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Okay, I'm back with my opinion. DC Universe Online is certainly worth a look. It's an enjoyable game and it's the only free MMORPG on the PS3 right now. I recommend that everyone with a PS3 get it and at least give it a try.
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In other news, DC Universe Online is now free to play an download. I'll be back later with my personal opinion on it. 

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@Chang, I'm still playing it if you're interested. I've been through each chapter from 1-7 multiple times and I've gotten about as much as I think I can out of Alucard and Shanoa. I'm using Jonathan for the minute. Pretty good character.
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@Chang, yeah. I still play it. I'm really just waiting for the DLC to be released in Europe, though, so I can do some more levels. I'm up for a little grinding though.
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It's pretty good actually. Long range, since you throw it, and it has decent attack strength. I've only found one weapon stronger.
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I ended up in a random group last night playing from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6, where we all died against Dracula. I've gotta say, though, playing through it has seriously boosted my strength with Alucard since I got the Heaven's Sword after Chapter 3. And at least I lasted the second-longest against Dracula.
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It's finally been released in Europe, but it doesn't look like we've got any of the DLC. Dammit.
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Sweet. Cowboy Bebop is definitely one of the best animes around. And the jazz themes are so cool.
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Ah, I finished Portal 2 now. And now to do the co-op campaign. Also, we still don't have Harmony of Despair in Europe yet. Stupid PSN store. 

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I've already got three pre-orders right now so I'm going to wait until I've got them until I make more.