for it :P I'm not sure when I should use it though...probably sometime in the summer. Which reminds me, I still hate winter. At least the insane amounts of snow we were getting stopped. For now...

It seems I'm being more and more absorbed into the Xbox 360. I am constantly checking for already released 360 titles, as well as upcoming games. Soon I will have Star Ocean 4, which may hopefully revive my lack of interest in RPGs lately. I noticed it with Mass Effect, which simply was not something I could do. I'm beginning to wonder why I'm not into them as a complete turnaround :?

Higher and higher baby, it's a livin thing, such a terrible thing to lose *EDIT*

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I know that a couple of blogs back I was talking of how I was getting really into Fleetwood Mac. Well now it's Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Songs like Livin' Thing, Telephone Lines, and Sweet Talkin' Woman all are really great songs. The band itself has at times like a million members (hence orchestra), but the main noted group was only comprised of 7 people. Perhaps some of you know or have heard of Jeff Lynne. He was the lead singer in the group, plus a successful career with other acts. Evil Woman anyone? Twere on GTAIV if you noticed.

I wonder if anyone notices what I just did thar.


I finally finished up Assassin's Creed. You'll find my review here. Please read (and recommend ;))

Also, I have decided to get BioShock next. I have already ordered it, and from the videos I've seen on it, it looks great. We shall see...

And we pray, and we pray, and we pray, every day, every day, every day...

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Line from "Tha Crossroads" by Bone Thugs N Harmony. Really beautiful song, which is rare for me to say about a hip hop song.

So my time lately has been to myself, so I've taken to going 360 crazy. Well, mostly just Assassin's Creed. I've been playing it constantly, and I'm already 4 assassinations in on the list. I probably spend more time searching for the flags than for investigations :P All this playing has also finally raised my Gamerscore to above 1000 :o That's so low compared to so many of you lol.

I'm planning on getting another 360 game soon as well. After I finish up AC, it's Mass Effect, and then whatever game I buy next. Any suggestions? Here's what I already have

Got mah games in

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It's about time! 4 day waits feel like forever :(

Call of Duty 4 (GotY edition), Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed (platinum hits). Technically, Mass Effect is the only new game for me, the other two are just replacements. I plan on getting into CoD4 tonight after work.

I know that a couple of blogs back I was talking of how I was getting really into Queen. Well now it's Fleetwood Mac. Songs like Rhiannon, Tusk, and Don't Stop all are really great songs. The band itself has had like a million incarnations, but the best was their 1975-1987 lineup. Perhaps some of you know or have heard of Stevie Nicks (South Park, she looks like a "goat" :P). She was one of the lead singers in the group, plus a successful solo career. Edge of Seventeen anyone? Twere on GTAIV if you noticed.

Anyway, it's time for mah breakfast, and then work. Then I can begin more gaming!!!