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Battlefield 4, but it isn't anything new.

Battlefield 4, yay.... not. Why buy battlefield 4 when you've got battlefield 3 lol? They look identical to each other. I mean I haven't researched what exactly has been changed between 3 and 4 graphically, but my eyes tell me that nothing has been changed.

Even if the graphics have been slightly altered to run better or have been enhanced, it's still essentially the same game is it not? Well yes, they're basically the same game lol. 

The other thing that strikes me as odd is why didn't they use this new frostbite engine and make a brand new BF 2142 game? I mean, you've got battlefield 3 and its going to be a long time before that gets topped by new graphics, so why didn't they do something new and go futuristic?

In my humble opinion I really believe if they made a brand new battlefield 3142 or something, I honestly think it would sell a lot better than simply making battlefield 4 when we already have battlefield 3. I just don't see the reasoning behind dishing out another 60-80 dollars for battlefield 4 when we all know its going to be exactly the same as battlefield 3 minus some trivial features they've added.

I for one won't be buying battlefield 4 at all, not now, not when it goes on sale for 20 dollars, because in the end I really believe BF3 is going to be the same game as this, minus some new trivial features. The graphics are already insane and in that demo I did not notice anything new, just looked like a BF3 trailer to be honest.

Anyway, had to share that, mainly because I really think its odd they didn't go the 2142 route with the new engine and instead just rehashed the same thing that we already have. I mean everyone knows CoD does that every year now, so I really don't know why they would do something so obvious.

DayZ and WarZ, and why gamespot is even acknowledging them at all?

DayZ, zombie survival Mod that is a MOD that was made for arma 2. They are currently trying to develop and create their own game and ship it out using the arma engine.

WarZ, Zombie survival game that is also a mod made from War Inc, yet they went standalone before DayZ could have a chance to do so. They also basically stole the entire DayZ game idea and concepts only it's about 20x worse than DayZ simply because it doesn't even have as many features as the mod does and it is still an alpha beta. You may have seen it on steam for a brief time until it was pulled due to blatantly false advertising and scamming.

All the information you need to know about the situation can be found from these links.

I've never played either one of these mods before, I just saw gamespots little article-video-whatever-you-want-to-call-it, and looked into it myself.

All I got out of all the researching that I did on both of these games, was that WarZ's developers are some of the most ignorant blood sucking animals I've ever heard or read about in the gaming industry, who don't even deserve a job in the gaming industry let alone should be stealing someone else's idea so blatantly; that if some professional gaming developers helped out the DayZ developers make DayZ a stand-alone reality that they could have a potential triple A game one day. As it currently stands both mods at the moment are really far from being completed and are not polished at all; that you shouldn't even bother with WarZ due to it being an obvious scam, a complete disaster in terms of bugs and false advertising, where hackers run freely and an obvious copycat of DayZ. More importantly that the developers behind the game are some of the worst people on this planet.

Now, why gamespot itself is even shedding light on this WarZ obvious scam, well it's pretty obvious at this point why this news is up on the first page.It appears gamespot is doing business with these bloodsuckers as well. Take a look at this.

Also, WarZ was also developed by the guy who made Big rigs. (LMAO)

If that doesn't send you running for the hills like you're literally being chased by zombies then I don't know what will.

Sergey Titov (executive producer for WarZ), if you ever hear this guys name or see it being associated with any game you hear about in the future, then for the love of god run in the other direction as fast as you can. You run, and you run FAST.

My thoughts on guild wars 2 at the moment. Pretty much quitting.

Guild wars 2 is definitely no longer the same game as it was when it was first released. The addition of this ascended gear with fractals dungeon was like throwing a wrench in a functional near-perfectly working set of complex gears, only to have this working masterpiece go completely haywire due to theunnecessary wrench being tossed inside it lazily. Why lazily? I'll get to that.

