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In case you missed my last blog.

In a nutshell, I'm basically getting busier and busier. And I'm more or less finished with Gamespot, not because of the changes, but just because I don't have the time to spend here anymore. I've already been online much less here then I used to. That's about it, I'll try to visit Gamespot at least one a month, but I can't make any promises!

I really loved it here, I had no idea I'd such a solid group of readers throughout the years, or that I'd enjoy reading other people's blogs so much. From Dono's Skyrim blogs to SloganYams', I'll miss all you guys. Farewell! I wish you all the best!

Hatsune Miku, Gamespot Beta, and absence.

--- I recently got this game for my sister. Now I'm not a big fan of Japanese stuff like this, or anime stuff in general, but this game is pretty fun. It's an insanely difficult rhythm game game where you play through songs tapping along to the beat. There's no accessories, just your PS3 controller. A few of the songs just sound irritating, but some are really catchy. There's also a weird mode where you can basically stalk your characters and 'touch' them. You crazy Japanese people. Oh, and I've been playing Battlefield 1942 off EA's Origin service for PC. Very fun game, it's the first Battlefield game I've played. Lastly, I've been obessed with Steam's DOTA 2, amazingly incredible game.

--- I was invited to check out the Gamespot Beta, and I did. It was nice. Nothing special, but it was enjoyable. However, I probably won't be using it all that much, as my time on this site continues to dwindle. I've just sort of lost interest in this site in general, and there's only so much messing around System Wars you can do. :P In fact, I might only visit this site a few more times. That being said, don't except me to blog about how great Pokemon X and Y is once I get the game. I'll be a bit busy, so I won't visit here for a while.

--- Best of wishes! :D

It's the (Pokemon) adventure, man.

---Look at those snot nose little punks. Always walking around Unova without a care in the world. C'mon. Where are all your parents? Don't you need some kind of parental guidance? What? Pokemon world is pretty much a utopia where everyone is super nice except for the occasional team of bumbling idiots? Ah, that explains you traveling all by yourselves. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad. Brings back memories....

Does this tune bring back memories for you too?

These songs.

For most of us Pokemon Trainers, these songs are what kicked our journey off. We said our goodbyes at home, had a chat with the Professor(none of us really paid attention, though), picked up our Starter, made faces at our rival, and then set out into the world of Pokemon.

Nowadays, there's more of us then ever before. Most of the new lot haven't heard these songs in their original form, but that's okay. Let them forge their own legends, we'll be right there alongside them.Nehfarious112

---Ah, yes, that brings me back. When the first generation of Pokemon was all I could think about. Yup, as a kid I would have loved to go to Kanto or Johto myself to have my own adventures. Me and my Charmander. Yes, sir, that was the life. Of course, in around a week we'll have another adventure to go on. I even heard that a Charmander will be joinin me once again, that'll be the best.

---And to think all my Snorlax did was sleep. Ah, well. Something else I'm really looking forward to is the feature that allows you to interact with your Pokemon, pet them, feed them, or just mess with their widdle heads.

---I will be getting Pokemon X! Maybe we can trade sometime. Until next time!

I'm obsessed with this new Pokemon.


I wrote my blog but Windows 8 decided to **** with me again and close right when the blog was finishing. ASSES.

So yeah, here's my blog in a nutshell. I've played Pokemon since I first played Pokemon Red on the Gameboy, I hate Black and White/Black and White 2 and I wasn't planning on getting this game until I saw this.

This Pokemon, Dedenne, is my new love in life and I'm totally getting Pokemon X just to play with him.

I even gave him clothes in MS Paint.

Still here.

---Sorry about not blogging/being online very much, I've been busy looking for a job, etc. Things will just keep getting busier for me, and that's a good thing. Hm... not much to say. I thought I'd have more to talk about. Ah, well. Have you guys seen the Dark Souls 2 Black Armor Edition? I'm so getting that. I've really only been playing Skyrim lately, though a friend gifted me Mark of The Ninja and I've been having a lot of fun with that too. I really like slow paced stealth games, so I'm taking my time with this game. Alright, since I can't think of anything else to say I guess I'll sign off. Best of wishes!

The power of determination and passion.

---So as you lovely people know from my past few blogs, I recently acquired the PC only Elder Scrolls Anthology Collection. I've been playing quite a lot of Skyrim: Legendary Edition and have been having a blast revisiting my favorite open world game. However, I also relish this chance to get to play Morrowind again, but this time really take my time with the game. When I played Morrowind on my old computer, my time with the game was cut short due to my computer dying, taking all it's files with it.

---However, my time in Morrowind now might be a bit more.... pretty. I downloaded and recently installed the Morrowind 3.0 Overhaul. This is what Morrowind looked like on my old computer:

Here's what Morrowind looks like on my new computer:

---This Morrowind 3.0 Overhaul complies every great mod made for Morrowind, every fanmade patch, blends them all together into a easy installer, and viola. All this hard work, all this effort and love that was put into this game was all made by fans. They earned no paycheck for updating this game into a once again glorious graphical display, just their love for an old CRPG. Truly stunning, I thank everyone who had a hand in the creation of this mod. Long live Morrowind.


