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Crazy Times

So, it's been a while since I've been here. Sorry about that. Life got hectic. Updates as follows.

I finally got a job, which is excellent, since it's also allowed me to get what I've been after for a long time. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, taking bets at the dog track. Which is sweet. And with my first wage I bought a PS3! So now I'm online on PSN. Look me up. PSN account is GreenChrono.

Not much else to say. Short update because I don't want to have to type out everything that happened, just the main things and what will interest you guys.

Maniacal Laughter

So, 2011 hasn't actually started yet and there's already a bunch of games I'm looking forward to. All of them are for the DS, of course.

First up, we have Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. This is a little gem that I've been watching for a while. Developed by the creator of the awesome Ace Attorney series, I have high hopes for this game. Basically, the player takes control of a man named Sissel, who wakes up to discover that he is dead. Intros like this are usually enough to intrigue me, but that is not all. Sissel has no memories of who he was in life. In his quest to re-discover his life, he learns that he can possess inanimate objects and can travel back in time four minutes before a person was killed to change their fate. However, he also learns that his spirit will fade at sunrise. Certainly a game to look for when it is released in January, on the 11th to be precise. Also of note is that it obtained 34/40 from Famitsu.

Next, we have Kingdom Hearts re:coded. I have heard conflicting reports on this game, but in the end, it's Kingdom Hearts. Whether it's good or bad won't really matter. It'll still sell like crazy. What interests me about this game is that it's a remake of Kingdom Hearts: Coded, a game exclusive to mobile phones in Japan. What's even more interesting is that it is the first game in the timeline to take place after Kingdom Hearts 2, and apparently will be a key part of the plot for Kingdom Hearts 3, whenever that will finally be released. Due to be released on January 11th, it's going to be a must for any Kingdom Hearts fan.

Next up we have Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation. Finally given a release date outside of Japan, this game tops off the trilogy of Dragon Quest remakes that Square-Enix had planned for the Nintendo DS. A must for any Dragon Quest fan, it is the first time that this game is being released outside of Japan, having been exclusive to that territory for its original release on the Super Famicom. The story is a typical 'Hero loses his memory' one. However, as it continues, the game promises much more from its plot which I won't spoil for anyone who isn't already aware of it. Widely considered to be one of the best in an already excellent series, it's release on February 14th is certainly one to look forward to.

Finally, we have the behemothof the early year that everyone will hear of, regardless of their gaming persuasion. Of course, Pokemon Black & White. Finally having an official release date of March 6th, this is certainly a game to look forward to. Of course, as this is Generation V of Pokemon, we have to wonder what exactly Game Freak can do to keep the series fresh. There are the new Pokemon, 156 of them this time, more than any other Generation. Interestingly enough, this time the new Pokemon are the only ones that can be caught until the player completes the National Pokedex. Each version comes with its exclusive Pokemon, as can be expected, with the two legendaries on the covers being the prime example. Reshiram the Vast White Pokemon for Pokemon Black and Zekrom the Deep Black Pokemon for Pokemon White. If this isn't enough to get you excited for the release then consider this. The games obtained a perfect 40/40 from Famitsu, making them the 15th game EVER to get the score, joining other legendary games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy XII, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots.

With these games announced for early 2011 releases, 2011 is looking to be a great year. Let's hope that the rest of it continues to hold up against the beginning.

Should you care? Probably not.

Well, for better or for worse, I'm back.

After a long, hard summer fraught with emotional uncertainty, I have returned to take part in the unions I once helped make slightly better than they were when I first got there. Current gaming news is as follows:

I am looking forward to playing Last Window: The Secret Of Cape West. It's impending European release has motivated me to return to Hotel Dusk, and finish it. Also on the list is Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies. Excellent game. My only disappointment is the lack of multiplayer on Wi-fi. And, lastly, I am still playing Hitman: Blood Money. The game is quite brilliant.

That is all for now.

Question Time? Perhaps..........

Hey there guys.

Now, while some people believe that I haven't been online recently, that isn't true. I have simply been conducting some stealthy activity whilst avoiding logging in. That does not mean I haven't been online.

In any case, that period is over and it's a return to regular posting.

For personal news, I have been considering hosting a Vokle Q&A session for numerous topics, though I am unsure about it yet. If enough people would like me to do so, then I shall. If it is done, then the main focus to start with will be the stroies I am writing on deviantART and the future project I am currently getting underway. But it will allow any questions to be asked. So think of it as a Hot Seat, but on video so you get to see me burn personally.

So, if you guys would like to see that, let me know and I'll give it a shot.

Back, With a Vengence. No, not really. Just Back

Hey everyone. I'm back. I'm sorry for my extended abscence, and I'm grateful to everyone who had faith in my return. First off, big thanks to Arline for not demoting me. Yet. Same goes for Gregg, Ninja/Crusader, and Miss.

I intended to be back a long time ago, but some big things came up in my personal life. I'm only really startign to get to grips with it.

In any case, I'm back, and I intend to stay.

Gonna be Kinda Absent, But Not Really.

Ok, boys & girls. Starting from tomorrow, I will be posting much less on GS for a time. This is due to some work that I need to do in my life. Part of this work is a 'project' that some of you might have seen mentioned on FaceBook. I can assure you, I will let you guys see it when it's finished. :)

Other work, includes the drawings that I need to finish for various reasons, and some outstanding assignments for college. I can assure you all that, while I will not be taking part in active disscusions, I will still be updating my RP characters, and the Hurt 'n' Heal in the CUU.

Also, to Arline, I will finish the AMV as soon as possible, which is likely to be within the next week, but may be pressed further, due to family reasons.

So, to all you crazy cats, Byes.

Random Updates & Stuff

Well, it's been a loooooooooooooooong time since I posted a blog, but, here I am again.

Recently passed the 2 year marker on GS. Just gonna say thanks to the people who have made me laugh, and made this an enjoyable year on GS.

In no particular order:

Darky - (Banned again, dunno why, but she probably didn't deserve it)
Azure -(Also banned again. Same as above)
Arline - For giving methings to do, and being an awesome leader
Missanimefan - For being an awesome leader, as well as a very funny gal
Hush - For being Hush
Watchingninja - Also being an awesome leader, creating some interesting concepts, and just being Ninja
Crusader - For just doing what he does best :P
To all my friends who I haven't mentioned thus far, without you guys, I wouldn't still be here.

And back to the updates. I managed to get Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King, and it's pretty sweet. The graphics are brilliant, the voice-acting is astounding, and the gameplay is just what I'd expect from a DQ game.

And before I go, I have but 1 thing to say................. TURTLES WITH FACEBOOK!!!

Life & Times of Shauny

Well, now that I'm back, I should probably get back to my usual stuff. So here goes....

Got about 2 months left until I finally start college. It's taking way too long for September to arrive. I've been hunting around for months, and I finally found 3 games that I've been after. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, & Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. So they'll give me a lot to do. Now I just need to find Aria of Sorrow. :P

It also seems that GS has been banning a lot of my friends from here. And I've heard a fair few conspiracy theories. I wonder whether I'll be joining them soon. If I do, don't forget that you can still talk to me on MSN.

Also, before I finish this, don't forget to check out my newest AMV. Devil May Cry - Perfect Insanity. And check out my previous one if you haven't already. Hellsing Ultimate - Fear.

So, if I don't get kicked out soon, I'll see you in the unions. :P