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Skyfire's back!

Skyfire has been back up for about 2 weeks now its no loner season 1 its season 2 it includes 2 new spells which include the infinite arrow spell for the elf which enables you to have infinite arrows for a long period of time. the other spell is fire scream which is for the dl which shots out 3 fire blasts. the server has a few new bug because when the server got hacked it lost data. tho the server is fully open and working with a 3d camera you can set the view of the game to your own accord. If you feel like join our comminity go to the link.


My Computer tragic death...

Recently my computer has died it's gone to the computer store and i got it back the week following but when i have set it up and turned it on everything seems fine... until i see that i have a windows classical toolbar but i thought to myself ok thats easly fixed. as i go into properties, screen saver i click the first drop down box but there's only one option i can choose which was the classic toolbar. that was when i noticed things didn't work i notice that there is only 2 shortcut on the destop which were the recycle bin and avg free so i go to the start menu and click on my computer but as soon as i click it an error roport comes up. same thing for everything... so i give the computer a restart now when it loads i have the normal xp toolbar so i was like yay. i go to the start and go my computer and it works everything looks good i go my document there nothing there -_- i go to C drive and search for it but i cant find the backup file with all the pics and info in it. after i few minutes i find it, i load cod2 to see if it works but it says i dont have direct x 9 but im like wtf i have to have it... i go to c drive, windows, sysytem 32 and there directly infront of me is direct x 9 then out of the blue the comp shuts down -_- and when it loads the toolbar is classic again and nothin works i try listen to music error happens so then i 100% know now that my graphics, sound, video card wasn't reinstalled -_-... so yea now i dont trust the computer store anymore. we had to send it back and i should be getting it back very soon and hopfully everything is working.

Oh i didn't tell you how the computer died in the first place ok ah um...

It was in the morning at 6 am and i went on the compter and went onto youtube and was watching some bleach then it shuts itself down and i smell smoke, i instantly knew something was wroung i try turning it back on no reponse. yea thats how my computer died, it had its motherboard and ram cooked.


Hi, I have been downloading and playing different mmorpg's for a long time, my friend's told me to play mu heroia so i played that for about 2-3 months and then one day Nick.G said that his bro play another mu called Skyfire and thats when it all began we played for about a week and they left the server but i stayed. The reason i stayed i dont know even today but now i am the best mg on the server and i have gotten to know the admins and people of skyfire and now i never want to quite. The reason im still on skyfire now a days is because of its friendly atmosphere, the admins are great they host fun events and after we all hang out talking about anything. But recently Skyfre has been attack by a hacker everything is ok but the server is down and so is the website, the forum is up if you wanna go and find more information about the new server go to my user on the forum and server is Cloud(MG), my other characters are Iced (DL), DANTE (SM), Sephiroth (BK) and my elf Tifa.