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My PS4 vs Xbox One Ultimate Analogy

In this analogy, the PS4 will be a racing car, model PIV, costing $40,000. The Xbox One, M Infinity, is a modern car, costing $50,000. Buying a PIV is buying pure power. It's comfy, safe, you could blaze through the streets at almost 200 MPH (believed to top at 184 MPH), and it's damn snazzy looking -- made for racing, and only racing. The M Infinity is a nice looking car in itself, but It's bulkier, more expensive, and less powerful. That said, what it lacks in speed and power, it makes up for in features tailored around the everyday-person. Everything you need for yourself and your family in one neat car. It has all the convenience you could ask for in a car. Though the M Infinity isn't the fastest car around, it can run at almost 150 MPH (believed to top at 131 MPH), which is fast enough to get your fix. The M Infinity has more features then the average car, but some find them to be overcompensating for the lack of speed and power. While the PIV is faster and better looking (to some, not everyone) than the modern multi-feature M Infinity, both vehicles will be left going the same, law-bound speed limit. It's power will often times be wasted on going at the same speed as the other cars around it. Sure there will eventually come a few instances where you'll find yourself blazing down the Autobahn with a speed and joy that no other car could provide, but this may be rare. But for some, that occasional joy ride may be worth every penny. For the M Infinity, it's not as fast as the PIV, but the lack of power will go unnoticed a far majority of the time -- just as with the last generation with the PIII and M 360. It's features are plentiful, and will be used beyond driving. Those around you (because you probably would be focusing on your driving a majority of the time... I hope) will be able to use the M Infinity's integrated TV. You could use the built-in Skype app to speak with family and friends as you drive your M Infinity, among many more things.The use of voice- and motion-control makes switching radio stations and using GPS, Skype, etc. much more convenient, though the inability to disconnect the camera may cause a problem for those more paranoid of the government's hidden agenda. You can deactivate it, but some are unwilling to believe that solves the problem. For the person who just wants to drive, they may want to purchase a PIV. It's cheaper, is overall faster, and sticks to the reason it was created -- driving. If you're someone who loves driving, but still likes to pull into a rest-stop every now and again to take a break from long trips, you may want to go with the M Infinity.

Rant: Gamer Opinions

As a human being you have the right to have your own opinion. Unfortunately, as a human being who lives on Earth, your opinion will be ruthlessly attacked on a daily basis by kids and immature adults you will never meet if you choose to publish your opinions online. Gamers nowadays, thanks to the Internet, are a very vocal group of people. Unfortunately, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, they never fail to state their opinion over yours and often in the most inconsiderate fashion possible. They are a ruthless bunch of ass faces who feel like they HAVE to tear you down for being so stupid to have actually thought that game you just rated deserved an 8, you idiot! It was garbage and deserved a 1! Fix it! 

Stating opinions will get you chastised

There's this guy -- Phil Fish -- who is very vocal about his opinion on the game industry. You probably know him; he's pretty notorious. Some say he's overly opinionated. Some say he's arrogant and a d-head. I personally have nothing against him. I feel like he's often misunderstood or misquoted. He may make some unconventional or seemingly rude comments here and there, but that's him. He doesn't mean to tick you off, he's just blunt with his honesty. But I digress. He said once, regarding modern Japanese games, that they "just suck." He's referring to recent games. I can't say he's completely wrong, but whether or not I agree or disagree, that is his opinion.

Now, for being honest and stating his opinion, he was labeled 'racist' (RACIST! Really?), he was said to hate Japan from this, he was said to have hated ALL Japanese games, he was harassed by hordes of angry gamers on Twitter and via email. He said MODERN Japanese games "just sucked". He's not racist, he's not dissing Japan. Stating his opinion caused a huge backlash of gamers to hate and harass him. Death threats were issued, names were called. His game Fez is suffering because people refuse to give him money. While that's okay in your own right, he's not the only one that worked on this game; his team needs to eat, too. He left Twitter once due to the people harassing him, and he is about to leave yet again. This shouldn't happen. 

