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Dungeons and Dragons Online

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I been playing D&D Online since it became a free MMORPG. I think it is pretty good and I can see why it has been around as long as it has been. The only thing is finding people that I know in person to play with me. Because it is free they are not willing to take a chance on it and think it will be something compared to Last Chaos or any other free MMORPG of that nature. But the production quality is top notch and it comes off as a true commercial product to me. I think the way they are taking the game in terms of making it free and other things paid can be a way MMORPGs could become in the future. I been trying to get anyone to try it as well. I want to know other people's opinions and how they feel about this game.

Too many games to play!

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I been buying and collecting games for years. As I was going through my collection I realized how many games I have bought and played very little or not at all. For every 5 games or I bought on average I play through 1 tops. Don't get me wrong I love games but there are certain games that steal all of my time like World of Warcraft or group games like Guitar Hero and Rockband. I just wanted to vent that and see how many other people have a serious collecting issue like I do.