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once u choose which file you want there should be 8 boxes to choose from i think (i.e. credits, new game plus, continue, replay catwoman episodes, stuff like that). Once u download the dlc then there will be nine of the white boxes and the last one should be the dlc for you to start
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Ha yeah you barely tell that it says arkham city on it at all.
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lol yeah.. i can kinda see that but you also need to remember that doing all that is set up by riddler and by popping, blowing up, destroying them, etc., you complete riddler challenges which let you save hostages from the riddler. i dont know why the riddler is so wierd like that but i can see Batman thinking that it is stupid too.
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Oh yeah, THEY NEED TO MAKE THIS ON XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think the next installment or any other Little King Story made should be focused more on the kingdom itself. There should be a lot more happening in it with more non-fighting buildings going on. For instance there could be natural disasters or something that requires you to take care of it by training people like firefighters. These people could also be versatile and be used to get past certain hazards out in the world. I also think that there could be a litlle higher population of the kingdom to do these things with. The mail system could be used a little more without so much just being quests to do. There could be police men to handle the people, that would be ok. So basically, i want a lot more jobs. I'm kinda making it sound like i dont like the fighting but it is still really good.
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Hmm anyone have any brilliant ideas that they would like to share that they think would go great into the game?