What's the point of us gamers talking to one another about our feelings onthis video game or that console if the only thing we'll get out of it is hate? If we can't say anything bad about a company or, in Phil's case, a whole country's lack of fun without our lives threatened or being labeled racist, than why speak up about video games at all? I don't want everyone agreeing with me that this game or that game is amazing or crappy! I want to hear multiple opinions so I can possibly take into consideration other gamer's points and possibly learn a thing or two.

The War of the Consoles

 Console/System Wars, great stuff, right? "You're a worthless turd for playing Xbox, but I'm a god for having a PS3." "Just go die in a corner for playing PlayStation, there's only enough room for us superior Xbox gamers." "Lems and cows are the most stupid people on Earth; PC gaming is the way to go, and if you game any other way, you're stupid, stupid." You can only like one. This is a serious subject, and whether you game on Xbox, PS3 or PC shows how awesome/crappy of a person you are, right? There's absolutely no way you have only a set amount of money and can only afford one console. There's also definitely no way all your friends play one console and you want to be able to play with them by buying their chosen console.

If your parents get you an Xbox because they only had enough money for an Xbox, you should just thank them right there, because you're now an idiot; a kid with "no games to play". Haha, YOU'RE A FAILURE! Or say they got you a PS3 so you could play online for free. Guess what: enjoy not having Halo or Gears, and having to wait a month to get CoD maps! Haha, loser! Or maybe you heard your friends talking about a game called "Call of Duty". They're all playing it, and you really want to join them. They all have Xbox 360s, so that's what you'll buy. But wait! Haha, you idiot! now you have to pay 60 dollars a year for LIVE! Have fun not getting free games over PSN! Or let's flip that scenario; they all have PS3s now. Guess what? You should have done your research, because now you have an inferior online service! Have fun getting hacked and lagging with your cool friends, stupid idiot! Haha! Want a PC but they're too much money or too complicated for you to keep up on? Then you might as well enjoy not modding your games and get a Wii, momma's boy! Good luck trying to play Civilization with a PlayStation controller, or just TRY enjoying The Witcher 2 on Xbox's crappy graphics!

People are so focused on which console is "superior" that they never realize they are hindering themself from great experiences. We're gamers. We need to stick together. Why can't we get along? I don't have a PS3, and I won't be buying one, EVER! There's no point for me to buy one. It would be a waste of my money. How does that make you feel about me? What if I told you the reason for me not buying one is because I AM planning on getting a PS4, and from there I will be -- hopefully, I believe I read this will be a possibility even without backwards compatibility built in -- buying PS3 games over PSN. All the money I get is spent necessities . I can't afford a PS3 even though I really want one right now. Plus I'd hate to put down 300 dollars for something will be essentially obselete in not even six months. Does that make us friends? 

What if I said I don't like Microsoft's direction with the Xbox as of late, and that I am worried with what I will be hearing come the 21st? I think the next Xbox may be a family/kid thing. They're trying to get everyone of all demographics to buy their console, and in doing so, they are isolating gamers. They care more about their online features and Kinect than actually games. I think there's a chance it will fail us gamers so it can get more women, children and celebs involved in it. Me saying what I did about PS and Xbox would get me hate mail by people if I were famous or popular in the industry. It would make me a hated person for saying, AFTER it was misquoted, of course, "PLAYSTATION IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!"

