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Game Informer reviews Okamiden.

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Game Informer reviews Heart Ofthe Wolf

Game Informer's newest issue at GameStop recently reviewed Okamiden. Although they gave it a lower score than MvC3 and not even equal to it, 8.5 (whereas MvC3 got a 9.5), they still gave it alot of kudos.


They mention that the game takes about 25 hours to complete. And although this is under the 40+ hours the first Okami took, keep in mind this is a DS game, not a next gen game, so still this is pretty long. And even then, it may be 40 hours because of everything to unlock.

Susano apparently has his son team up with Chibiterasu since he is really busy with Celestial duties.


Game Informer lauded thankfully Okami and hopes that Okamiden will succeed so the franchise will continue. Which would be awesome. Especially since wolves under attack in the U.S. and even in places like Ethiopia. And Japan may get wolves once again to help with imbalance there with elk.

Looks like we all can use some Okamiden huh? :)

P.S. :: Game Informer, EGM, and other gamer mags and reviews have liked the fact that Amaterasu is in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Check it out, she is an awesome character to use. And she isn't a scrub character to boot. She requires ALOT of skill to use. :D

Mike Wagner

Founder and Executive Director of Heart of the Wolf Organization

I played the Okamiden Demo and it's amazing.

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I recently was able to download the demo of Okamiden onto my DS thanks to the Nintendo Wii and instruction on how to do it from my friend Cameron.

Okamiden is the sequel to the smash-hit Okami (where you played as the Goddess Wolf Amaterasu, who was out to save Ancient Japan from evil).

Okamiden is about Chibiterasu, the offspring of Wolf Amaterasu, who must save the world once more from evil.

The demo was extremely fun to play.

The graphics on the title looked great.

Then it goes into a beginning area where it's a tutorial where you play as Chibiterasu and Kuni. The graphics are really good for a DS game. You get instructed on how to use your abilities with the Celestial Brush, such as guiding Kuni on grass to destination points. This is so Chibiterasu can move along bridges to his next destination. Once he gets to his next destination, Kuni jumps back on Chibiterasu's back.

Chibiterasu can also use the powers of restoring a tree to life. And at the end of the demo, you use all your powers to get all tasks complete.

Then you fight some enemies after that and use your paint brush techniques to do it. After that you jump into the portal and it's at the end of the demo.

The music is identical to the music of the first stage with Wolf Amaterasu where you are learning skills as well.

Definitely pick up the demo, which is of course free by going onto the online Nintendo Channel through the Wii, and downloading it to your DS, it's also free.

For more details:

Check it out folks!


Scrub Characters and the GS Tourney for MvC3.

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Although alot of people won't like the scrub characters right now, there will be ways around them later on. People want to win tournaments usually. So they use the most cheapest ways to win, the cheapest combos, and cheapest characters. Once players get the game, they will analyze and beat down the competition. And since other places already have the game, once most regions of the world have it, it's not going to matter about this tournament. The prizes also were rather lackluster anyway. It's about having fun. And if things get too cheap online, there is always just chillin with your buds and playing the game. Most game stores and other spots also usually don't allow spam combos or repeated moves either. So this tourney was not the best kind of tourney, imho.

Latest On The Spot Lame-o.

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Seriously...Cabela's on On the Spot? Can we have better games covered. Like OkamiDen?

If people want to shoot something, shoot some hoops. Like on the new basketball games

for console.

Okami for the DS! Yes!

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After playing the wonderful game of Okami (the PS2 version, which is superior to the Wii version. This is since it doesn't lag or have terrible controle detection...thanks Ready at Dawn for focusing on God of War rather than Okami..), they are coming out with the sequel for DS.


If you haven't checked out for details at the Gamestop coverage of it, well, you play as another white wolf who gets similar powers after Amaterasu leaves to fight threats in the heavens, and monsters soon return again to Amaterasu's island home.


Okami was a great game and the guidebook that was released that covers the whole game and it's many aspects was excellent. I recommend getting it.

Okami Official Complete Works was a great book to get as well.

Wolves in Japan have gotten alot of attention lately in Japan. They have made Wolf's Rain, and making the show Spice and Wolf, based on the great literature of the same name. Plus the Japanese wolf has been talked about in the book, The Last Wolves of Japan, by Brett Walker. And the Shinsengumi (aka the Wolves of Mibu), who embodied the spirit, savage nature, and nobleness of wolves, have been covered over many years in Rurouni Kenshin, Peacemaker Kurogane in anime, and great videogames for the Japanese PS2, like Fu-Un Shinsengumi and Shinsengumi Gunrouden.

The new Okami for DS continues this, and hopefully this trend in media will continue to honor the once Japanese worshipped wolf god, Oguchi no Magami, or Large Mouth Pure God. And one day, maybe wolves can re-populate in Japan once more.

Until that time, look forward to another hit in the future to the great franchise that Okami is.


Don't vote for McCain Palin Tomorrow.

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I would classify this as politics, but there is no category for that. Now then,

Please don't vote for McCain or Palin tomorrow.

McCain has supported in the past the Bush Admin and has 0 for an environmental record. He supported the idea of moving Navajo off their land for coal near Black Mesa, Arizona. McCain supported the PMC Blackwater, who slaughtered civilians and was supported by the now dead anti-gay racist Jerry Falwell.

Palin profits off of the destruction of wolves, bears and other animals.

She supports the drilling of ANWR and if McCain doesn't survive in office, she will be your president.

She is also against abortion in the cases of rape and incest. She has little experience, yet the republicans think she is qualified for office.

Please don't vote for McCain as well as don't let your families and friends vote for them either. No to McCain and Palin! For humans and wolves and for all!

For more info go to:


I am also on Xbox Live.

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Just so you know I am on Xbox live under the same username on Gamestop, ShadowLupus. Recently beat Force Unleashed. That game was really fun for the Wii. Now am working on MM9. That game is hard but worth checking out...

My SSBB Code

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My SSBB Player code is: 4640-0136-0450

For who ever wants to play me in Brawl.


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