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X-Men: The Next Level

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Image hosted by Summary: If you are upset of the ending of X-Men evolution then don't be. Takes place after one year after Evolution, X-Men: The Next Level brings back the X-Men with a whole new look and new recruits like Emma Frost, Psylocke, Geldoff, Liz Allen and many others. Also this new series features new villains like Cassandra Nova, Dark Beast, Dark Pheonix, Goblyn Queen and the Hellfire Club. Also includes guest appearences by other Marvel heroes like Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Daredevil. ___________________________________________________ New X-Men Characters: Emma Frost aka. The White Queen- She is one of the new recruits who gets close to Scott and flirt with him ending his relationship with Jean. Emma will soon later create the super villain gang, The Hellfire Club and becomes the White Queen. Scott soon quits the X-Men and joined the Hellfire Club with Emma. Her powers are Telepathy and ability to turn to diamond while retaining mobility. Psylocke- Used to be a SHIELD weapon, Psylocke got recruited by Wolverine and now become an X-Man. Telekinesis, telepathy and psychic katanas. Geldoff - A mutant recruited by the X-Men and Spider-man who can make explosions by his thoughts. He can also become a monster who throws flames. Liz Allen - A new mutant who was a girlfriend of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch and can turn into either solid, liquid or gas. Elizabeth, Wallace and Diana - New recruits who was once trapped in Dormmamu's dimension and never got out. Also like Forge, they never aged in the demension. Once Dormmamu was defeated, Spider-man sent them to the Xavier Institude. The Hellfire Club - A Supervillain club made up of Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Havoc, Magneto, Blackheart and Mastermind. X-Men Cyclops also joined in the second season after the Dark Pheonix Saga. In the last episode Scott leaves the Hellfire club and rejoin the X-Men. Other characters: Spider-man - Peter Parker is a good friend of the X-Men. He and Wolverine has a Father-Son like bond. Spidey gets even more closer with the X-Men because Kitty Pryde became his new girlfriend. Human Torch - Like Peter Parker, Johnny Storm is also a good friend of the X-Men. He helps recruiting mutants. He is also the boyfriend of X-Man Liz Allen. Daredevil - Not much of a friend of the X-Men but sometimes helps Wolverine during his missions. ___________________________________________________ Cast: The X-Men: David Kaye - Charles Xavier/Prof.X Venus Terzo - Jean Grey/Pheonix Kristen Williamson - Ororo Munroe/Storm Scott McNeil - Wolverine Brad Swaile - Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler Maggie O'Hara - Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat Megan Black - Rogue Alessandro Juliani - Gambit Michael Adamthwaite - Colossuss Michael Kopsa - Hank McCoy/Beast Mark Hidreth - Angel Maria Canals - Psylocke Danny Cooksey - Geldoff Ashley Johnsson - Liz Allen The Brotherhood: Colleen Wheeler - Mystique Michael Dobson - Fred Dukes/Blob Christopher Gray - Lance Alvers/Avalance Tom Kenny - Carnage(Lance Alvers) Noel Fisher - Todd Talensky/Toad Kelly Sheridan - Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch Richard Ian Cox - Peitro Maximoff/Quicksilver Trevor Devall - Pyro The Hellfire Club: Jennifer Hale - Emma Frost Rene Auberjonois - Sebastian Shaw Christopher Jugde - Magneto Kirby Morrow - Scott Summers/Cyclops Matt Hill - Alex Summers/Havoc Kevin Michael Richardson - Blackheart Campbell Lane - Mastermind Others: Will Friedle - Peter Parker/Spider-man Jason Marsden - Johnny Storm/Human Torch Michael T Wiess - Matt Murdock/Daredevil Jim Brynes - Nick Fury

Ultimate Spider-man - season 4 episode guide