Game Tastes

Some people love Tomb Raider, some don't care for it. Some hail Bioshock Infinite as the masterpiece of this generation, some say it's nothing more than a generic FPS. People are all different, therefore our likes and dislikes vary. I LOVED Darksiders (1, haven't played 2 yet. Dying to, though. It's next after AC3). Absolutely loved this game, but I was alone amongst my friends. They didn't care for it. The public didn't pay much attention to it. I saw a lot of gamers declaring it a Zelda/God of War ripoff. Speaking of the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time was amazing. One of my all-time favorites. The Legend of Zelda (NES game) was also terrific, but I was young when I played it and cannot fully remember it. Other than those two LoZs, I do not much care for the series. Majora's Mask was alright. I enjoyed Twilight Princess as much as I enjoy scrapping bird poop off my car window. That's just me. Zelda is an amazing series to a lot of dedicated fans. This is just an example of differed opinions.

If you come up to me saying, "Skyward Sword is the best game of all time!" I would let you have that. I understand that's your opinion. In my head, I'd be thinking, "You must have never played Metal Gear Solid," but again, that's just me. Maybe you have played it, but did not enjoy it. I get that. The problem with our industry is we tend to humiliate and attack people for dissing our favored games. No I will not slap you in the face for saying Alpha Protocol didn't deserve a sequel -- which it did! :evil:

I like that your opinion may vary from my own. We're different people. Yes, of course we'll have different thoughts on things. It's like how I think (don't leave) Half-Life 2 is overrated. It's my opinion.We all are very different, and that's a beautiful thing. Be different. You don't have to rate a game well because it's popular. You don't have to rate a game poorly because it's on the PS3 or 360. You don't have to rate a game poorly because of other reviews or trailers. Only rate games that you have played through and have an honest opinion of the game. Don't hate someone for their opinions. Don't chastise people for having a different opinion than your own.

Poor Phil meant nothing by it. He was being honest and I appreciate that. He will probably be leaving Twitter soon because of inconsiderate and sensitive jerks always harassing him. Good job! I really enjoy his rants, but thanks to your whining I will have to do without (you whiners know who you are). Don't hate a fellow gamer for their console of choice. If they like the plethora of PlayStation exclusives, the feel of an Xbox controller, the controls of the WiiU, or the keyboard-and-mouse combination of the PC, then let them enjoy that! When someone's opinion or preference doesn't affect you why be upset by it? We as gamers need to stick together and have one another's back. Just try to hear people out. That's all I'm saying.

Quick Thoughts: Next-Gen Consoles

I am very eager to see what Microsoft has in store. I know there will be innovation, I just don't know if it will be what I'm wanting. I'd rather not pay a large sum of money for a game console that's not a game console. And I really don't want to wave my hand around or speak to play my games. I'm tired of seeing ads on my dashboard even though I pay 60 dollars a year for LIVE, and I'm tired of seeing movies, TV and music becoming more prioritized than what made me want an Xbox in the first place -- GAMES!

As for the PS4, I do not have a FaceBook, and I don't want one. While Xbox having FB integration was very neat, it mattered to me less than what color shoes Bill Gates had on when he left his house the morning I found out about this "ground-breaking" feature. I don't give a rats ass about the social button; it's stupid, in my opinion. I don't like how you can "ghost play" for someone. That's going to lead to boosters paying someone way more familiar with a game to take over and grabs them levels, kills and unlockables they should never have owned. I just can't stand cheaters... But I digress, I don't like it. I don't like that there's no playback capability on here. I know the next Xbox may not allow it as well, but that really sucks. It's good I currently don't have a PS3 so I can just, hopefully, buy them all off PSN, but they'll be an arm and a leg there.

There are some good things, but so far the PS4 has flaws I don't like and I can't wait to see what Xbox is doing that I won't like. I'm ready to balance the pros and cons of each so I can make my decision on which will be my first console of the 8th generation of video games.

Rant: Game Ratings

Not the ESRB ratings, those are great. I am all for kids not getting their hands on GTA V. Not because I think it will turn them into the next Columbine kids, but because I don't think kids should be seeing chainsaw sex-toys at the age of ten... But I digress, I'm talking about the _ out of _ ratings system we have come to let govern whether we buy a game or completely overlook it.

