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This Just In: Bethesda is the New Squaresoft

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Believe it.

At least when it comes to making kick-ass RPGs, anyway. It's so nice to have a company in this industry whose products you just look forward to -- often without even knowing much about them. That's the feeling I used to get from a Squaresoft announcement, and it died around the time FFXII came out. I'd already fallen in love with the awesome (though flawed) Morrowind on the original Xbox, but when Oblivion came out, it just blew me away. 200+ hours later I'd finished every main quest and a majority of the side-events, and I was STILL in love with the world and could spend days just trekking across it questing.

Square died, but the RPG genre is saved for me by Bethesda. November can't come soon enough.

$5 Gas Coming...

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Because George Bush is a scumbag oil baby who is killing our boys in his illegal war just so he can make Iraq into a pro-US dictatorship that sells cheap oil.

Oh wait, Bush isn't president anymore... and we are still getting bent over at the pump by OPEC. Where are all the outraged libs smearing themselves with oil and fake blood? F***** same place the cowardly libs are in the Wisconsin senate -- hiding, like little girls.

Q: What will the libs whinge about now?

A: Nothing, because they're a bunch of hypocritical lowlifes. They'll keep their traps shut about the cost of gas just like they've STFU about the Patriot Act and the wars.

In other words, business as usual in La-La Lib Land. Cry like f****** babies and then stick the head right in the sand when the same s*** happens under your watch.

The silence is deafening, Libs, and you were, once again, on the wrong side of history.

Not Sure About Dead Space 2...

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So Ijust started disc 2 on Dead Space 2, and I have to say that so far, I'm not liking the combat as much as the first. The main reason for this is because the game deviates from the first and takes atmosphere to levels that hurt gameplay. For example, most deaths I've encountered in the game have been from off-screen enemies, which feels cheap. Far too often, I'll be severing limbs off an enemy and get killed by one I didn't know was there and couldn't have seen anyway because the game thinks it is Doom 3 and likes to make every enemy encounter take place in near complete darkness. This is hugely disappointing because the first game's combat was sublime -- tactical and challenging without every really feeling cheap.

Some of the new weapons feel pretty useless as well, although I like that you can res-spec everything so you're not married to any unwise choices.

The story is (at least thus far) pretty s****y. It ambles along and doesn't really develop anyone -- including Isaac, and just generally kind of sucks and feels, honestly, kind of pointless.

I don't know... this game was really high up on my list of games to play this year, but the above (and the fear that the campaign is going to be short -- I'm on disc 2 and I've only logged like 4 hours of play) makes me feel like the game is going to be a pretty big letdown when all is said and done. Granted, I'm not done with it yet, and maybe the game gets a giant dose of awesome in the second half.

Let's hope so.

The left busts out the Nazi signs and violent imagery

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You know.... the rhetoric they like to profess that EVERYONE else uses BUT THEM.

You know, things like Hitler signs and scope crosshairs painted on the faces of political opponents. Words like "Tyrant" and "dictator" that they found so OFFENSIVE and SCARY before...

Liberalism truly is a mental disease, folks. They talk a good game, but in reality they're no different from any other extremist group here in America, just less bathed.

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Capitalist

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Apparently, Socialism only applies when it's other people's money.

Like most leftist scumbags, he likes to pretend to be a "man of the people" and likes to make movies about greed, but when 20 million isn't enough for a movie that capitalized on the nation's grief (and yes, liberal stupidity) after 9/11, Moore's just shown his flabby flag, sailing high above the 'ol SS Hypocrisy.

Prog/Lib Rally Full of Racists & Hate-Mongers

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This is from a rally in Palm Springs that took place after the Giffords shooting... when all the libs and progressives called for a more civil tone and less inflammatory rhetoric, you know, like the RACIST VIOLENT TEA PARTY (who has never had anyone caught on video saying the things said here by the peace-loving liberal-progressives).

At numerous times in the video, "peaceful" libs and progressives call for the lynching of Justice Clarence Thomas.

"Send him back to the fields," said one man.

"String him up," said a middle-aged woman.(The same man said Justice Scalia should be sent back to Sicily).

"Hang him," said a college-aged kid.

Another woman, challenges Glenn Beck to a "duel" and she infers that she wants to shoot him. "I carry Glock," she says in the video. "You name the time and the place, Glenn," she says.

This is the peace-loving left in action. The same peace-loving left that spewed the same crap above for eight years during Bush and then acted all butt-hurt when the other side mobilized. Interestingly, media covered this event, but none ran any stories on the racist, violent footage Breitbart captured. Interesting...

Punxsutawney Al Resurfaces, Blames Blizzard on... GLOOOOBBBAAAAL WAAAARMING!!!!!

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Global warming head cases are consistent only in their stupidity.

Here's a democrat saying the LACK OF SNOW was caused by global warming:


What's even more amazing is that there are still people who believe in this garbage, but it wouldn't be the first time a good orator was capable of inducing people into madness (see: the first radio broadcast of War of the Worlds).

Obama Gets Owned/ObamaCare Deemed Unconstitutional

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The judge used Obama's own campaign rhetoric as justification for the ruling.

What an empty suit this socialist is. He isn't even consistent. To enact legislation that you promised not to enact on the campaign trail means one of three things:

1) He's a moron (a distinct possibility after seeing him in office two years).

2) He doesn't care when he contradicts himself, so long as it gets him his way.

3) Both.

I think 3 is the one. First, you have to be a f****** MORON to let a head case like Nancy Pelosi write your bill to begin with, and second, I don't think this guy gave a s*** what his electorate thought at that time in his presidency. NOTHING was going to stop him -- not the people, not the constitution, not even his own LOGIC used on the campaign trail. He was obsessed -- made mad in the frenzy to give out a meal ticket and get people on the government teat.

How sad. And since November's elections he's been trying to act like a centrist again (the disguise he wore in the 2008 campaign), only it's too late -- people see the fraud that he is.

Why I Won't Be Buying a PSP2

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1) Sony sucks these days. It sounds fanboyish to say, but goddamnit, when you lived through two generations of Sony at their best, it's hard not to reach any other conclusion and keep a straight face. Sony just is NOT what they once were when it comes to video games. That's not to say that they're completely worthless, only that they've devolved to a mere shadow of their former selves. It's for this reason alone that I'll be taking a long, long, long look before even thinking about buying another Sony product.

2) They're trying to sell the PSP2 using the same busted philosophy they used with the PSP and PS3: brute force. And how did that work out? It'd be real easy if power was the only barometer by which systems thrive or die, but they don't. The PS3 and PSP were both hyped up as game changers from a power standpoint, and not only were those claims mostly bupkis (the PS3 has never proven itself to be measurably more powerful that its competitor, despite what Sony claims), power didn't have anything to do with their current standings.

3) Springboarding off of the power argument, we have cost. I don't know anyone but the most ardent fanboys who believe the PSP2 will go for less than $300, and it's more likely that it'll be $350 or $400. That's simply too much for a handheld, especially when it's the successor of an already failed overpriced platform.

4) There is NO GAME STRATEGY with the PSP other than port the home experience over, which to me, only emphasizes the weakness of a handheld in general, seeing as the screen is tiny and the sound sucks compared to its at-home counterpart. It's nice that they included two sticks, but when it comes time to buy the next Uncharted game and there's two versions available that cost nearly as much, I'm gonna go with the home version, thanks. And I'm sure as f*** not spending a hundred to a hundred and twenty to buy both versions. That's just f****** stupid.

5) The market changed, and Sony never really truly "got" the old one. There are more competitors in the fray now than ever. Angry Birds has sold 50 million copies with not one available on the PSP (or the DS, for that matter). That's a huge, huge, HUGE number, and it's proof-positive that the market for $6 games is vastly bigger than the $30, $40, or $50 one. Sony doesn't understand what a handheld buyer wants. They still think that the reason to carry around a handheld is so it can be shown off to friends. While this is A reason, it's certainly not THE reason.

6) Hideo Kojima was at the reveal, which soured me on the device even further. What better way to make the device an even tougher sell for me than to trot out the guy who RUINED one of my favorite childhood series by making the finale a sappy, retcon-filled joke. Further, his PSP games were f***** awful -- one busted adventure and two card games, with one I never even gave the chance when the reveal video looked like the intro to a hentai cartoon. Hideo will undoubtedly be a selling point for many people, but for me, it's a reason NOT to buy. I'm just done with the guy -- he's too busy thinking he's clever to make good games anymore, and he's a sign of greatness past. In that sense, I guess he and Sony are made for each other.

Anyway, maybe Sony will truly surprise with the PSP2 and it'll be a grand awakening for the lost giant, but I'm sure not going to place money on it. I've seen too much in the last five years to let me know I'd be a goddamned fool to jump in again, at least for now.