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Image hosted by ___________________________________________________ Cast: Will Friedle - Peter Parker/Spider-man Maggie O'Hara - Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat Grey Delisle - Mary Jane Watson Jason Marsden - Johnny Storm/Human Torch Ashley Johnson - Liz Allen Amy Hill - Aunt May Rider Strong - Flash Thompson Clancey Brown - J Jonah Jameson Phil LaMarr - Robbie Robertson Maria Canals - Betty Brant Mark DeCarlo - Ben Urich ___________________________________________________ 47. Dormmamu's minions - part.1 Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo), Tom Kenny(Ezekiel), Tia Carrere(Shathra), Ron Pearlman(Morlun) Dormmamu got angry that everything he tries failed because of Spider-man. He summond his three greatest minions: Ezekiel, Shathra and Morlun to get rid of Spider-man. Notes: * First animated appearences of Morlun, Ezekiel and Shathra. * In this show, Ezekiel has a different but scary look and seems to be modelled after Michael Jackson. ___________________________________________________ 48. Dormmamu's minions - part.2 Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo), Tom Kenny(Ezekiel), Tia Carrere(Shathra), Ron Pearlman(Morlun), Colleen O'Shaughnessey(Elizabeth) Spider-man got thrown into another dimension by Morlun and couldn't get out. And whats worst is that he could'nt contact Madame Web. He then gets help from a woman mutant named Elizabeth, who also got trapped into Dormmamu dimension for many years and she says that the only way to get out is to defeat Dormmamu. But they did not know that Morlun, Shathra and Ezekiel are in the dimension as well. ___________________________________________________ 49. Dormmamu's minions - part.3 Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo), Tom Kenny(Ezekiel), Tia Carrere(Shathra), Ron Pearlman(Morlun), Colleen O'Shaughnessey(Elizabeth), Samuel Vincent(Wallace), Danielle Judovits(Diana) Spider-man, Elizabeth and her mutant friends Wallace and Diana tries to find a way out of Dormmamu's world of horror. Elizabeth told Spidey that the three was trapped in the dimension for liken hundreds of years and haven't age. When they were born they were given special powers from the gods(which is not true becuase they are mutants)and they tries fighting Dormmamu but got trapped instead. Spidey promised them to find a way out and that way is to defeat Dormmamu in another portal and they have to reach the portal by dodgeing every attack of Morlun, Ezekiel and Shathra. Notes: * Like Forge from X-Men Evolution, Rebbeca, Wallace and Diana are still looking young even after they got out of the portal. * Spidey sent the three to the Xavier Institude ___________________________________________________ 50. Like Father, Like Son Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan(Kinpin), Phil LaMarr(Richard Fisk/Rose) Richard Fisk, the son of Wilson Fisk better known as the Kinpin feels that his father dosen't care about him. He stares at his flower garden full of roses that his dead mother planted and realizes that he wants attention from his father. So he decides to ruin his father's business commiting crimes himself using his new identity of the Rose. Spider-man and Kingpin must work together to stop Rose once and for all. Notes: * First animated appearence of the Rose. ___________________________________________________ 51. Scorpian Strikes Guest stars: Michael Rosembaum(Mac Gargan/Scorpian), George Newbern(Uncle Ben) Mac Gargan, a classmate from school mutated himself into a scopian-like creature using Dr Connors chemicals to get revenge on Spider-man for killing his father, who is the burglar who murdered Uncle Ben. Notes: * First appearence of Scorpian. ___________________________________________________ 52. The Curse - part.1 Guest stars: Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), David Kaye(Charles Xavier), Scott McNeil(Wolverine) After being defeated by Spider-man, Dormmamu put a curse on him causing him to mutate in strange ways. While battling some robbers Spidey feels pain and he seek Charles Xavier for help. But he can't help Peter in finding a cure so he left. By the time Peter got back home, he mutated. Notes: * First appearence of Six Arm Spidey ___________________________________________________ 52. The Curse - part.2 Guest stars: Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), David Kaye(Charles Xavier), Scott McNeil(Wolverine), Jim Brynes(Nick Fury) The mutated Spidey left the house and decided not to return home and live his whole life as Spidey. Kitty asked Xavier for help so he created another holographic inducer like Nightcrawler for Spidey. Nick Fury and SHIELD hunts down Spidey to an old warebouse. Prof.X tracks down Peter using Cerebra and Logan and Kitty got there quick. But once they got there they got attacked by a Spider-monster. Notes: * Spidey mutated into Man-Spider like in the 90's Spider-man series. ___________________________________________________ 53. The Curse - part.3 Guest stars: Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormmamu), Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), David Kaye(Charles Xavier), Scott McNeil(Wolverine), Jim Brynes(Nick Fury), Brad Swaile(Nightcrawler), Megan Black(Rogue), Dee Bradley Baker(Man-Spider) After Spidey mutated into Man-Spider, he went terrorizing New York without realizing. Human Torch reached to the warehouse as fast as he can. Later, Madame Web appeared and she told Logan, Kitty and Johnny that the only way to save Peter is to defeat Dormmamu in his own dimension. But will they succeed? Notes: * It was revealed that Madame Web is Charles Xavier's sister. ___________________________________________________ 54. The Vampire of Manhatten - part.1 Guest stars: Jeff Bennett(Morbius, the living vampire), Maurice LaMarche(Dr Curt Connors) Kitty got assigned by Curt Connors to work with Michael Morbius, a fellow student in Mid Town high who is a genius to work on a project on Bats while Peter gets paired up with Mary Jane. Morbius decided to work on the special abilities of a vampire bat. But then there was an accident and Morbius became a vampire and he bit Kitty. Notes: * First appearence of Morbius * Although Peter was in this episode, Spider-man is not. ___________________________________________________ 55. The Vampire of Manhatten - part.2 Guest stars: Jeff Bennett(Morbius, the living vampire), Maurice LaMarche(Dr Curt Connors) Kitty got bitten by Morbius they start to search for victims so they can suck their blood. Spider-man and Mary Jane must find an antidote by searching through Morbius files and finding a cure before everyone become Vampires. Notes: * Kitty gets cured. Morbius however escaped and hides in a haunted house. ___________________________________________________ 56. The Dark King will rise Guest stars: Dale Wilson(Doctor Strange), Kevin Michael Richardson(Dormammu,Venom), Tom Kenny(Carnage), Jim Brynes(Nick Fury), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo) Doctor Strange informed Peter that Venom and Carnage went to fulfill a Prophecy where Dormmamu return to rule the earth. Spider-man called upon Nick Fury to take him to the Stone Henge in British Alse so he can stop Venom and Carnage from fulfillig the Prophecy but can he and SHIELD stop them? Notes: * The Stone Henge appears to be Dormmamu's gateway to earth. * Spider-man fails * Dormammu returns to his temple in the Himalayas around the border of India and Nepal. * Dormammu has not ruled the world yet. He needs to open the 3 doors which are located in different parts of the world similar to Apocalypes. ___________________________________________________ 57. Hobgoblin - part.1 Guest stars: Loren Lester(Harry Osborn) Harry returns to Mid Town High and to everyones surprise he seemed to forget about his father's death and even tries to flirt with MJ Flash Thompson style. Harry and Peter became friends and he brings Pete to Oscorp which was actually a trap for Spider-man when Harry becomes a monster like the Green Goblin. Notes: * Harry becomes the Hobgoblin. ___________________________________________________ 58. Hobgoblin - part.2 Guest stars: Loren Lester(Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin), Jim Brynes(Nick Fury), Scott McNeil(Wolverine) Spider-man manage to defeat Harry in a difficult battle while SHIELD takes him away Nick Fury told Peter that Harry escaped from the SHIELD prison cell and they put him back again. Hobgoblin however seems to suffer from the super-soilder formula that was inside the Oz. Because of the pain Hobgoblin went Rogue and broke out of the prison cell and terrorize everyone. Peter and Wolverine worked together with the Oscorp scientists to create the cure for Harry. Seeing how strong Hobgoblin is, Spider-man and Wolverine did not use the cure on Harry but they used some of it on a legendary hero to fight the Hobgoblin. Notes: * First appearence of Captain America. * This entire story arc is the sequel to the X-Men Evolution episode "Operation Rebirth". * Captain America is finally cured. * The Super-soilder formula that was in the Oz that created Green Goblin and Hobgoblin was the same formula used in Project Rebirth that created Captain America. ___________________________________________________ 59. Hobgoblin - part.3 Guest stars: Loren Lester(Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin), Jim Brynes(Nick Fury), Scott McNeil(Wolverine), Kevin Conroy(Steve Rogers/Captain America), Rino Romano(Young Ben Parker) Spider-man, Wolverine and the reborn Captain America went to stop the Hobgoblin's rampage so they could give him the cure. Notes: * It was revealed that Captain America knows Peter's Uncle Ben during World War II when was in the battle. ___________________________________________________

Nightwing TAS - The Interview

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Image hosted by Image hosted by ___________________________________________________ (Based on Characters of DC Comics) This interview with the Nightwing and BOP creator Shantosh 9500. ___________________________________________________ ???: Hello Shantosh, how are you? Shantosh: I'm fine thank you ???: I may like to ask you some questions. What gave you the idea of creating an animated Nightwing series? Shantosh: Well usually Batman shows are my inspirations. I don't think its fair that Nightwing was never seen after the Teen Titans episode "How long is forever?". So i decided to bring him back. ???: So how many shows have you made so far? Shantosh: So far i made three DC shows like Nightwing, Birds of Prey and Teen Titans Unlimited and three Marvel shows like Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers and Weapon X Unleased. I am currently working on a new Ultimate Fantastic Four series. These shows are all made by the WB. ???: Amazing! Okay back on the topic. Let talk about Nightwing. He seems alot different than his appearence in Batman Gotham Knights. He is more muscular and more stronger. Also he has different costume. Shantosh: I feel that Nightwing needs a change. The costume is obviously based on the comic costume rather than the one in BGK. Yes i want to be more stronger but not super buff like Batman. I decided to cut of that stupid ponytail and take away that Bird emblem. I don't want him to have an emblem like Superman and Batman. Also he is more like Batman you know like Darker and Scarier. His alter-ego Dick Grayson seems to be a funny and a happy go lucky kind of guy while Nightwing is like Dark and Scary. His love interest in this series is Barbara Gordan aka Oracle and sometimes Huntress. There are also some dead scenes so thats why this show is for Teens only and not exactly for kids. ???: Why Batman never appear in season one? Shantosh: You mean the Bruce Wayne Batman right? Because Batman Beyond appeared in season one. ???: Yeah Shantosh: Well i decided to give Dick a good start. I don't think its right to have a father figure like Batman to be in season one. ???: Okay but how come Robin appears the most? Shantosh: The thing is that JLUMember1, the creator of The New Robin Adventures is one of the co-producers of Nightwing along with LeatherWings(season one only), Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami and writers include Dwayne McDuffie and Paul Dini. I think its a good idea to have Tim Drake in this series. I want Dick and Tim to be more like Brothers than just partners. I'm also one of the co-producers of The TNRA which is also one of the reasons why Nightwing has alot of appearence in that show. ???: Thats sweet of you. I notice you created some characters for the show. Can you tell us about those characters? Shantosh: First there is Officer Carlos Rodrigus. He was then killed by Nite-Wing while he was going undercover. I picked Rino Romano to play him because the he do the spainish accent was incredible. Then there is The Dragon, who was voiced by Phil LaMarr using his Samurai Jack voice. I want to have a chinese villain that uses magic and have Kung-fu moves. There is also Jasmine Goh, voiced by Ming-Na who helps Nightwing to fight the Dragon along with her master, voiced by Keone Young. There is also the Python, voiced by Tia Carrere who is a new edition to the series. ???: Thanks but will there be more made characters? Shantosh: Well there will be few more coming in the next season. ???: Why do you create characters for the series? Shantosh: I feel that Nightwing don't have enough villains and friends so i decided to create some. If Murakami can create characters for Teen Titans why can't I? ???: I also realized that characters from Static Shock appearing in this series especially She-Bang. Shantosh: Well ever since Static Shock got cancelled i decided to bring it back. So i decided to have metahumans in Bludhaven who escaped from Dakota after the big bang. She-Bang is like one of the main characters now in this series ever since she became a Bludhaven resident. Its like this series is bringing Static Shcok back. ???: Speaking of Bludhaven i see you made alot of changes to Bludhaven not just adding metahumans. Shantosh: Well since Gotham is well protected because of Batman and Robin, Bludhaven however is more dirtier and not a good place to live. Nightwing thinks its not fair that Bludhaven dosen't have a superhero. Bludhaven here is more dangerous than its comic counterpart. It has Bats and rats all over the place and like Gotham, Bludhaven is also always dark. ???: Will there be a Nightwing Beyond? Shantosh: Not a series but an animated movie like Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker. ???: Can we talk about Nightwing's future? What gave you the idea to have Tim Drake's son to be the new Nightwing? Shantosh: I don't know the answer to that question. I came up with the idea of Tim Drake sending his children to study in Bludhaven because he thinks that Gotham isn't a safe place to raise his kids. The future of Bludhaven seems alot safe than in the past ever since Dick became the mayor of the city. Also the bond between Dick Grayson and Alex Drake, Tim's oldest son is alot like Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis you know Master and Apprentice. I chose Jason Marsden to play the future Nightwing because i think he would be great to play the part. ???: Okay now lets talk about the Dick/Barbara relationship. Do you have any words? Shantosh: Well that seems to be the most touching part of the series. Dick and Barbara seems to have feelings for each other ever since Batman TAS. I have been thinking of a marraige between Dick and Babs but that may cause confusion because of Batman Beyond. It seems stupid that Bruce or Barbara never gotten married. ???: Will Nightwing ever get a crossover with a Marvel character? Shantosh: There is a Spider-man/Nightwing movie that i made but its not connected to the series. In the JL/Avengers movie, Nightwing teamed up with the Punisher if that is what you're looking for. ???: Blockbuster seems alot different than his appearence in JLU. Shantosh: Well this is a different Blockbuser. The one in JLU is Mark Desmond while this one is his brother, Roland Desmond. ???: Will there be a season 4 and so on? Shantosh: Yes it is currently in production and season 3 is still airing. I have been thinking of adding Lady Vic, Double Dare, Tarantula, Stallion and Shrike in the series. ???: Okay Shantosh thank you for that interview. Shantosh: No problem.

Teen Titans Unlimited

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Image hosted by Show summary: Introducing Teen Titans Unlimited. Takes place a year after Teen Titans, Nightwing along with Starfire, Changeling, Cyborg, Raven and Terra summoned the world's greatest teen heroes to become the Teen Titans Unlimited to fight for truth, justice and the last piece of pizza. Cast: Main Members: Scott Menville - Nightwing(Formaly Robin) Hynden Walch - Starfire Khary Payton - Cyborg Greg Cripes - Changeling(Formally Beatboy) Tara Strong - Raven(white) Ashley Johnsson - Terra Michael Rosenbaum - Kid Flash Titans East: Wil Wheaton - Tempest(formally Aqualad) Mike Erwin - Arsenal(formally Speedy) T'Keyah Keymáh - Bumblebee Freddy Rodriguez - Mas Y Menos Jason Marsden - Superboy Grey Delisle - Wondergirl Others: Mathew Valencia - Robin II Danielle Judovits - Batgirl Bumper Robinson - Hotspot Dee Bradley Baker - Wildebeest, Gnarrk and Larry Jason Marsden - Red Star & Gear Tara Strong - Kole Danica McKellar - Lillith Phil LaMarr - Static ??? - Pantha ??? - Killowat ??? - Argent ??? - Bushido ??? - Herald ??? - Jericho

Ultimate Spider-man - Episode guide - Season 3