If I gave into ratings, I most likely would have never played Alpha Protocol -- a widely underrated game I think should have effing seen a sequel! As much as I hate that CoD has stolen many gamers from Halo and Gears because of its uber-simple gameplay and accessibility, it's still an alright game series. BO2 kept me busy a little bit around Christmas time before I was done with it. If I were to rate it... 8.

That score, from me, most likely means nothing to anyone, but if maybe Adam Sessler were to give it an 8 (yes, I know he uses the 5-star rating system, which I actually like more) that is a very serious thing. That 8 means to one group to NOT buy. It's garbage, quickly spread word about its crappiness. Hastily flock to all the game sites and rate it 8, no, 6! If you even have a fragment of a thought of buying this Body Odor 2 game, you're a stupid loser, stupid!

To another group, that means its a good game. Buy it if you have the money, wait for a price drop, or rent it otherwise. These people will play the game and they will like it, because they were told it's a game worth 4/5 of your enjoyment.

If that 8 were a 9, that would change everything! That one number, that one point closer to '10' changes the whole outlook. It's now an 'Amazing' game. It's now a definite 'buy'. Black Ops 2 getting a 9 from Sessler now creates a few new batches of people.

The first batch will still overlook the game, falsely rate it low scores on every site, but now they HATE Sessler now. He's now a moron. This game is corporate garbage, and because of his high rating of it, he deserves death. He's just a filthy sheep. To the other group, as said before, it's a must buy. Amazing game, super fun. Buy, buy, buy. Unfortunately, you have to listen to all the cool hipsters who hate it, Sessler, and you for playing it.

To the other group of people that 8 or 9 is worth as much as a 1, a 2, a 10. It's an opinion. It's nothing but an opinion of one Adam Sessler. They understand a person's rating is just an educated (sometimes an uneducated one [see Group 1]). They will take into consideration what the reviewer said, and they will say to themself, "Hmm, should I buy it? I certainly don't want to throw 60 dollars to such a glitchy game. But he did say to expect a patch soon. Hmm, maybe I'll rent it? Hmm, let me see if someone else was having this problem."

I certainly am not the first, second, third or 1,000th person to come to this, but I think one of the main problems with the game industry today is the dependence on ratings. So many people let the thoughts -- that's what a review is, one person's thoughts of a game -- decide FOR them whether they will buy the next GoW -- Gears or God. Speaking of that, that whole ordeal was unnecessary. Fighting over which one was better due to Meta's score was one of the dumbest things I've witnessed. "Gears got 79, God got 80! Take that, lems!" "No, Gears got 80, it just hasn't updated yet, moron!" Ridiculous.

Developers can't spread their wings due to fear of getting off the beaten path and getting lashed at by their publisher. Publishers won't allow a game be too innovative because that's not what Call of Duty is doing. They want a return, they want good reviews. A developer's super-awesome idea is too different; too great of a risk. With the rise of indie development, we get these new amazing games (Samurai Gunn looks fun as hell, look it up), we get the awesome, old-school games and even new things we never imagined, but it's a catch-22; with the rise of indie development, there's so many games released that the really good, but not all see the limelight. A really great game can easily be shrouded in the sea of indie-crap.

We as gamers need to realize these reviews and ratings are merely opinions of others. I have see PS3 fanboys -- self-declared fanboys -- review Xbox 360 games, and vice-versa. I have seen people who dislike racing games review racing games. In all contradicting scenarios, the reviewed game received the, shall we say, chocolate-covered end of the stick. People, reviews are one person's opinion. Take their view into consideration, but don't let it rule your decision to buy.

If you do want to go off reviews, read multiple reviews from different people. That said, I don't give a rat's ass what anyone says about South Park: The Stick of Truth. I'm playing it and I will play it until my 360 explodes! If you have kept your eyes locked on a soon-to-be released game, or any game for that matter, play it.

