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[QUOTE="kushy26"]Cricket is my all time favorite game. I like indoor games more. Chess Chinese checker Logo Business

Haha! GTA series, The Last of Us
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Holy crap. Never happened to me, I also played on PS3Black_Knight_00
Nor me, sounds odd!
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No creative work should have to be comprised of a list of bullet points. If the creators' vision for the game didn't feature a female lead, that's fine. I'd be fine if the game featured ALL female leads as well. I'm sort of sick of people thinking that every goddamn thing that gets made has to have this magical list of ingredients to be fair to everyone and well-rounded. Fvck that. Make the games as the vision of the creator(s) dictates. 

I was going to reply, but this sums it up perfectly
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GTA IV, The Last of Us, probably Red Dead Redemption too
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I need some one to tell me about good police game to get bec I have been searching so much and I can't find any or they are so few and not the real style I want.

LA Noire?
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get an xbox 360 lol

"Cross-platform discussions belong in System Wars"
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I don't understand how anyone can find this disrespectfulJML897
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I hate electronics in white.  They always look cheap to me.

If I had my way any and all electronics would be high gloss black.

Agree mainly, especially for consoles, but I think goods like iPhones look better in white
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The best PS3 exclusive there will ever be and easily one of the best PS3 games of all-time, it's incredible!
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I just bought some Xbox Live Marketplace points (digitial download) at GAME online, and they sent me an email with no Xbox Live Marketplace points activation code in it. When I contacted them about it, they claimed that it was a fault with Microsoft providing the codes, and to try again later. Whether this is true or not, GAME are still selling Xbox Live Marketplace points on their website, knowing full well that the customer will not get an activation code. So my advice would be to avoid GAME entirely.

Erm, okay.. Not too sure on the point of this thread? Sounds like a rant that should be kept on a blog.