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Patriots go 16-0!

They did it! The Patriots are only the second team in the history of the NFL to have a perfect season. Only team to ever go 16-0. The 2007-2008 Patriots are imo the best team in NFL history. Brady broke the record for single season passes, and Moss broke the record for TD catches. Now time for a superbowl!

A Overlooked Game, thats Revolutionary

In the midst of the holiday avalanche of games, one game seems to have been overlooked. A game not hyped or advertised. A game made in a mere 7 days. Yes! 7 Days. The game is called Crayon Physics.

The game was made by Petri Purho, and was released on June 1st, 2007. The object of the game is to draw shapes to help a red ball reach a star. To truly grasp the feel of the game, one must see and/or play.

Here is a build of "Crayon Physics Deluxe". It's a add-on to the original game, which allows the user to draw a wider variety of shapes.

Crayon Physics - Watch more free videos

This simple, freeware game has captured something that most games fail to do. Create seemingly real physics. Yes, its only simple shapes, but why hasn't this logic been applied to "next gen" games? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've yet to actually play a game that has physics that aren't in someway bugged, or stiff.

Crayon physics is a captivating game, which kept me entertained for hours. Isn't that the point of video games, to entertain? Well, this game has just as well as most of the other major AAA titles so far this year. And guess what, its free!

The reason for me writing this is to help spread the word about this amazing game, and to make people realize simple, free games can be fun. Hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

Video Blogs

Or, the lack thereof on my part. So i made a opener what seems like months ago. I planned on filming it soon after and posting it, but I didn't like what i did so I decided Id wait and reshoot it. Well guess what? Im lazy. Between work, my band, and of course playing video games time seems to have eluded me. So, I plan on doing it soon, even though I doubt that most of you read these. Am I a procrastinator or what? Thats all, cya

ps, If i remember I'm gonna vent about how much my LE of Assassins Creed sucked! and was done broke when i looked inside.

Guitar Hero 3!!!

Today is the day, the day Guitar Hero 3 comes out. Me and a few of my friends planned a Lan party last night, which moslty consisted of Gh2 untill 12 am. We went to gamestop midnight launch. It was nothing like I expected.

So, I've never been to a midnight launch before. I was expecting contests, and some free swag. But sadly they had none of that stuff. We waited outside the whole time. Finally at 12 We were let into the store. I was the third person to recieve their copy. I got the 360 version, seeing as I don't own a wii or a ps3.

Once we got back to where we were partying we immediately started off playing it. It took us only about 2 and a half hours to beat the Medium tour on Co-op. I gotta say, I'm extremely impressed with the soundtrack. Best of any Guitar hero yet. From what I;ve played so far, the game is really good. Its what you'd expect from a Guitar Hero game basically.

I'll post up a full review at the end of the week. Cya.

Jobs and Drug tests.

So, I went for my job interview today, and I got the job. I go for orientation October 1st. $8.87 an hour. Not to shabby.

I had to go for a drug screening and a long ass exam after. Becuase its in a hosptiol the process sucked even more ass. Had to get 2 shots, and have to go back 2 times in the next week for follow ups. I did pass the urine drug test though :) Almost thought I'd fail..

Job Interview

Sooo. I got a call for a Job interview tomarrow at this restraunt place inside a hospitol. Im pumped. I woulda liked to get a interview for Best Buy or Gamestop, buuuut any job will do. Damn I hope I get this.

BioShock, and my first blog in months


So, After hearing all the rave reviews about BioShock I decided to give it a try. Im just roughly 2 hours in and I'm already loving it. It has a very cinematic feel to it. I'll give my full review later this week once I've had time to finish the game.

On another note, im hoping to get a job soon, I've applied at tons of places hiring lately. I think I may also give a Video Blog a shot soon.

I finally enter the "NextGen" of games.

So I finally bought a next gen system, a 360 Elite. Even though iv been playing supposid next gen pc games, this is my first next gen console. Its great. I love the black finish of the elite as oppossed to the white of the standard 360. While I already own oblivion for the PC, I decided to buy it for the 360 becasue my PC could barely run it at medium. I also got Rainbow Six: Vegas. Both games are great, well worth the money. I could of gotten a 360 way back at launch, I had the money and all. But I spent it on Guitar equipment, so I've just now gotten the money and the means to get a 360. I bet noone reads these, but if you do and have a 360 add me. Gamertag= Shattyfattmas   :D

Spiderman 3

Anyone else see spiderman 3 yet? If you havnt you should really go check it out. Its simply amazing. Deffinitely the best Spiderman movie yet.
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