Rant: New Xbox Rumors

Everyone is talking about how horrible Microsoft is, how stupid the next Xbox will be, this, that, "Ted said...", "My grandma told me that...", blah blah blah. Nothing is confirmed. Nothing has been released. Most of the rumors are created by PS Fanboys, know-it-all "technology experts", and gossipers. Don't worry about any of what anyone is saying. That tweet the other day -- you know, "#dealwithit" -- that was one man's opinion. He wasn't saying the next Xbox will require a constant Internet connection, he was just venting about how no one complains about anything else always needing something to operate.

How useful is your iPhone without Internet? Sure, you can text your super cool bffa, and yes, you'd be able to call home to let mom and dad know you're staying at Greg's tonight, but there would be nothing beyond that. Anyways, that was HIS opinion and his only. Look at what the rumors are saying and think about how incredibly stupid that is. Due to the current backlash from the topic and the shear ridiculousness of always requiring Internet for a gaming console to operate, do you think Microsoft would really do this? No. There's like 30 millions Xbox players that do not have LIVE. That's a lot of money Microsoft would be missing out on. Do you think they would spit in 30 million people and pretty much say, "Nope, you can't play because you don't have Internet, hahaha lol lol lol!"

A lot of people are using the iPhone argumement (like what I said earlier), but here's another side to that: what if no Internet meant no texting (which it pretty much does. Have you tried texting outside of iMessage? Oh honey, it's a mess), no phone calls, no overhyped Angry Birds, no pictures, no saved porn, no ANYTHING! I pay $150 a month for my and my girlfriend's iPhones. If no Internet meant no anything on my phone -- no Rhapsody, GarageBand, camera, texting or phone calls -- I would cancel my contract so quickly I would probably get hurt going to the Verizon store. I just think before shunning Microsoft everyone needs to at least let them speak first. 

Don't listen to rumors. Wait for what MICROSOFT tells you and then decide whether to remain loyal or not. Cheers.

Rant: YouTube Commenters

GOD! I hate YouTube commenters. Plain out. From the racists, to the sexists, to the anti-opinion idiots, to the general idiots, they're all douches in their own special ways, and I truly hate them.

I'm not saying I hate any one who leaves a comment, because I don't. I love reading other peoples opinions on the video I just finished watching. I love knowing every one's thoughts on things that interest me. The people that leave comments like this are the people I hate:

SuperTheGuy1234 - "god damn **** retarded ass people who don't know who paul mccartney is. get euthanized if you don't know who he is"

While I understand it's weird that some people don't know who Sir Paul McCartney is, that certainly doesn't mean they should euthanize them self. Paul McCartney just isn't for some people--mainly kids born in the 2000s. I don't know the names of the guys in The Eagles. Should I kill myself? I'm into a metal band named The Black Dahlia Murder, but I certainly am not going to tell you to euthanize yourself should you not know a single member's name. Hell, I don't even though any of their names. Some people just don't look into band members.


Another thing I can't stand is the constant meme acknowledgement. The "took an arrow to the knee" joke is ALWAYS MENTIONED! Stop with that **** already! I listen to a lot of music on YT. I'm into the whole epic, cinematic, movie-trailer type music. This one song I listen to has a picture of Natalie Portman with a bow in her hand. Here are some of the ATTK jokes:

DarkB1ueKnight - "alot of adventurers will hate her, i'm not gonna state the reason"--97 people thumbed it up! 97!!

doomfrost7 - "Arrow to the kn....?"

DarkusOfTheArk - "Oh no, not the knees..."

MegaLama1992 - "i used to be an adventurer like you... but then i married the **** that shot you in the knee." What does that even have to do with anything?!

Balth3465 - "Nine adventures got their knees bashed with arrows." Referring to 9 dislikes, which brings me to another subject, but that will be in a minute.

People, Skyrim came out on 11/11/11. It's now 2/16/12. STOP WITH THE ARROW JOKES!!