The only reason ascended gear (Which is above exotic in the game, which WAS the best) was added into the game in the very first place, was because Anet felt the gap between making a legendary weapon and getting exotic gear was too huge. While that is in fact true (very much easy to get exotic gear), the legendary being made was just a cosmetic choice and something to keep a player playing. A goal if you would. It had the same statistics as an exotic-level weapon. IF the system needed an upgrade at all, all they should have done logically was to make the legendary weapon have more powerful statistics due to the insane amount of work it takes to create one. Adding in ascended gear into the game does not bridge a gap between exotic gear and something that is simply a cosmetic choice and goal, instead it makes exotic gear obsolete for literally no logical reason at all which is something that goes complete against their original designphilosophies.

Now I'll get to the lazy part of this wrench that was thrown into the game. The fractals dungeon themselves. First of all, in a nutshell it is basically like this... "We want you to play our fractals dungeon for ascended gear, but you will only have a CHANCE for the item to drop once a day, and if the ascended item drops it may not even have stats that you prefer or can even utilize." This is literally how it plays, the system revolves around RNG, luck if it drops and a random selection of stats for what you get, if you land the chance of it dropping. Normally this wouldn't bother me if everyone was rolling on the item however gear is distributed individually thus this literally makes about as much sense as bridging the "Gap" between legendary weapons and exotic gear in the first place. Right, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

Not included all the horrible design flaws, no group-finder mechanic, and problematic issues with the dungeon that drops ascended gear in itself, that's just the icing on this fail cake.

The games economy is completely destroyed as well in terms of legendary items. When the game was still a month old it was possible to get a thing called a "precursor" to make a legendary weapon with, for roughly 20-40g Which is still considered a lot of money in the game as Anet continues and continues to completely nerf any and all ways to grind gold into the ground. They have said, and I quote Anet developers, "We do not want players grinding gold, or grinding period." Yet this is one of the most grind-intensive games I have honestly ever played. A precursor for a legendary can go roughly 400-600g in the games auction house now. I have about 500 hours invested into the game at the moment and I only have about 220g at the moment. That is with INTENSIVE grinding and gold-per-hour calculations while finding the best possible exploits and spots for farming. What I'm saying is that every minute I spend in the game I literally try to maximize as much as possible because I am a hardcore min/max gamer. That being said, out of those 500 hours I've played the game, probably 350 of them has been a consistent back-breaking mind numbing grind including calculations for maximizing gold profit grinds and possible things considered as exploits by the developers. Still only 220g. The precursor is 500-600g and it is just one component to making a legendary weapon in the game. all together you're looking at 1200g or more for the rest of the mats. Now you can "make" the precursor item which is needed to make the legendary weapon. Only, its entirely based on LUCK lol. You put items into a forge and literally play a lottery game. 4 greatswords into forge, press button, hope for a precursor. I kid you not, I've put around 700 rare level 80 (max level) greatswords into the forge and have only received a mediocre amount of sub-par 80 exotic swords. What a fail of a game. What kind of game rewards hard effort with a RNG Luck-based system... ?? The ascended gear isn't as bad as this is, but it's still based on RNG as well.

Honestly at the moment I'm done playing guild wars 2. It became just like diablo 3 in a sense. The effort put forth, simply isn't worth the reward, because there is no reward in an RNG system. You either get extremely lucky, or you dont. I do not want to play a game where hardcore grinding effort put forth is rewarded with chance and luck. It's just stupid and it honestly feels like a free-2-play model, and truth be told, it is one.

I have a level 80 warrior who has a Full exotic tank set, a full exotic DPS set, and full Tier 3 cosmetic cultural armor and honestly, based on principles alone I can't play this game anymore with this fail ascended system and the fail legendary weapon system. It makes no sense and I don't agree with it at all. The sad thing is that you only realize this catastrophic failure after you put in a large amount of time. Everything else in the game is fantastic other than this ascended crap that was implemented and this legendary weapon thing. The economy is shot because nobody is playing so it makes attaining a legendary nearly impossible unless you want to grind for literally, plus my 500 hours in-game time, another 300-400 hours if PURE 100% grind to get it. No thanks, waste of time and fail system is fail.

