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Entourage chat

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After all the Season Finale chats, it's nice to get back in the swing of things with another chat, this time for Entourage.

Definitely a huge fan of this show and I'm really interested to hear what other people have to say as well. Hope to see everyone in there!

Dexter on

by on is featuring the full first two episodes of the Showtime show Dexter. I've been hearing some buzz about this show so I figured I checked these two out, see what the fuss is about. Having gone through just the first episode I've got to say, I'm hooked. Chilling plot, great lead character, good suspense! With all the CSI's and murder mystery shows out there I'm surprised this kind of plotline hasn't been used already but it's definitely working. I highly recommend others check them out as well.

...too bad I don't get Showtime...

Thou Shalt Not Pass

by on


Okay...I expected 115 degree heat while traveling through the Mojave Desert to get to Las Vegas but this completely blindsided me.  This occured when I was 15 MINUTES from the Nevada border, which caused me to back track 1.5 hours just to reach the interstate.  Needless to say, the drinks never tasted so good once I finally got to Vegas. 

Mother Nature always wins!

Where did you go Mr. Avatar?

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My "Good Taste" avatar was taken away!?  Wha...?  I use to have good taste in my games and I had the avatar to prove it but when I went to check my profile just the other day it had vanished.  Is this common?  Wait, I work here...I should know these things!

Just got back from E3...

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For a first-time E3 attendee like myself I must say it was an incredible experience that lived up to expectations. Highlight of the show without a doubt = The Running of the Nerds. Got to love the swarms of gamers running each other down once they open the doors to wait in the Nintendo line for another 3 hours. That takes one dedicated fan to do something like that! One thing to note: The GS Live crew really made that show for the viewing audience. Being at the show and seeing how much randomness is occuring it really puts into perspective the amazing job the GS live crew does to capture the essence of the show. Major kudos to them! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go back to listening to the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme song!

Super Disappointment

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Besides the fact that the Seahawks were on the receiving end of 5 game changing penalties that should not have been, they played like absolute garbage.  I should have known that this kind of performance was inevitable - after all, it is Seattle that we're talking about.

Kudos to the Steelers, who had to take quite possibly the hardest road to the Superbowl in recent memory.  That said, I don't think they were the best team on the field last night.  A 22.5 passer rating for Roethlisberger - and he wins?!  Seattle really shot them in the foot on this one.  Of all the games that they underperform they had to choose the Superbowl to do it!  Man, I love being a Seattle fan!

Three Day Weekends

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What is it about three day weekends that makes you so tired the following work week? I have been so lethargic during the days, not even 3x my usual coffee load seems to be helping. I think this gives me more reason to invest in those sweet glasses with the eyes already on the outside of them. That way, I can get a little shut eye while people still think I’m awake and working. I can hear it now....“Man, the new guy…I can't compete with him. He’s been working for 12 hours already and hasn’t even moved from his desk. He is so dedicated to his craft. Promotion…raise!”

It makes complete sense.

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