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Boredom, Thy name is Shauny.

I have gotten so bored recently. I have a lot of stuff to do, so I might not be on so much for a while. I'll still try to get on whenever I can.

In other news, I've grown to miss the old RE game mechanics, so, What luck, when I was digging through one of my old boxes, and discovered.......... *drum roll* RE CVX. (That's Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for those of you who don't understand.) So, I'll be using that to pass some boredom for a while.

I also recently managed to obtain Final Fantasy XII, for a modest £5. Good price when you think about it. And when you look and see that the same shop is selling Dirge of Cerberus for £10, and think, "That can't be right!" Fun game, and it works pretty well without the random battles. :P

Well, this is me saying, Sayonara.

Snow Day & General Updates

Well, I'm taking some time out form my list to post some general updates in my life.

I've quit college now. Really didn't like the course I was on, and I felt that I couldn't get anything from it. I've applied to another college nearby on 2 different courses. The first is a National Certificate Forensic Science course. The second is a Level 3 Biology course. It'll probably be harder than the Mechanical Engineering course I was on, but, what can I say, science is my passion. :P

I finally got a haircut, which was a relief. Damn hair was almost constantly in my eyes. I'm planning to go to the cinema soon with my little bro. He can be annoying, but lately, he's been pretty good with me, and it's got to the point where I don't feel like killing him any more. :P

And, it's been snowing all night, and we finally have a decent amount of snow. :P It's actually still snowing now. I've already been in a snowball fight, but I had to call it quits, when I couldn't feel my hands any more. :P Probably should have worn gloves. :lol: