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Shame-usBlackley Blog

The 7-11 President

And no, I don't mean crystal clean with no caffeine.

For every 7 dollars the federal government received, it spent 11. You can't keep a country afloat with that type of spending.

O's got to go.

Why No One Won Tonight's Debate

1. Anyone who knows anything about how events unfolded in Benghazi knows why Obama refused to answer the man's question on Libya, and that is because he either looks incompetent (IE -- We didn't know what was happening) or he looks like a liar (calling it a terrorist incident when he didn't.) Everyone knows Obama went on TV and blamed the incident at least twice on that stupid Youtube movie. Crowley and Obama can try to backtrack and say he called it a terrorist attack, but hey -- he still admits he doesn't know what it was when it only took, what, three days for us to figure out who committed 9/11? Not to mention that this was the SECOND attack on the the ambassador's compound (the wall was blown up on June 6). So the president is either wilffully deceiving the public or is incompetent.

Romney had a chance at a home run here and did not play this well, because when Crowley tried to help Obama by lying for him and saying he did call it a terrorist attack, he could have cited all the times since then, including Obama's ambassador standing in front of the UN blaming it on the video, not an act of terrorism. And when Obama tried to act mad about it, Romney missed a golden opportunity to tell Obama that it's hard not to get mad when you mess up so badly, and that sorry if he finds it offensive, but four people lost their lives and their government hasn't a leader to step up and decide what to do about it. Leaders don't make up fake riots and blame indie moviemakers for their shortcomings.

Crowley looked terrible as well, because she, in an effort to defend Obama, was wrong as well. And she has since recanted her stance:

2. Obama STILL can't defend his policies. He promised to halve the deficit and he did not. He promised 5% unemployment by now and we are three points off from there, and that's WITH the Obama administration ceasing to count people who have been unemployed so long that they've run out of benefits. Were those counted, the number goes into double digit unemployment. Gas prices are high and he's closed drilling off federal lands and squashed the idea of the new oil pipeline. His whole reelection strategy is that he is right and the evidence is all wrong. But the reality is that he asked for this job, and knew it was not going to be easy. If you were hiring someone to fix something, and after making them aware of the difficulties they faced and what was expected of them, they started making excused four years later for the lack of progress, you might listen to them, but you'd still probably fire them. At least you would if you were a smart business person. We hired this man to get a job done, and now he wants to tell us every reason in the world why it's someone else's fault and not his own that he didn't even come close to meeting his own self-imposed goals. That's not leadership, that's not success. That's failure.

Romney did not solidify his plan beyond the "cut taxes for the middle class, cut corporate taxes" mantra. That's a plan, but it isn't necessarily leadership.

I think Romney won the debate on substance, and Obama on rhetoric, but I think the American public lost. We have an incompetent president and a candidate that isn't much better. Liberals will feel better that Obama actually showed up to the debate this time, but they were already in the tank for him anyway. The rest of us watched a man try to defend a four year record of failure without solidifying what the plan would be for the next four, which leaves us to assume it would be more of the same, which has been, to put it kindly, fvcking awful.

So tonight we all lost. Congratulations.

Snoop Dogg's 10 Reasons to Vote for Obama

Pretty compelling stuff. If you're a racist piece of shlt, that is. The Democratic Party must be proud to have such an eloquent spokesman. I'm sure Snoop's list will do wonders at helping Obama win middle America over. I hope it gets all the play it deserves.

Why Obama Lost the Debate

The reasons Obama was handed one of the most brutal presidential debate beatdowns are simple:

The media hasn't challenged the man for anything he's done for four years. Of COURSE he's going to be rusty when the only thing the media has done is debate whether the guy is godly or just really rad.

Obama's record is indefensible. How do you defend an additional 6 trillion in debt, record food stamp usage, and mile high unemployment? The only way to do it is to blame Bush. That's not going to fly anymore, though.

Obama has never been much of a debater -- you get him away from his teleprompter, and he's a completely different animal.

John Kerry -- a dog-faced, two time loser who is about as inspiring as a roll of toilet paper -- helped him prepare for the debate.

Note to POTUS: If you don't want to get your ass kicked in the coming two debates. Ditch the sycophants, grow a pair, and try to come up with some convincing lies to atone for your record. Half the country is comprised of idiots who will believe you no matter what -- you just have to keep from looking totally uncredible to the other half as you did last night. Finally, remember that you're not debating Mitt Romney... you're debating the sensible half of the country that knows you've fvcked up for four years.

In Retrospect...

When Obama said:

"This was the moment when theriseof theoceansbegan to slow, and our planet began to heal..."

I think in retrospect that was the most outrageous, dumbest fvcking thing I've heard any politician promise. Ever.

I hadn't thought about it until I heard Romney repeat it at the RNC, and the quote sounds so outrageously narcissistic and stupid now that I'm actually sort of embarrassed for Obama. I think he had Ken Kutaragi writing his speech that day. What a fvcking idiot.

The Best Part About Game-Related Trade Shows...

Is watching all the hopeless cosplay dorks dress up like video game characters. I have followed the hobby for many years, but the basement dweller as a species fascinates me. I wonder sometimes if they sit there and act scenes out, pulling their guns out going PEW! PEW! PEW! And I wonder if they realize how hopelessly pathetic they are, and that they (and their offspring should they ever find another basement dweller to reproduce with) will be shamed for the rest of their lives as a result.

A distant runner-up is the action figure collecting basement dweller.

I didn't post in the Microsoft Conference E3 Thread

Not one peep.

A conference of such fuc*ed up magnitude doesn't even deserve the time it takes to trash it in an official thread, but I can blog about it -- Oh yes, I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT.

Fuc* Microsoft.

Fuc* Don Mattrick.

Fuc* Kinect.

Fuc* all the bullsh!t apps.

Fuc* Usher.

Fuc* Joe Montana.

Fuc* Smart Glass.

Fuc* Fable The Journey.

Fuc* Gears of War: Gaiden.

Fuc* entertainment hubs.

Halo 4 and Splinter Cell looked rad, but the rest was a giant pile of horsesh*t. If the is a glimpse of what an Xbox-led industry would look like, then gaming is fuc*ed in the ear. I expected it to be bad, what I got was the worst conference I've ever seen, and I've seen many. Ive long blamed Nintendo for ruining the generation, but it's Microsoft that is the true threat to the hobby. The direction they want to take it (and probably will if they get the chance, and believe me, if Sony doesn't step up, they WILL get the chance) is so fuc*ing foul and dangerous that it should be illegal to spend money on one. This conference was like a cross between MTV Raps, ESPN, and the Mouseketeer Club. It looked like the kind of shi* we used to make fun of and call people posers over. It looked like an idiot's approximation of pop culture and what people want to be entertained with. It looked SAD. Microsoft can fuc* right off, I'm through.