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Shattered-dream Blog

I feel like a loser!

I failed the test to get in the military, and job corps stopped excepting people! I am running out of options! I never not had a plan in my life till now! I don't know what to do any more! I fell like I'm just wasting my life when I could be making money or something! I'm tired of being a nobody. I guess I was not special at all then...




Another shattered dream!

Good night to all!

Hope everyone had a amazing Easter! Celrbrate the ressurection day of Jesus Christ the son of God and man!


God bless you  all including me!:) 



Peace out Gamespot!

Happy Easter to you all!

Even tho I found out some bad news the last few days I'm going to try to have a heck of a Easter day! God bless you including me night! And remember the true meaning of Easter Jesus rose this very day from the dead!

Review won't post saving it on here

Here it is and about time too finally I'm reviewing Zelda 2!:)
Had to say that, but now down to business. The game starts off with Zelda asleep under a curse, and you being a hero must break the curse and awaken the beautiful princess Zelda from her sleep or dreams should I say. This game is one of my favorite NES games of all time, and is highly underrated! It takes some time to experience the awesomeness of this masterpiece, but once you do you will learn to love it! In Nintendo power they put it finally was seen by gamer as not a disgrace and I agree. I for one thought it was much better and harder then the first. I love the final dungeon it was the hardest Zelda dungeon I have ever played up to date! The game is for more experienced gamers I consider myself a pro, but I still got a pile of gameovers and deaths on this game! The final dungeon is royalty and is a golden temple called thunder bird palace! The music is amazing, and I rate this temple a 10/10 alone! The best Zelda temple of all time!