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6:07 9/11/12 Al Qaeda Claimed Responsibility for Benghazi

And the Obama administration spent the next two weeks blaming it on a riot that never happened and a shoddily-produced internet movie. Obama has tried to say otherwise, but it has been well documented that Ambassador Rice, James Carney, and the president himself, all blamed the occurrence on the movie and a fake riot.

Further, the now dead ambassador Stevens begged for more security for weeks leading up to his death, advising people that his detail was not enough to prevent the attacks that were already occurring (the wall to the compound was blown up with explosives earlier in the year), and his requests were DENIED.

Obama can say what he wants, and lie and say that he takes responsibility, but every time anyone has tried to hold him responsible, he gets pissy and indignant. The bottom line is that it took only a few days for us to find out who perpetrated and planned 9/11, and Obama expects us to ignore the mountain of evidence suggesting he knew who did it, including the admission of the man interviewed?

Please. Here are the facts:

Four Americans are dead, and the Obama administration has waffled back and forth between deciding whether they knew something or didn't know something. Most recently, they opted to go with not knowing something, but now the emails surface showing they clearly did.

The ambassador asked for more security and was denied.

The date of the incident should have been enough of a clue. I mean, Jesus Christ, I've seen teens in a Friday the 13th movie with more common sense. "Hey, someone's blowing up our embassy and it's September 11th, they must be mad about this movie that no one watched."

The Obama administration, knowing all the above, opted to blame, obfuscate, and harrass some mouth-breathing idiot film-maker in order to hide their shortcomings in an election year. Everyone knows this now, including Obama, who has declined to comment on the new emails released.

The mother of one of the slain SEALs has been asking/begging Obama for answers that she'll never get, because he's a liar and an empty suit who will do anything to get reelected. This isn't hyperbole or me laying blame -- it's a fact. The man is a liar, and the worst kind -- the kind who will step over dead bodies to get reelected.