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Image hosted by ___________________________________________________ Cast: Will Friedle - Peter Parker/Spider-man Maggie O'Hara - Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat Grey Delisle - Mary Jane Watson Loren Lester - Harry Osborne/Hobgoblin Jason Marsden - Johnny Storm/Human Torch Nicole Sullivan - Gwen Stacey Ashley Johnson - Liz Allen Amy Hill - Aunt May Rider Strong - Flash Thompson Clancey Brown - J Jonah Jameson Phil LaMarr - Robbie Robertson Maria Canals - Betty Brant Mark DeCarlo - Ben Urich ___________________________________________________ 35. Ultimate Six - part.1 Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan(Kingpin), Jeff Bennett(Doc Ock), Michael Donovan(Electro), Dee Bradley Baker(William Baker/Sandman), Eric Stuart(Kraven the Hunter), Kevin Michael Richardson(Rhino), Christopher Gray(Lance Alvers/Avalance) The Kinpin got tired of Spider-man messing with his plans so he hired five of Spider-man's foes, Electro, Doc Ock, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter and the Rhino. Then Lance Alvers came and join the Kinpin and his new team and they call themselves the Ultimate Six to defeat Spider-man once and for all. Whats worst is Lance knows who Spidey is. Notes: * The series now have a new thme opening and a new theme song done by Evanesence. Ironically the band done soundtracks for many Marvel movies such as Daredevil, Punisher and Fantastic Four. * 3-D Animation is now used for the background from the episode onwards. * Spidey have a new costume(look above)in this season. His eyes are yellow and bug like similar to Spider-man Unlimited, the red part parts of his costume became more like an armour, his mask became a helmet for head protection and the blue parts were replaced by black parts. Also Peter, MJ, Johnny, Gwen, Flash and Liz now wears new street clothes. ___________________________________________________ 36. Ultimate Six - part.2 Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan(Kingpin), Jeff Benntt(Doc Ock), Michael Donovan(Electro), Dee Bradley Baker(William Baker/Sandman), Eric Stuart(Kraven the Hunter), Kevin Michael Richardson(Rhino), Christopher Gray(Lance Alvers/Avalance), Matt Hill(Alistaire Symthe), Jim Byrnes(Nick Fury) The Ultimate Six got Peter captured. The Kinpin plans to control Spidey using a helmet created by his new employee Alistaire Symthe. Spidey must escape before he gets control. Notes: * Introduces Alistaire Symthe. * Rhino, Kraven and DocOck got arrested by SHIELD while the others are still running loose. ___________________________________________________ 37. White Rabbit's Wonderland Guest stars: Tara Strong(The White Rabbit), Hynden Walch(Alice), Tom Kenny(King of Hearts), Mary Jo Catlett(Queen of Hearts) A girl name Alice, who has loads of trouble in her life(including the death of her parents) meets the White Rabbit and her gang. She took her to her wonderland(a painted warehouse) and ask he to join her. Spidey and Kitty must try to stop the White Rabbit and try to convince Alice to leave the gang. Notes: * This episode marks the first animated appearence of the White Rabbit. * In this version, the White Rabbit has a very Gothic look and modelled after Amy Lee of Evanesence, the band who made the new theme song for the series. ___________________________________________________ 38. The Mud Monster Guest stars: Dee Bradley Baker(Sandman,Mud Monster), Rob Paulson(Hydroman) While Spider-man swinging back home. Both Hydroman and Sandman attcked nim at the same time. After that both Hydroman and Sandman merge together to become the Mud Monster to stop Spidey once and for all. Notes: * The mudmonster first appeared in the Amazing Spider-man Issues #217 & #218. This is the first time Mudmonster appeared on TV. ___________________________________________________ 39. Marathon Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web), Spidey got summonded by Madame Web, a fortune teller with Mystical powers after seeing Spidey's fight with Dormammu in the season 2 episode "Doctor Strange". Madame Web chooses Spider-man to face the greatest challenge ever and she made Peter undergo training, which is a deadly race to the finish. Notes: * Introduces Madame Web * There are no villains in this episode ___________________________________________________ 40. Big Mysteries Guest stars: Dabney Coleman(Mysterio), Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web) While returning from school, Peter notices a bank robbery nearby committed by new villain who names himself Mysterio. While battling Mysterio, Spidey got sent to another world(which is an illusion) and he couldn't get out. Notes: * First appearence of Mysterio. ___________________________________________________ 41. Suits of Vengence - part.1 Guest stars: Rob Paulson(Eddie Brock), Christopher Gray(Lance Alvers), Kevin Michael Richardson(Venom, Dormammu), Tom Kenny(Carnage), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo), Adrienne Barbeau(Madame Web) Dormammu grows impatient because he had not conquered the world yet. He ask Baron Mordo for a powerful army so he reunites Eddie Brock and Lance Alvers with their "suits". They were given the Synaptic - a hivemind producing spores that turn people into it's mindless slaves and they must use it on a people with special abilitys and the first person would be Spider-man. Notes: * The Synaptic was first used in Spider-man Unlimited. ___________________________________________________ 42. Suits of Vengence - part.2 Guest stars:Kevin Michael Richardson(Venom,Dormammu), Tom Kenny(Carnage), Neil Denis(Evan Daniels/Spyke), Saffron Henderson (Callisto), Carlos Alazraqui(Baron Mordo) After Spider-man was freed from the Synaptic, Venom and Carnage left Queens for Bayville. At, the Bayville sewers, Spyke was training the young Morlocks until Venom and Carnage came into the sewers and used the synaptic on the morlocks. Spyke however managed to escape and bumped into Spidey. Now its up to Spider-man and Spyke to save the Morlocks from being Dormammu's army. Notes: * Venom and Carnage is still running lose. ___________________________________________________ 43. Liz's Nightmare Guest stars: David Kaye(Professor X), Kirsten Williamson(Storm), Brad Swaile(Nightcrawler), Megan Black(Rogue), Kirby Morrow(Cyclops), Venus Terzo(Jean Grey), Scott McNeil(Wolverine) Liz is having nightmares and Johnny starts to get worried. Meawhile at Bayville, Cerebra(an Advanced version of Cerebro)picked out something in Queens and Charles Xavier ordered the X-Men to find out. They team up with Spider-man and Human Torch to find the new mutant. And the mutant turned out to be Liz, who ran away from home after finding out she is a mutant. Notes: * Liz's power is turning into either solid, liquid or gas. * Liz became an X-Man. * This episode reveals that Johnny has feelings for Liz ___________________________________________________ 44. Arcade the Spider-slayer Guest stars: Gabe Khouth(Webber Torque/Arcade), Michael Clarke Duncan(Kingpin), Matt Hill(Alistaire Symthe) While on a field trip, Bayville High student Webber Torque aka Arcade goof off bump into the Kinpin and destroyed his machine. Arcade fixes his machine and Kinpin was impressed. He then want to use Arcade to build him a Spider-slayer than would destroy Spider-man once and for all. So Spidey has to find Arcade and stop him by dodging the Spider Slayer's attacks Notes: * Arcade returns from X-Men evolution ___________________________________________________ 45. Silver Sable - part.1 Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan(Kingpin) Gwen still cannot handle the fact that her father is dead because of Spider-man even though it wasn't his fault. She plans to kill one of her closest friend by joining the Kinpin's gang. The Kinpin trains her to become his greatest apprentice, Silver Sable and plans to use her to destroy Spider-man Notes: * Gwen becomes the Silver Sable. ___________________________________________________ 46. Silver Sable - part.2 Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan(Kingpin), Michael T Weiss(Daredevil), Amy Acker(Electra) The Silver Sable captured Spider-man and plans to give him to the Kingpin for cash. Luckily, Daredevil and Electra came to rescue Spidey. Peter woke up in Matt Murdock's house after that and Matt healed his wounds. After recovery Spidey teams up with Daredevil and Electra to stop Silver Sable and bring back the old Gwen. Notes: * Gwen died in this episode. ___________________________________________________
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