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A semi-serious blog. TExt rant- POPULARITY

Now this may seem somewhat forced as I am doing it off the top of my head, but bear with me, K?

Now here's a thing that really really annoys me about today's world, as if I don't have enough of those already. It's this eternal quest to be popular. You see it every day in the world and on the internet. Idiots conforming like zombies to all the latest trends, fads, fashion, whatever, and completley throwing out who they are in order to be popular.

I see this all the time, sheeple saying, for example, they are fans of Korn one year because that's what's "in" or "cool' now, and then the next they like Lil Wayne because that's what's "Cool"! Now I can understand a natural evolution of one's tastes based on age or other factors and that has happened to me.

When I was 13 I was listening to Disturbed, System of a Down and Three Days Grace, now as a 15 year old I listen to all kinds of metal bands many people have never heard of. Now this was a natural evolution of my taste in music, I did NOT care about what was "Cool" or what was "in, and my music taste is constantly evolving as I discover new music and new bands.

By the way that is just an example, I can go on and on about these types of people

And guess what? That's who they are. All they are is a superficial husk of a person self-created to be "popular" and have no real opinions or interests, just ones that that person makes to be "cool"

Now onto the point of this, and my personal view: I don't care about having a ton of friends or being popular. I wanna be around people who are like me, and I would MUCH rather have just a few friends of mine who are really close and supportive than a ton of jackasses who are there only because you're a trendy pretentious f***head

I hope you could sit through all that and if you agree or disagree, tell me and be honest.


What's this? I like ANIME again?!!?!

For those of you unaware when I came to in 2007 I was a MEGA anime fan, but it died down when I moved to GameSpot in 2008. Now after getting Death Note Volume 1 I actually like it again. DN in particular is so well written and really digs deep into human nature and philosophy, way better than s*** like Naruto which is basically a carbon copy of DBZ. I know though there is deep and thoughtful anime out there like FMA and Death Note

And no don't get me started on the fangirls....L and Light are f***ing ENEMIES and heterosexual...I think.

My new CD....and my thouhgs on it

So i was out at the mall for father;s day and went into FYE to pick up Ironbound by Overkill, which is their newest album too

And I can safely say that it's my favorite thrash album since "Beneath the Remains"

Why I don't make gaem related blogs much

Hey guys, if you didn't notice, most of my blogs as of late have been about music and such, not really about games anymore. I mean I know this is GAMEspot not MUSICspot but I use this as more of an outlet for my feelings period, not just about games. And since on this blog I try to avoid talking about heavy things like religion, politics, or certain "taboo" topics I have interest in, that excludes quite a few blogs from being made. And in all honesty, I don't really have much interest in games anymore. I play the occasional Quake Live match and jump on PSN to talk to a few friends of mine on it, maybe play a few retrogames I downloadde too but that's it, and music is really my biggest interest in terms of things I feel safe talking about on here.

So to get to the point: willI do game related blogs again?

In the future who knows? If a game comes along that truly (and I do mean TRULY) grabs my interest and attention than expect me to talk about it for days and weeks on end. So far I haven't really felt that with any game since I started playing the MGS games a few years back. I mean, yeah games like Quake are fun and all but I don't see games that come along and
REALLY capture my interest a lot. I feel the industry is gravitating away from games I'm into (like Devil May Cry, God of War, MGS, and Castlevania) and more towards shooters which I really don't have interest in other than like I said Quake Live (Doom is fun as hell though- no pun intended!). But if somehow a game like that comes along again to grab my attention I WILL buy it and definitley start talking about it, A LOT



Band spotlight #2- Falkenbach

I was considering doign this band spotlight on a more well known band like Amon Amarth or In Flames, but I decided I'm gonna give a lesser-known, but still great metal band a spotlight: FALKENBACH!

Falkenbach is a vikingfolk/black metal band from Germany whose name means "falcon brook" in German. Some songs I might add sound more on the folk metal end and some on the black metal end. Their lyrics mainly focus on Norse lore/mythology, Vikings,epic Germanic stores, etc. basically Germanic culture in general (I greatly appreciate this being of German descent myself :D). They could be called a pagan metal band as well I guess.

Now to get to the point: this band is great. The variety in their songs is stunning, some of their songs sound like traditional Germanic melodies and very folky, yet others have a very dark black metal edge to them yet they still retain their folky edge in their black metal songs, sadly the same cannot be said tfor their folk metal stuff. Their songs are simply beautiful and capture the nordic pagan spirit perfectly, if you enjoy bands like Moonsorrow, Tyr, Arkona, or ensiferum, check out this band, NOW


Band spotlight- Godflesh

I got this idea from the user RobboElRobbo to do this, so here goes.

Anyway the band I want to do a spotlight on is

For those of you who don't know this band, Godflesh are an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England.So far I only know one album by them, "Us and Them" and I hope to get more by them soon. From what I know of them so far they have a truly unique sound, it feels truly fresh and sounds like no other band despite being infuential on other bands like Fear Factory, Pitchshifter, Metallica, and (eeeew) Korn. They can successfully meld any genre into their industrial metal sound and still have it be good music, including Drum N Bass, Ambient and Noise. It never feels like it's just tacked on either, the best way I would describe their sound is synthetic and natural at the same time. I recommend the album "Us and Them" because that's the one I'm famaliar with

Until next time


A dilemma....

So I have money and there are two things I want to buy and can't decide which, they are Team Fortress2 or a Type O Negative album (the latter is after hearing of Peter Steele's death). Which do you guys think I should get?



What's been going on with me....

Alright guys, sorry about my lack of being on here, I have a life and it's been hard to get on here often nowadays, but let me give you a good recap of my recent life.

First off I am now an atheist. I was pagan for a while but now I have "reverted" to atheism (before I was pagan I was atheist or agnostic on and off for 5 years). As for why: let's just say that I see no reason for me to believe in religion or god, I really don't want to go very in depth with this.

Second I've gotten several new metal albums in the span of a few weeks: Powerslave by Maiden, 12 Gauge by Kalmah and Iron by Ensiferum. All are kickass and all make great reviews

I have also been very into God of War lately and I can't wait for me to buy God of War III. The demo was AMAZING,

I am also getting much better at drumming, I know how to to double bass drumming now :)

Other than that I don't know what to say, I guess I'll just wrap this up