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Random Updates & Stuff

Well, it's been a loooooooooooooooong time since I posted a blog, but, here I am again.

Recently passed the 2 year marker on GS. Just gonna say thanks to the people who have made me laugh, and made this an enjoyable year on GS.

In no particular order:

Darky - (Banned again, dunno why, but she probably didn't deserve it)
Azure -(Also banned again. Same as above)
Arline - For giving methings to do, and being an awesome leader
Missanimefan - For being an awesome leader, as well as a very funny gal
Hush - For being Hush
Watchingninja - Also being an awesome leader, creating some interesting concepts, and just being Ninja
Crusader - For just doing what he does best :P
To all my friends who I haven't mentioned thus far, without you guys, I wouldn't still be here.

And back to the updates. I managed to get Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King, and it's pretty sweet. The graphics are brilliant, the voice-acting is astounding, and the gameplay is just what I'd expect from a DQ game.

And before I go, I have but 1 thing to say................. TURTLES WITH FACEBOOK!!!