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Perfect Dark for sure, but I still loves Goldeneye's single player as well.

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I bought recently :

Megaman X collection for PS2 - mint/complete - 8$

Megaman Network Transmission - mint/no manual - 8$






On Friday night I found the gamecube version of X colletion for only $2. I was like WWWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!

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They are probably my favorite channel. Such a high quality show.

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Flea markets are typically infested with resellers, and very rarely do you get someone just trying to get rid of their old games they don't want anymore. Collecting games at an affordable price is becoming harder and harder and everyone now seems to check ebay, and usually bases their price on the highest list price, or at least the highest completed listing price. It is really bad with cart based games, especially NES and SNES games now. No doubt it is a sellers market right now on older games. Just wait, in a few years when collecting old games becomes less trendy the prices will drop again and there wil be less resellers since the money wont be there as much. This happened a few years ago with the Atari 2600.

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*puts up flame shield*

Secret of Mana: it has one of the most frustrating combat systems of any action RPG I have ever played and the AI is bad even for a 16-bit game. I also had no idea what to do half the time in that game because the game doesnt really point you in the righ direction for what you are supposed to do next half the time. I played about half way through it before rage quiting.

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None yet. I am only two games away from completing my XBOX and Gamecube collections respectively. I am under the 20 games left mark for my N64, Dreamcast and Genesis collections so I am kind of close with those I guess.

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The fleak market for sure. Nearly everywhere else overcharges for N64 games and consoles, but my flea market is litered with N64 stuff. In fact today I picked up several N64 games for only a few bucks. I saw about three N64 consoles as well.

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I have never cried while playing a game, but I did get massive goosebumps during parts of Shenmue II, Xenoblade, and Zone of the Enders.

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Tune in next week when NationProtector becomes 48Judge or PresidentBoss. How will he troll us with these accounts!?!?