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i fucking hate when people think buying a console is an investment because its not ,its simply a purchase. an investment is something that should pay you over time and increase in value , consoles depreciate as soon as the box is open

From a strictly fiscal stance, yes. As a gamer, I have to say the opposite is true. A console appreciates from when you buy it because new games come out to play on it. No one ever said a console is a financial investment (unless they collect retro consoles).

By investing in a console, you see the return when more games come out for it as a result of its success.

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You need a pip for "What's an XBox?"

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I thought this stuff was routine.

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Ya'll act like Call of Duty wasn't the biggest franchise last generation and the PS4 had the best version. Then, Johnny I Buy Madden Every Year is probably sick to death of playing it on the same console every year. Then, you had the new Assassin's Creed running beautifully on the PS4.

Why is it so hard to see that Johnny Casual had no qualms splashing $400 on a PS4? It's not as if you even had to wait to make the decision this time. 7 or 8 years is too damn long for a generation to go for and people very easily had the money to set aside for the new toy. Add on top of that, Microsoft might as well have herded their fanbase with cattle prods and pitchforks over to the Playstation and you have a recipe for success.

$400 doesn't even make a dent in most peoples tax returns or Christmas bonuses. Food for thought, people.

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It can't be. We need Microsoft for all the innovation. The industry is doomed!

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Wow...basically a feminist developer had sex with five guys including journalists to get around in the industry and every website and reddit mod is trying to cover it up.

And these are the people that act like they have the moral high ground, call everyone sexist and hamper gaming development with their non issues.


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You know, the more they let this guy talk, the more I am actually starting to like him. I have my doubts because he was part of that NFL deal. That being said, if he is focused on games now and still willing to write those 400 million dollar checks, then he is in a position to buy into a lot of studios.

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And I would like to add, that the evening of me posting this, a Lem posted a thread regarding the game going exclusively to XBone with NO SOURCE. Thus illiciting this debunk thread. You're not fooling a soul by trying to turn the tables on me. We all know the score.

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Maybe you have so many replies like this because YOU are the one starting the rumor (or at least trying to); whereas the "RE7 is XBox Exclusive" rumors were from gaming sites...

That's not an honest assessment of my character at all. Thread title says possibly and I explain everything in the OP and even put in the full quote so the member can decide for themself.

You, on the other hand, are painting me as something I am not because out of sheer desperation to not want to believe anything even remotely possibly bad for the XBone you are willing to compromise integrity and are externalizing.