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Just read the reviews and ignore the score. Most places that are giving 7's have the same complaints as the places that give it 9's or above. It all comes down to the person's own opinion. If you're trying to figure out whether or not you want to buy it, just go rent it first.

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Mine would have to be Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Final Fantasy XIII, and Resident Evil 5.
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I'm pretty sure there will be one. I think they're sticking to making them on PSP right now to build popularity so that people are excited for the PS3 version.
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My favorite game developers are Konami, Capcom, Sony, Nintendo, Incognito,and Valve.

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Actually I've got some extra money coming my way now so I will have enough cash to get a Geforce 8800 GTS. I'll be getting the 640mb one so that is a good card right? This should run Crysis well enough?

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Do you think that card will run Crysis well enough or should I try another card?

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What about the Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT? Is that any good?
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Right now I'm in the process of getting a new computer, and need some suggestions for a good DX10 graphics card. Although I do have a budget and the computer without the graphics card already costs around $679, so I'm trying to stay within a $800 budget. Thanks in advance.

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I've played the first Killzone and actually really liked it. The game was no Halo killer but it was good, I just had a big problem with how bad your team A.I. is. That being said the first game was really good, it's just due to hardware limitations some of their ideas weren't executed properly. I'm not buying into any of the hype for Killzone 2 at all right now. I'm just going to wait and see. Also anyone complaining about jumping in Killzone thats ridiculous. Real soldiers don't f*cking bunny hop across the battle field.

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