The other subject I mentioned is the whole comment on the amount of dislikes. These types are really getting annoying. Luckily these are starting to die down a little, but they are still there, lurking in the shadows. I think people who leave these just want to be funny so bad, but they never are successful in making someone "rofl" of "lol". It's over used. The first time I seen one, I thought it was pretty funny. Now, almost every video I watch has one of these:

Taken from Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls by Dethklok

SixFootTallMidget - "44 peoples has stupid fingers..."

nukeshroom116 - "44 pepole got raped by a guiatar" Just wow on that one. Wow.

liggit101 - "44 ppl had their balls crushed"

God! Come up with something new already! This also goes with the "Thumbs up if you..." comments. I am sorry you are so attention-deprived that you have to go on YouTube to have people thumbs up your comment, but stop it. Stop it. Just stop it.


Here's another thing about YouTube commenters I don't understand: If you don't like a song, movie, TV show or game, why must you purposely go on its music video or trailer to attack anyone that likes it? Really, what's the point? Don't go on Justin Beiber's music videos saying stuff about him being a little girl. Don't go on a gameplay video for Modern Warfare 3 saying, **** CALL OF ****TY!! It s soo GAY BATTLEFIELD is way betetr! Here's an example of that:

A video about all camos, attachments and proficiencies for MW3

SwiftFishy - "BF3 FTW"

iambored7171 - "MW3 blows. Worst FPS i've ever seen. It's so boring."

Oh my god... there's a goddamn arrow joke on here. DazTheatre - "i used to play mw3 but then i took a bullet to the face" Jesus.

charlesmatt - "BF3 is better PERIOD. i do agree that it's personal preference but there's no contest which game is superior when it comes to gameplay."

These people purposely went to the video to bash MW3. I have seen this done to Halo, Uncharted, God of War, Dragon Age, Fable, Killzone, Fallout, Skyrim, BF3, and basically every game video I have ever seen. If you don't like what the video's about, don't watch the goddamn video! Idiots!


Also, why bring gender into account on videos. I was watching a video of a girl drumming, and vlogofmeful and Pondebong said, "what kind of kitchen is that?" and "That's a funny looking kitchen." First off, they stole these because I seen forever ago another guy said the second sentence and was highly thumbed up. For that I immediately hate these guys. Don't steal jokes, goddammit! Second off, that's not cool at all. Women aren't isolated to a kitchen. Hell, to be honest, I cook more for my girlfriend than she does for me. She can barely microwave a can of chicken-noodle soup! Women aren't cooking machines. They are the same as men, and they don't deserve these jokes aimed at them. I can't stand seeing guys say **** like this. In the case of vlogofmeful and Pondebong, this is just two dumb ass kids thinking they are being funny. They aren't.

Another thing that just makes me embarrassed to be a human is when race is brought into account. Why be racist, people? I have seen videos where a black dude can be seen walking in the background, just casual as hell, but the comments are full of, "Wonder what he's trying to steal?" Or, "I wonder if he just got done robbing a place." Or something like that. Just because someone is black doesn't mean they are thieves. I hate this. Being racist truly shows how uneducated you are. I can't stand when race and sex is brought into matters. We are all human. Cut a man and he bleeds. Cut a woman, and she bleeds. Cut a white man and black man, and they both bleed the same color.


I miss the good days when YouTube wasn't full of immature little bastard children. I used to love scrolling down to intelligently chat with someone about the video I have just finished watching. Nowadays, when I scroll down, all I see is, "THIS IS GAY "Thumbs up if you love this movie like I do!!1", "What's a black guy/woman doing in a rock band?" Sadly, for the rest of time, the Internet will be used by kids and immature adults to bash other's opinions and beliefs. The comment section will be forever used to put people down. It's sad. People of the Internets need to grow up. Make YouTube a good place to be again. Stop spreading stupidity around. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it! Leave comments if you wish. Have a good day, all!