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Some random favourites.

This is just a random post. Here's a few of my favourite things.

My favourite colour is green.

my favourite character to use in Bleach DS is Byakuya.

my favourite book is Angels & Demons.

my favourite film is Dark Knight.

my favourite game mascot is Luigi.

my favourite console is the DS

my favourite survival horror is Resident Evil.

my favourite RPG is Final Fantasy IV.

my favourite adventure game is Zelda OoT.

and lastly, my favourite drink is of course Diet Coke.

if you wanna ask what any other favourites i have are, then post your questions below.


New Start

Well, i've started college now. very different to school. i've seen a few of my old friends there. no one i know on my course so it's kinda weird. good thing i got my p4 player, now i can sit and watch anime and videos i've downloaded of youtube so i won't get bored.

Other news: i can't wait until Sonic Chronicles comes out. if it's anyhing like previous Bioware games, it'll be brilliant. Also waiting for Bleach Dark Souls since i've finished Blade Of Fate. ummmm. can't really think of anything else, i'm just sat here writing this blog whilst listening to Aerosmith. YEAH, YEAH, DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!!!!! SEE Y!!!!!! :P

My 3rd AMV

My 3rd AMV is finally on YouTube. The conclusion to my Linkin Park AMV Trilogy. Click here to see it.

Good Week

Not a bad week. Saw 3 films. Wall-e, X Files, and Dark Knight.

Wall-e is a brilliant film. really god, kinda funny in places, X files is pretty good, pretty freaky stuff near the end. and of course Dark Knight, is brillliant. Heath Ledger's performance is amazing. and the way the Joker was portrayed really worked with the comics. especially when [spoiler] he describes how he got his scars, he describes it twice and each time is different, once he says his father did it to him and the second he says he did it to himself. [/spoiler] also, unexpected twists, never expected [spoiler] harvey to turn into Two-Face in this film. but he was excellent, epecially when he make's any judgement with a flip of his coin, and he looked amazing also. [/spoiler] i was a bit dissapointed by [spoiler] the small appearance of the scarecrow, i expected a bigger appearance. [/spoiler] but that's my only complaint.

all in all, good week.

Where has it gone?

I can't believe it. Just one more week till the prom. Where has the time gone?

It's crazy, it's all gone too fast.

Anyway, back to my usual posts, I'm going to be making another AMV soon. It'll be the conclusion to my Linkin Park trilogy. Any suggestions for songs?

New Banner

So, as you may have noticed, i have a new banner. This piece of awesomeness was not created by me. All the credit goes to Chang. Thnx Chang!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

Top 10 DS Games

10. New Super Mario Bros.

9. Resident Evil Deadly Silence

8. Super Mario 64 DS

7. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

6. Mario Kart DS

5. Mario Party DS

4. Advance Wars Dual Strike

3. Mario & Luigi Partners In Time

2. Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow

1. Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin