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Happy New Year!

Well first things first happy new year to everyone!

Bought Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag the other day and it's remarkable how much the series has progressed since the first installment!

Oops, that went quick

Thought it'd been a few days since my last blog entry when it had been over a week!

Been playing quite a lot of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS since its recent release, Rockstar have done a great job with it!

It's Been A While

Wow, I really have neglected Gamespot over the past few months! Been a pretty few hectic months with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One both being released (I managed to get myself a PS4 a few days after release day).

The PS4 is a great machine and I'm sure I'll do a review for that and a few games soon (Battlefield 4 and possibly NBA).

On another note my personal favourite game of all-time (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) has been released on iOS platforms; I've only managed to play it for an hour or so but Rockstar have done an excellent job with it.

Grand Theft Auto V. Wow.

Well I've not blogged for far too long. I've been pretty busy, and since GTA V's been out I haven't left the house. Incredible game, and could well give San Andreas a run for its money as the best game of all time.

Long time no see!

Well I've not been on here in a while! I've been pretty caught up with Mafia II, a good game but it does feel like a cheap remake of GTA III.

LA Noire

My anticipation for GTA V has got me in a Rockstar mood, so I think it's time for a playthrough of LA Noire.

Saints Row IV Australia Ban Appeal

So the unedited Saints Row IV won't be sold in Australia after their calssifications board upheld their original decision on appeal. I find this ridiculous. The game is marketed specifically at adults, who should have the free will to choose to play what they want.

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