Every main Elder Scrolls game is included for PC! All expansions! Even maps of each game! I'm so happy! My computer is running Skyrim great! I haven't been this game happy in a while! Oh, and yes, that's me in the hat. I'll see you guys later! I have games to play!

Elder Scrolls.... Celebration? Part 3?

Well, Windows 8 kinda sucks. I tried writing the third part of this blog, but Windows 8 kept messing up. Does anyone else here have Windows 8? Isn't it just the weirdest OS ever? Ugh.....

Well, in other news, I probably won't blog for a bit, thanks to the Elder Scrolls Collection, so maybe I can somehow iron the kinks out of Windows 8 by then.

10 Days of Elder Scrolls Celebration! (Part 2)

Missed the first part?

In my last blog, I told of how I got into the series with Skyrim. Around seven months after originally getting Skyrim, and playing the game for far longer than I'd like to admit, I picked up the Game of the Year Edition of Oblivion, the Elder Scrolls that came before Skyrim. Very similarly to Skyrim, Oblivion immediately wrapped it's claws inside my mind, an I became completely enthralled. While Oblivion was a bit more clunky around the edges when compared to Skyrim in terms of interface and controls, the game had held up tremendously well. The world was still gorgeous, the music still touchingly soft as you would expect, and the controls and gameplay were solid as ever. Ever engrossing, I spend hunderads of hours traveling the plains of Cyrodiil. The voice acting was great, and similarly to Skyrim, playing the game just made me happy. It should also be noted that the Shivering Isles Expansion is my favourite expansion of all time. While I felt the game, overall, wasn't quite on par with Skyrim (that may simply be because I played Skyrim first), it is still my second favourite open world game today.

After I had shut the gates of Oblivion, I decided to go backwards once again, and play Morrowind - but this time on PC, since my old computer could handle it, even if only on medium.

It did not take me long to realize that Morrowind is a very strange beast. While the two newer Elder Scrolls games are quite accessible and fluid, Morrowind is rigid, strict, and pretty tough. You can easily go into a random cave and get fully destroyed in seconds. However, this difficulty coupled the unwelcoming inhabitants and the harshness of the terrain created a real sense that you were in a new and frightening world. The game, being released in 2003, I think, is a lot rougher around the edges than the two more recent releases, but the same core mechanic still works wonders: Be who you want to be, live in another world. The story was very well told and interesting as well. However, I would easily say this is the most flawed Elder Scrolls game as the combat is awful, the NPCs all say the same thing over and over, the soundtrack is amazing, but insanely short, and the game is just generally less engrossing than it's successors. I'm looking forward to playing this game again, since before I only really did the main questline and most of the DLC. There's still a lot out there for me!

Well, Daggerfall. I certainly haven't played enough of this game to judge it (I've only played around 30 minutes of it), but it's nice and all. I think. Same goes for Arena. I only really dabbled in the game.

...And that's what I think of the main entries of the series! So my question for you today is, what Elder Scrolls game is your favourite, and why? Stay tuned as the next blog steps away from the games themselves and gets a little goofy. We're still celebrating!

10 Days of Elder Scrolls Celebration!

In one or two days, it shall be the first of... the next month. On the tenth of said month, the Elder Scrolls Anthology comes out. The Elder Scrolls is one of my favourite series and given the fact that one may never have another opportunity to celebrate like this again (until the next single player Elder Scrolls game comes out) I thought that for the next ten days I would write a few blogs all about the series. I'll start off telling you a story I've already told you 15 times like an senile oldster.

I was at a Gamestop buying Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction for my PS3 when a Gamestop employee asked me if I was looking forward to 'Skyrim'. I, not knowing what that was, said 'Noe'. A week or two later I saw a Gamespot article shamelessly gushing about some some kind preview they saw of it, or some such. I watched for a second, but, as I stated in the comments, MMOs weren't really for me. Within seconds someone with a duck avatar told me that 'The Elder Scrolls is single player, not an MMO, have you been living under a rock?'

A month later, my Gameinformer came in the mail and had an eight page feature on the upcoming Skyrim. Reading it and looking at the pictures, I really blown away. I hadn't ever seen a game with this much freedom before. Also, as a big fan of high fantasy, I really loved the setting and atmosphere.

My curiosity evolved into hype, evolved into me getting the game as soon as humanly possible for my PS3. In February of 2012 I had Skyrim. I faked being sick to get out of school (Yes, yes, that was wrong) and I immediately started the game. It took a couple of seconds for the game to completely entrall me. Skyrim became one of the biggest gaming addictions I've ever had, playing roughly 8 hours a day, every day, for weeks. This game is, without a doubt, in the top five games that have had such a resounding impact on me.

Now, with the Anthology collection, I have the chance to play Skyrim again, this time with the expansions. It's been a long time since I've played Skyrim last, but, as the friendly guard in Morrowind said, 'I'm sure you'll fit right in.' However, my fun won't end with the expansions. A young Elder Scrolls fan created a mod called 'Falskaar'. This mod is 1/3 the size of Skyrim and looks stunning.

Alright, the next blog will cover Oblivion, Morrowind, and the past Elder Scrolls games.

So, what about you? How were you first introduced to the Elder Scrolls? Where you a fan since the beginning or are you new to the series? Tell me your experinces!