Anet developers are the biggest hypocritesI've ever seen in my history of dealing with bullcrap gameplay.

Balders gate enhanced edition, and DOOM 3 BFG enhanced edition.

Balders gate is getting an enhanced edition. This is great news to me. Sadly I never played the original and I am a huge fan RPG games.

I'll most likely be getting the enhanced edition when it comes out. I feel sort of like I dodged a bullet. You know I missed one of the greatest RPG's of it's day, but now I get to play it enhanced on top of it being a new experience; which brings me to talk about doom 3 BFG edition.

Doom 3 BFG edition is simply not worth it unless you wanted to collect all the doom games, plus the bonus mission, for a good price.

I recently booted up and reinstalled the original doom 3 and it's expansion and found some very VERY nice goodies in the form of mods that make the game look 10x better than even this new DOOM 3 BFG edition. Granted, it doesn't come with this bonus mission but from what I hear it isn't anything all that special just a couple of new missions (they're all the same in doom 3 anyway, run around and kill stuff lol).

So as a special treat to anyone reading this, if you have the original DOOM 3 and were torn about getting this BFG edition or if it brought back teh memoriez then let me do you a solid and tell you it ain't worth getting the BFG edition. Instead I'll tell you how to get a brand new experience in DOOM 3.

You're going to need 3 mods. Sikkmod v1.2, Wulfen texture pack 2.0, andmonoxead texture pack. Just google them. You will need to install doom 3 and the expansion if u have it, then patch it to 1.3.1 update. Google for the update. If you want to play doom 3 in 1920x1080 then this link will show u what to change in the config file

You will need to do this as the game only offers 1600 reso, but it supports 1920 you just need to change some config settings.

After all that crap if you need installation help regarding the mods themselves then this link should give you the basic concept of how to install them I myself just dropped sikkmod into the DOOM 3 folder, then dropped the unzipped textures into the doom 3 folder as well as into the sikkmod folder. There's a few different methods regarding how to do it but to each their own, this guy dropped the .p4k's into sikkmod, I instead just unzipped it all into the sikkmod folder as well as the doom 3 folder. I don't think it matters which way you do it, but this guy was using steam version. I'm using retail non-steam version.

IMPORTANT: if you're using an ATI card(s), you're going to have problems with this unless you rename the doom3.exe file to doom 3.exe Just put a space between doom and 3 (doom 3.exe) and your problems will be fixed. If you don't do this, you're going to have a bad time, trust me.

Anyway, this seems like a lot of work, but after it's done your old DOOM 3 will be playing and looking better than this new Doom 3 BFG edition.

Voting on reviews. Why not on gamespot ones?

So I just realized, this site is going down the crapper. Can't space paragraphs anymore and now my profile icon is gone for some reason, or is at least broken atm.

While thinking about this I also realized my review of the first DLC for borderlands 2 made a bunch of blind fanboiy's butt hurt enough to dislike it even though everything I stated was 100% true. Normally when I state the facts as they are and lay them on the table I always get a positive number of likes compared to the very few dislikes that I get.

While I thought about this, I realized... wow why can't we downvote gamespots own reviews? They have clearly given some outrageous scores out before and I thought to myself that it would be fair, not to be mislead by a paid off review. Profressional gaming websites should let people vote on their reviews so they don't mislead people with paid of reviews. This industry has seen some serious corporate molestation of it's customers as of late and it really pisses me off when I think about it.

If player reviews can be disliked/downvoted then that should include gamespots own review. It's being done by a person(s) just like the rest of us, I don't see why gamespots review should have special treatment. Plus, a lot of the reviews seem like they're done by someone that isn't even a real true hardcore gamer with a lot of gaming experience, or someone that did a review for a console game and ported their review over to the PC.