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Leaving GameSpot

by on

Guys i am leaving GameSpot for some time i will be back i need to solve some problems

1.I have to fight one guy and fight whit my class against other 2 classes we will beat them u

2.I need to fix my comp i hate when it blocks

3.I need to find wher i will work this summer

and yuinode,tirid and every one else if i write something report me because i will be back in couple of weeks

good luck with Sons of sparda tirid see ya on sunday

New sign and promotion

by on


i got new sig :)


thx GD for makeing it for me:)

and i got promoted thx dddgeneration or who ever done it;)

I almost again killed that guy

by on

i found out that that guy from my earlier post breaked in my account on gamespot i beaten the crap out of him again:D

i hate that guy :evil:

i will beate him so he will end up in hospital :D

I almost killed a guy

by on

Today at school i was at brake to eare something one guy camt to me and started to say to me that i am stupid and throw slice of pizza at me when i started to beat him up if a my friends didnt take me of him i would kill him;)

i am kinda like kakuzu with that thing :)


April fools

by on

Happy april fools

today i and my friends on history class told profesor that my friend who was in the toailet that he is poisoned

i wish you`ve seen her face

she freaken out we tought that she is going to colapse:):);)

Finaly promotion

by on


i got promotion in Naruto union :)

i am so happy :)

i finaly got promoted

I found .....

by on

I found a partner for biyuu hunt NarutoOwnzU :D

I just need to start the hunt :D

Ours team nam is BlueShadows :D

New avi and sign

by on

i got new cool sign:)

Sasorisign.jpg picture by tirid_:)

and avi


they are made by two geniusus (yuinode and tirid-kun);)

and i realy want to battle a biyuu :(

i am a despert man :(