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So long blog!

Well, I've read that the blogs will be no more on this site. I haven't really been active on this site in a very long time. The shows that I still edit, I really haven't done so in a long time, I should probably retire. But, honestly, no one submits anything to them anyway.

I miss the old when I first joined. It was so much fun getting to know people and reading blogs, etc. As the redesigns happened, everything went downhill. It's quite sad. I would go to before any other site and now I go maybe once a week if that, but only to check my queue.

I'm lucky to have found a bunch of fellow'ers over on Facebook in the group Return to I'm thankful I can keep up with them there.

If any of you would like to catch up with me in the FB world, you can search my name:
Kerry Walton Birkenbach.

Happy TV watching all and this was fun while it lasted!

I have been sooo MIA!

Hello old family! I haven't been very vocal in this site in a while and I have not kept up to date on my guides at all. Some of them are current, but most are not. The last 6 months have been a whirlwind for me! I'm getting married on June 4 and that has taken a lot of my time up! I hope to resume my submissions after my honeymoon in Mexico :)

On another note, I am DEVASTATED that All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled :( Soap operas are my greatest guilty pleasure and it's just so upsetting. Especially since OLTL is absolutely fantastic lately. With Roger Howarth (the original Todd) coming back, the possibilities are endless! I've heard rumblings that General Hospital may be next. Ugh, that would devastate me even more, even though GH has not been good as of late.I guess I'll finally have to watch The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautful again to get my soap fix!

Have a good day everyone!!


I will be offline beginning tomorrow, May 4-May 11. Heading to Mexico for my annual vacation!

See you when I get back :)

As The World Turns canceled...

Just months after Guiding Light went off the air, word comes out today that As the World Turns will go off the air in September, 2010. I have never really been that big a fan of ATWT, but it is so sad to see another soap go off the air. The industry is slowly dying and it makes me sad!

I still miss the shows that have gone off the air, Santa Barbara, Another World, Passions, Sunset Beach, Ryan's Hope, Loving/The City, Guiding Light....!

Thanks & Praise...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it's time to give thanks and praise :) I am so thankful this year to be happy and healthy. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and let's not forget about the men and women that are serving our country and any and all who are less fortunate. I wish health and happiness for everyone!

Guiding Light Finale...

Well, Guiding Light is off the air for good! I watched the series finale yesterday evening. Most of the episode was wonderful and I loved how they tied up almost all of the loose ends. My only issue with the finale is that they did not give closure to the whole Jeffrey storyline. Jeffrey was presumed dead but Jonathan knew he was alive. Flash forward to a year later, Reva and Josh are back together and no mention of Jeffrey at all. That was the only hole in the episode. I was ecstatic to see Reva and Josh reunite and everyone basically happy!

As I've said, I will forever miss this show! Luckily, I'm still the editor and there is so much more that needs to be added to the guide. There are so many episode summaries out there and cast edits, etc. So at least my show will still keep me busy!

Okay, enough GL blogs! Next one up will be about new fall tv shows!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Another GL one...

Yup, another Guiding Light blog :) Well, today, the show goes on for the last time. I still have to watch yesterdays ep as well. I am going camping this weekend about to leave, so I will watch both episodes when I get back on Sunday.

The show has been absolutely amazing this past week! To a big location shoot for a wedding to the shocking death of Alan Spaulding! I have teared up more than once and I know the final two episodes, I will probably cry! May sound dorky, but this show is amazing!

In my soap opera viewing past, I have seen the final episodes of Ryan's Hope, Santa Barbara, Loving/The City, Sunset Beach, Another World and Passions. I hate for soaps to keep going off the air. It's a dying breed and I would love to see all of the shows continue.

Well, I'm off for some camping at Kings Dominion in Virginia this weekend! A big group of us go every year and this is our fifth year!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Only 6 episodes left of Guiding Light...

September 18 will be the final episode of Guiding Light and I still can't believe it. They announced the cancellation back in April and it still hasn't sunk in. There are so many storylines that the viewers will never see finish. My daily TV watching routine includes an hour of GL every Monday-Friday and after next week, I'll have a void.

It's so sad that soap operas are a dying breed. I've been watching them since grade school and I don't plan on stopping. I still have General Hospital, Days of our Lives and One Life to Live, but they will not fill the void of GL. I'm sure I'll write more about this in the next week :(

On another note, I gained an awesome editorship a while back, Mad Men!!! A very awesome show on AMC and I am happy to be working on it! Jon Hamm is gorgeous too!


Summer TV Watching!!!

Hey all, it's been a while since I last posted! I've been around reading your blogs, just not commenting. I can't remember the last time I commented, sorry about that! I'll try to do better :)

So, I've been busy with a lot of TV watching this summer! Loving True Blood! Vampire Eric is hot and I love that he, Sookie and Bill could be a triangle! LOVING the new TNT show, Dark Blue! What a fabulous show and I really, really hope it doesn't get cancelled! Logan Marshall-Green as Dean is hot and I love his character. I even love Dylan McDermott's character. Hope it sticks around.

Also watching Leverage. I like the first season, but the second one has started off a little slow. I'll keep giving it more chances though. Watching the new Real World, Cancun season (I am the editor of that show, after all:) ). Pretty good season so far, lots of drama.

Other than that, lots of daily soaps of course. Getting down to the wire with my fave, Guiding Light... September 18 is the day GL will go off the air. How upsetting it is that it is cancelled.... I really don't know what I'll do without my daily done of GL....

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!!!!

Guiding Light Canceled :(

I'm so upset. Guiding Light was canceled yesterday after being on the air for 70 years. GL has been a favorite soap of mine for years and it is the one show that I spend most of my time on here at this site. This is a blow to the whole daytime industry. Shows are being asked to cut big stars and cut budgets and it's only going to get worse.

I will always remember the GL storylines that I loved growing up and to this day still love. I will miss this show tremendously. The final airdate is scheduled for September 18, 2009. They better have some good storylines to wrap up the show and they better put Josh and Reva back together for good!!!!