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Starting a Clan

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So i'm thinking about creating a clan for Halo:Reach, any suggestions for a noob?

Custom GUNS

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Make your own gun... must I say more?

Opinions Anyone?

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Which first person shooter is gonna be the best?

1.Call of Duty: Black Ops

2.Halo: Reach

3.Medal of Honor

Which 3rd person shooter is gonna be the best?

1.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

2.Dead Space 2

3.Gears of War 3

Leave your opinion in the comments


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When I put in Mass effect2's disk 2 into my 360, it says disk unreadable, but i'm still on disk 1, is disk 2 messed up, or do I just have to finish disk 1 for it to work? Please Help!!

Hello 2010!!

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Plz help me, my pc missed up!:cry: I turn on the pc and bout 12 seconds after, I turn on the monitor, but it says no signal!! Someone PM or comment me how to fix it, plz.

I need help!

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Where can I find an xbox360 that is cheap and comes with memory, plz comment or PM me on this!!!

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