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Question Time? Perhaps..........

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Hey there guys.

Now, while some people believe that I haven't been online recently, that isn't true. I have simply been conducting some stealthy activity whilst avoiding logging in. That does not mean I haven't been online.

In any case, that period is over and it's a return to regular posting.

For personal news, I have been considering hosting a Vokle Q&A session for numerous topics, though I am unsure about it yet. If enough people would like me to do so, then I shall. If it is done, then the main focus to start with will be the stroies I am writing on deviantART and the future project I am currently getting underway. But it will allow any questions to be asked. So think of it as a Hot Seat, but on video so you get to see me burn personally.

So, if you guys would like to see that, let me know and I'll give it a shot.